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    $19.99 $14.20
    1. Sony MDR-A34G S2 Sports Headphones
    $12.99 $10.40 list($14.99)
    2. Sony CPA-9C CD/MD Cassette Adaptor
    $39.99 $39.90 list($44.99)
    3. Sony SRF-HM33 Walkman FM/AM Stereo
    $47.88 list($59.99)
    4. Panasonic RQ-A220 Cassette Player/Recorder
    Too low to display $43.99 list($59.99)
    5. Sony SRF-M80V S2 Sports Walkman
    $99.99 list($149.99)
    6. Sony CFD-SW755 Portable CD/Cassette/Radio
    7. Sony MDR-EX70LP Earbud Headphones
    $21.05 list($29.99)
    8. Sony MDR-G57G S2 Sports Street
    $22.99 $22.88 list($26.99)
    9. Sony TCM-929 Pressman Desktop
    10. Sony MZ-N707 Net MD Walkman Player/Recorder
    Too low to display $242.95 list($549.99)
    11. Audiovox VBP-4000 "Video-In-A-Bag"
    $25.99 $25.49 list($29.99)
    12. Olympus Microcassette(TM) Recorder
    $94.95 list($139.99)
    13. Sony D-FS601 S2 Sports CD Walkman
    14. Sony D-SJ301 S2 Sports CD Walkman
    $29.88 list($39.99)
    15. PanasonicRQ-L31 Mini Cassette
    $79.99 list($179.99)
    16. Sony MZ-S1 S2 Sports Net MD MiniDisc
    $53.99 list($69.99)
    17. Sony SRF-HM01V S2 Sports Walkman
    18. Sony ICD-B25 Digital Voice Recorder
    $34.99 $32.00 list($39.99)
    19. Sony M-560V Microcassette Voice
    $63.99 list($79.99)
    20. Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder

    1. Sony MDR-A34G S2 Sports Headphones with Sweat Guard Mechanism
    list price: $19.99
    our price: $19.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000067G0J
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 866
    Average Customer Review: 4.33 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    These Sony headphones are super-lightweight, comfortable and safe. They have been designed with Sony's Sports Walkman series in mind. The MDR-A35G stereo headphones have a thin, lightweight and adjustable headband which allow you to fit them perfectly to your head's shape. The headphones are foldable (via three hinges) which allow for greater transportability; you can pack these away in your workout bag or in a jeans pocket. The moisture guard mechanism pulls sweat away from the ear canal, keeping your headphones drier and thus, better fitting and sounding. If you plan on listening to your MP3 player or radio while treadmilling in the gym, this feature will be greatly appreciated. The headphones are also water resistant; runners in wet environs will certainly find this advantageous.

    The open-air design removes undesirable resonance by allowing outside air to pass through the headphones; the result is a better sounding headphone. The open-air design is also a key factor in keeping you safe while you exercise. The headphones allow outside noises like horns, passing bikers and oncoming dogs to meet your ears, even with music playing. With sixteen millimeter drivers, although miniscule, you can expect to hear a good bass sound. Neodymium magnets, a rare feature on such economically priced headphones, provide maximum energy with minimal size. Meanwhile, the Sony Acoustic Turbo circuit is included for high efficiency; it gets high sonic output from your portable stereo, and extends bass response.

    The MDR-A35G's oxygen-free copper (OFC) Y-style cord is double-sided and is 3.9 feet long, allowing for ample movement and separation from the sound source. The gold-plated, L-shaped stereo mini-plug fits mini-plug jacks, not the full-size stereo jacks. The headphones are a flat black color.

    What's in the Box
    Sony MDR-A35G headphones ... Read more


    • Folding construction is compact and portable
    • Acoustic Twin Turbo circuitry delivers powerful bass sound and high efficiency
    • Moisture Guard mechanism pulls sweat away from the ear canal
    • Comfortable vertical, in-the-ear design
    • Water resistant for outdoor use

    Reviews (9)

    3-0 out of 5 stars practical but not durable
    The quality of sound, especially the base, was wonderful. The collapsing headphones were extremely practical and slowed down the wear and tear of them in my backback, at the gym, etc.

    Nonetheless, after only 5 months, they were broken. This was not because of the collapsible section, but rather because of the rapid fraying of the part of the cord around the jack where the headphones are plugged in to the discman.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Perfect!
    I bought these for $20, (good price for these), and dont regret it at all. They are light and stay on your head very well. I was on a trampoline doning flips and they stood on perfectly. They are also very comfortable. They stay in play and dont move in your ear so the plastic wont rubb against your ear. They sound great too. I had sony MDR-EX51LP's (more expensive) and i like these alot better. Base doesn't overtake the sound,vocals sound perfect,and background is great too! So for 20 bucks, these are the best you will get!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars I love this thing..!
    Bought this a few days back, and absolutely love it. The best thing about it is its weight; its so light, I often forget if its still on! A bit pricey, but then what the heck, a sony is never expected to be for the common money-minded man (well, I confess I've a weakness for gizmos!)

    Yup, the bass is not as rich as one would expect, but its not bad either. What I mean is, I did not regret it for anything.

    A good buy. Wish it was a bit cheaper, though! It makes up in its looks for all it lacks in the bass. So, no regrets.

    5-0 out of 5 stars great sound and comfort!
    I have always preferred the vertical in-the-ear style headphones since they were first introduced in the late 80's. These headphones are very comfortable to wear for several hours at a time. You will barely feel them. That's great, but how do they sound? They have excellent frequency response at 10 - 23,000Hz, and great sensitivity at 108 dB/mW. You will get good bass out of the tiny 16mm drivers. They are also water resistant, so you can wear them while exercising or in the rain. They are designed so the moisture will run down the band and drip off the bottom. I highly recommend these portable (and foldable) headphones.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good headphones, not for everyone though
    These are a good set of headphones. They are ok at everything, great at nothing. Bass, midbass, treble are all average. Where these headphones standout is when working out, especially running.

    They allow you to hear just enough to make them safe but filter out most of the noise. But comfort is their biggest bonus. Earbud headphones falloff. Wrap-arounds leave your ears red and sore. Closed ear types absorb sweat, and look odd. These are the perfect compromise. They don't fall out, don't pinch your ear, and they have a canal for sweat to roll down and out of your ear.

    Bottom line, if you want library headphones look somewhere else. You want a workout set this is your model. ... Read more

    2. Sony CPA-9C CD/MD Cassette Adaptor with Self-Adjusting, Spring-Loaded Head
    list price: $14.99
    our price: $12.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005T39Y
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 194
    Average Customer Review: 3.33 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    The Sony CPA-9C cassette adaptor allows you to connect your minidisc or CD player to a vehicle cassette player. While this Sony product works best with Sony CD and MD players, the adaptor will operate with non-Sony products as well. There are a couple of key features to this adaptor which make it a fine choice. The first notable feature is the spring-loaded head. The head will automatically adjust itself to your vehicle's cassette deck, ensuring that the two heads have optimum contact and transfer the best possible sound. The second key feature is the silent mechanism. A silent mechanism yields less operational noise and a better quality MD or CD sound. This adaptor works with all cassette players which require you to insert the tape opening facing the side. The mini-plug inserts into a portable CD or MD headphone jack. The cassette adaptor is a cheap way to make your vehicle CD and MD operational.

    What's in the Box
    Sony CPA-9C Cassette Adaptor ... Read more


    • Compatible with car cassette decks that have side tape opening
    • Self-adjusting spring head and silent mechanism
    • Ideal for use with Sony's MiniDisc and Discman CD players
    • Mini-plug inserts into CD or MD player's headphone jack
    • Works with non-Sony products

    Reviews (18)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Puts an FM transmitter to shame!
    I had my choice between getting an FM transmitter or this tape adapter. I chose the tape adapter, and havnt looked back once. The product works great and sound quality is very, very good.

    One small glitch I experienced was when i used it on my car sound system, it was very very low until it adjusted, then all of a sudden started blasting the music.

    4-0 out of 5 stars One thing annoying
    I think the sound quality this product offers is quite nice.
    One thing that annoys me is that it makes clicking sound
    with regular interval, like a grandfather clock with a
    pendulum. I own a 99 camry, and could this be a problem
    with my car? Anyone with similar experience, please
    share your know-how of how you got over it. If you play
    a loud song that sound is shadowed, but you'll be pretty much
    annoyed when you play quieter ones.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Its worth the money...
    recently, i bought the "sony car adaptor" for my vehicle, and i had mixed feelings. First of all, people complaining about the bass must have a Mp3 set up problem, because even with the bass turned off on my "diskman", it still sets in strong. The sound is decent, but you gotta turn your volume control all the way up to get it to blast loud enough. It also dosent seem like its very durable. But all that aside, if you need a cheap way to play CD quality tunes through your cassette deck, this is the one

    1-0 out of 5 stars better adapters are apparently cheaper
    i bought this unit out of a best buy. i chose the more expensive sony name because my previous adapter's wiring was becomming faulty, and i thought i could count on the name to deliver a better product. turned out to be a bad idea.

    not only is the previously-mentioned dull hum noise absolutely mind-numbingly frustrating after about 5 minutes of play, but the volume is so low. the treble is way to high, and the bass portion is bearly audiable, even when messing around with the mp3 players controls or the deck's controlls manually. turning up the volume on the deck only makes the humming get louder. turning up the volume on my mp3 player does nothing but waste battery life. other people have said that you can't expect so much out of a tape deck, but out of the 3 cassettee adapters ive owned (the others being cheaper and lasting for at least a year) this has definately been the worst.

    this is the first review ive written, but i had to contribute after this disappointment.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great item
    I originally bought this item thinking it would fit in any tape deck. I have a 76 Firebird with the original 8-track and I wanted to listen to some CCR CDs without wearing headphones or bringing a jam box in the car. Well, it didn't fit the 8-track so I upgraded to a regular cassette player so I could use the adapter. It works great now! The clarity is killer and I love the way I can just plug it into my jam box on the passenger seat and rock out. Awesome product! ... Read more

    3. Sony SRF-HM33 Walkman FM/AM Stereo Headphone Radio with 20 Preset Stations
    list price: $44.99
    our price: $39.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005NND2
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 807
    Average Customer Review: 3.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • FM/AM Stereo Digital Synthesized Tuner
    • 15 FM/ 5 AM preset stations
    • LCD tuning display; large volume controls
    • Digital clock and battery power indicator
    • Light reflector on adjustable split headband

    Reviews (10)

    2-0 out of 5 stars Inexpensive, but still not worth it
    I admit it; I was drawn by the low price like a moth to the flame. I've had fairly good experiences with Sony products in the past and expected quality. Well, as the saying goes, "One gets what one pays for."

    I live in a moderately large metropolitan area and have never had many problems with reception of local FM stations until now. Unless I have the sensitivity switch set to "Dx" (which dramatically reduces the sterio separation and apparently increases the background "hiss" or S/N ratio) I can barely receive anything at all. Even using this setting, reception is marginal at best.

    Unless your expectations are lower than mine, I recommend that you purchase another headphone radio.

    One other thing--I read the review of the woman who reports to use this set to receive television signals. I have no idea what she's referring to; I don't believe Sony markets this device as anything other than an AM/FM receiver.

    Until I came across this radio, I was beginning to think I would not find one that would work for me. I tried 2 different models of headband radios that made the skin on my ears sore within the first hour of wearing them. I returned those radios. The Sony SRF-HM33 is very comfortable, even after wearing it all afternoon. It is durably constructed. It fits loosely on my head, which is okay, since I just listen to news and music while working. Even though I work in a basement, the reception is not static and the stereo sound is great. This radio has a good antenna.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding headphone - the best on the market today!
    This is by the far the best AM/FM headphone radio I've owned and I have owned quite a few. I searched every electronic store in my area trying to find a headphone like this and could only find it through

    The clarity of the radio reception is excellent. Having 20 preset stations makes it so easy to switch stations when you don't like the song playing on the current station. This is also the most comfortable headphone radio I've had. I can wear it for hours and it never gets uncomfortable. I also can't deal with having the wired headphones or the ones you wear on your arm, so this one is ideal.

    I actually liked this headphone so much I bought two more, one to keep at work and one to give to my husband. He likes it as much as I do.

    For the people who gave this product such poor ratings, you must be abusive with your things. I use my headphone so much and switch stations constantly and I have never had any problems with it.

    I highly recommend this headphone for anyone wanting a reliable, comfortable, great reception radio, with no wires and the ease of changing stations at the touch of a button.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Terrible Reception
    I returned this headset after 5 minutes of use. AM and FM reception are horrible despite antenna. Could not listen to a strong local station without constantly turning my head. Very disappointed.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Didn't Last Long
    I bought one of these and it worked great for about a month. Then the right channel started to cut out, probably from a loose connection. Now I'll have to send it back to Sony. ... Read more

    4. Panasonic RQ-A220 Cassette Player/Recorder
    list price: $59.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00008N6XJ
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Panasonic
    Sales Rank: 2337
    Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    Dust off those cassettes and let this compact, feature-packed portable cassette player/recorder breathe new life into old tunes. The RQ-A220 offers auto-reverse performance, a built-in condenser microphone, and 3x recording for maximizing tape duration during meetings, classes, and other taping opportunities where length is a bigger concern than recording quality.

    A built-in AM/FM tuner gives you access to your favorite radio stations, so you don't even have to grab cassettes on your way out the door. Tired of headphones? Listen through the unit's integrated three-speaker playback system. Extra Bass System (XBS) heightens bass response during headphone playback.

    The unit runs for about 24 hours on playback (20 hours recording) on two AA batteries (not included). A three-LED indicator keeps you apprised of battery status.

    What's in the Box
    Cassette recorder, stereo headphones, hand strap, and a user's manual. ... Read more


    • Stereo, auto-reverse cassette recorder with built-in condenser microphone; 4.375 x 3.375 x 1.5 inches (W x H x D)
    • AM/FM tuner with slide-rule tuning
    • 3x record time slows tape speed to accommodate lengthy recording programs
    • Up to 24 hours playback and 20 hours recording with 2 AA batteries (not supplied)
    • Includes hand strap and stereo headphones

    Reviews (5)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Gimpier than its predecessor
    I stand behind my earlier review of this much used, highly practical item. It stays with me day and night--for playing and recording (with a Sony stereo add-on mic). Count it a small but admittedly irritating matter that this model does have a minor problem compared to its predecessor: the plastic feet in the base are not large and stable enough to prevent the unit from constantly toppling over. It will stand up on its own providing you're willing to "balance" it and keep the cat away from any adjacent surfaces. On the other hand, despite the number of times the unit has rolled over, the tape mechanism keeps rolling right along.

    4-0 out of 5 stars decent cassette recorder
    I bought this cassette recorder based on the reviews of other customers. I was looking for a cassette recorder with accurate pitch duplication.
    I had also ordered two Sony WM-GX221 Walkmans which both were off more than 30 cents sharp...and off by the same amount.
    The Panasonic was a little less off (less than 30 cents sharp)
    so I decided to keep the Panasonic.
    If anyone finds a walkman sized cassette recorder with better pitch accuracy, please let me know. it's been really difficult to find something better than the old Sony walkmans that I had before (which Sony no longer manufactures).

    4-0 out of 5 stars Nifty little portable stereo!
    I bought the Panasonic RQ-A220 Cassette Player/Recorder after working part-time at a Radio Shack. Of all the things in the store, I thought this portable recorder was one of the niftiest things I saw there.

    For months, I wanted to transfer my music cassettes to my Mac after endlessly trying to find CDs or even MP3s over the net of the many rare songs I love (and have owned for years) but couldn't find anywhere. When I saw this cassette player/recorder, I thought "Bingo!". I bought a Y adapter, connected the single stereo plug to the RQ-A220 and the two RCA ends to the back of my Mac (which has RCA and S-video connections) and used a freeware called Coaster (it creates AIFF files. It's for Mac OS 9 only) and after converting the AIFF tracks with iTunes, voila, instant MP3s of my favorite music. Coaster is extremely easy to use and it's free! The sound from my cassettes with the RQ-A220 is CD quality. In fact, the songs sound better than those I ripped from my CDs.

    The RQ-A220 almost has everything: it's a voice recorder. You can connect a stereo microphone to it if the built-in microphone doesn't cut it. It's a radio. It plays cassettes. It can record off the radio or another source (if you have the right cables of course). It has three tiny built-in speakers, which is what initially caught my attention. And included with the recorder is a set of stereo headphones. When you listen to music with it (or when I connect the Y adapter to the headphone input), you can listen to music as is or with Extra Bass System, which gives a better sounding quality. I use the XBS option when I make my MP3s.

    The sound from the three speakers is not super high quality but it's surprisingly good nonetheless, certainly for a product that fits in the palm of a hand. Oddly enough, of all the types of music, classical music and jazz sounds the best when listening to it through the three speakers, more so than pop (just good) or techno music (bad). And the speakers are perfect for listening to sports broadcast or any kind of talk radio.

    There are two caveats about the RQ-A220: finding and keeping a radio channel is sometimes difficult because of the sensitivity of the tuner dial. And there's no 3v adapter to plug-in the cassette player/recorder to a wall socket when I need to work with it for long periods of time and batteries just ain't enough. I bought a 3v adapter (at Radio Shack, of course), so this problem was quickly solved but I still wish the adapter came with the recorder. As for the radio, well, a digital radio would have been better. If the RQ-A220 came with a digital tuner, I would have given it 5 stars instead of 4.

    Keep this in mind: you can buy the RX-D20 boombox from Panasonic for almost the same price and you have a digital radio, a CD player with the RX-D20 and better speakers (we used the RX-D20 for our radio at the store and the sound from it was good). But you can't carry a boombox in your pocket or purse, so one has to pay a little extra for a more compact product.

    All in all, I like this tiny stereo player/recorder. It's beautifully designed and the sound quality from it is excellent.

    *BTW, the manufacturer specifically states on the product that it was built not in China, but Taiwan. Arf!

    5-0 out of 5 stars cassette ---> CD
    I purchased this to convert my taped records/cassettes to CD. So far, it has worked very well. I use Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 to import the music onto my computer and clean the tracks before burning to CD. It's smaller than I thought it would be - and I wish it had digital radio - but I think it's better than a tape deck. Sound quality is good. Use rechargeable batteries.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Unique and Supremely Useful
    I was afraid Panasonic would phase this item out. Like their SL-PH270, a portable CD player with built-in speakers, this is a pocket-sized device for musicians and listeners on the go who don't carry an MP-3 library and prefer not to be tied to headphones (as a result I use it frequently and ubiquitously). Moreover, it's the only model of its type that features stereo recording and reproduction, making it suitable for recording live music. Granted, the playback has little separation or bass, but the sound is still superior to comparable monophonic models, whose use is primarily for dictation.

    For this latest model, Panasonic has sacrificed a bit of compactness to sound quality (there's an extra speaker). I preferred the lighter, smaller model, though the thing still easily fits in a jacket pocket.

    Be forewarned that, though the machine will record radio broadcasts, the tuner's poor selectivity and sensitivity limit such use unless the headphones, which serve double-duty as an antenna, are plugged in. Also, contrary to Amazon's description, this machine doe not have auto-reverse. Finally, it's curious that Panasonic would produce a miniature cassette recorder capable of recording in stereo (through the stereo input) but then offer no microphone, even as an optional accessory (the on-board mic is strictly for mono recording). I solved that problem by purchasing the mini-stereo mic made by Sony (expect to spend more than the cost of the machine). ... Read more

    5. Sony SRF-M80V S2 Sports Walkman Arm Band Radio with FM/AM, TV and Weather Channels
    list price: $59.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000066HO4
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 109
    Average Customer Review: 2.45 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    Sony's lightweight SRFM80V S2 Sports Walkman fits snugly into a supplied wrap-around arm band for hands-free listening during workouts or travel. The radio's ergonomic S2 Sports design places all function controls for easy access, and its LED is conveniently angled for easy reading when you're on the run. Furthering its suitability for athletic training, the SRFM80V includes a stop watch with a single-button split timer. And, if you'd rather not wear the device on an arm, just affix the built-in belt clip to a waistband.

    Radio features include drift-free digital tuning across the weather, TV (VHF channels 2 to 13), and AM/FM stereo bands. And with the SRFM80V, weather is no obstacle--its water-resistant design blocks out moisture, and dirt (though do keep in mind that it's not made for submersion in water). A local/distant (DX) switch optimizes reception of both near and distant stations, and a power-off timer shuts off the Walkman at your preset time to conserve battery life. The arm band includes a safety reflector. Five-direct-key preset memory lets you electronically tune in to any five stations set--even in different frequency bands--with the press of a single, easy-to-reach button, while a separate direct weather button offers one-button tuning of weather bands.

    You'll also enjoy conveniences like 25-station preset memory (five for TV, five for weather, 10 FM, and five AM), Sony's low-end-enhancing Mega Bass Sound System, and two-AAA-battery operation (batteries not included). Supplied Sony MDR (micro dynamic receiver) vertical-type sports headphones deliver wide dynamic range and clear sound. ... Read more


    • FM/AM, TV (VHF channels 2-13) and weather station tuning
    • Memory presets: 10 FM, 5 AM, 5 TV, 5 weather
    • Water resistant helps keep out moisture and dirt (not water-proof)
    • Includes stop watch; features local/distant reception switch
    • Light reflector on adjustable armband

    Reviews (60)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good radio with flaws
    I bought this to replace my previous Sony sports walkman radio. This radio has several deficiencies compared to the old Sony design.

    1. The WB (weather band) button looks exactly like the other radio presets. But if you press it, sorry, you're in a new "mode" and you can't get back to your other preset stations without some effort. I would much rather have a sixth preset button.

    2. The battery case frequently snaps ajar. The batteries then come loose and I lose all presets.

    3. The volume wheel is right next to my arm when I'm using the radio, so I frequently am adjusting the volume inadvertently.

    I would really like Sony to redesign this product to make it more useful.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Portable Radio
    I listen to the radio while jogging and my search for the perfect companion has come to an end. This one is it.

    Over the years I have tried most of the main brands (Panasonic, Sangean, Radio Shack) and consistently found the Sony's to be surperior in reception and sound. Most recently I was using the Sony SRF-M78 armband radio, the predessor to this one. The SRF-M80V is better in several respects. Let's look at the details:

    The white and orange color scheme is ugly in my mind but who cares. This is a tool, not a fashion statement. The waistband clip is much better than on the M78 allowing carry on both arm and waistband. This finally gives the option to put the radio where it belongs during running: the small of my back.
    Button placement is intuitive and clear. However, the numbering on the buttons is starting to rub of and will probably be gone in a few weeks. No big deal, use a Sharpie for re-labeling if it bothers you.

    In one word: Great. I live in New York City which has notoriously difficult radio reception. Both FM and AM are as good as it gets for a portable unit. In addition this radio offers TV channel reception and weather band, both are coming in well enough to be useful.

    As mentioned the M80V allows you to listen to FM, AM, TV, and WB and has sufficient presets for all channels. In addition you can use the radio as stop watch, split timer, or can set it for automatic power-off, useful if you tend to forget to turn off the unit. The volume control is a small wheel which turns much to easy, the only true flaw of the radio. I slipped a 10 cent rubber O-ring over the wheel to provide the right amount of friction so that the volume doesn't get knocked unintentionally. Works perfectly now.

    Head Set:
    I don't care for the ones that are provided and replaced them with a good pair of Sony earbuds. The Mega Bass button is useless with my earbuds but may give you more oomph with bigger headphones.

    A small, well designed radio with all the features that you might desire in a work-out companion. Great reception and great sound. Highly recommended.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Just okay, but not too many other options
    The walkman is ok, however, it doesn't seem there are many other options on the market. The arm band doesn't stay on my arms without sliding off unless I'm wearing about five layers of shirts (and I have 'normal' size arms). The sound quality is good and the buttons are easy to hit as you run. As usual with Sony headphones, I have to replace them every few months.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Works fine for me...
    I really enjoy using my armband radio. It has worked well for me even on my almost daily three mile runs. It still works even after I got caught in a downpour and got drenched. The earphone cord is a bit long, though. It is hard to find a place for it where it will not be in the way or uncomfortable. Other than that, this is the best product that I have found for myself.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Poor quality construction and poor design
    I have owned multiple small Sony sports radios. I use them while running and weight lifting. This is by far the worst of the series.

    1. After less than 6 months one of the tiny metal battery connectors fell out and was lost while changing batteries. Previous similar products have lasted several years.

    2. While sound quality was acceptable, the antenna is markedly directional and less powerful than previous slightly larger more oblong Sony units.

    1. Sports radios should have a clear display and buttons and knobs that can be accessed while running, etc. The volume knob is way too sensitive and the tiny buttons with miniscule numbers and characters cannot be readily accessed while running. The unit has plenty of surface area for larger knobs. In addition, only a small portion of the LCD screen is utilized - what were they thinking? Reading glasses should not be required for usage!

    In summation, this unit exemplifies poor ergonomics and poor quality - Don't buy one! ... Read more

    6. Sony CFD-SW755 Portable CD/Cassette/Radio Boombox with Detachable Speakers
    list price: $149.99
    our price: $99.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004U47J
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 3863
    Average Customer Review: 3.2 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    The CFD-ZW755 CD/radio cassette recorder sports a convenient handle so your tunes can go anywhere you do, whether you're blasting tunes for friends or listening in private through the supplied stereo headphones. The unit's CD player uses a one-bit digital-to-analog audio converter for pristine sound, and audio CD-R/CD-RW compatibility means the box will play your home-brewed music mixes as well as prerecorded CDs.

    The CFD-ZW755 includes a digital AM/FM stereo tuner, too. Four electronic sound modes (rock/pop/jazz/vocal) let you tailor the sound for listening to various different types of music or in different environments, while Mega Bass sound enhances low-frequencies in any sound mode. Perfect for parties, the unit comes with Sony's Loop/Flash sound effects. Loop continuously repeat a few seconds of music, while Flash provides intermittent playback for a DJ-like stuttering effect.

    With synchronized CD/cassette dubbing, CD playback commences just after cassette recording begins. The stereo record/playback cassette deck provides direct recording from either the tuner, the CD player, or another cassette. Other features include four-inch detachable speakers and 20-track CD programming. The unit runs on the supplied AC power cord or six D batteries.

    What's in the Box
    Boombox, remote control, remote batteries, user's manual, AC power cord ... Read more


    • CD boombox with dual-deck stereo cassette and drift-free, digital-synthesized AM/FM tuner
    • Synchronized CD/cassette dubbing
    • 4-preset electronic equalizer (rock/pop/live/vocal), Mega Bass low-end enhancement
    • Remote Commander remote control (CD/tuner/volume/power/function)
    • Clock/sleep timer, Loop/Flash sound effects

    Reviews (5)

    2-0 out of 5 stars Not the same old Sony...

    1) Doesn't look flashy and wierd like a lot of recent boom boxes.
    2) Still working after 2 yrs. - nothing has broken (no CD playing problems).
    3) Does a basic job of making sound.


    1) Turns on mysteriously at night probably due to a neighbor's remote controller on the same frequency as my boom box or being triggered by some other random radio wave. (has freaked me out at times causing me to wake up in the middle of the night and get out of bed to turn it off - really freaky if the CD is playing my daughter's nursery songs.)
    2) Setting radio station presets is not intuitive and simple.
    3) Lacks decent bass sound relative to my Magnavox boom box, even with the "Mega Bass" activated.
    4) FM and AM radio reception is mediocre. I live in Los Angeles with a lot of strong radio stations but some local stations just don't come in clearly without static.
    5) Lacks the Sony quality feel that I used to know.
    6) Price to high - should cost around $60 for what you get.

    Bottom Line: I expected better from Sony given my past experience with their products.

    1-0 out of 5 stars What a piece of [junk]!!!
    This is one of the [worst] boomboxes ever! This thing will just refuse to play most cd's. I've only had this boombox for almost a year and now already it acts real weird. Now when I put my disc in, turn it on, it spins my disc a little bit, it makes a weird clicking sound, the speakers make a strange buzzing sound, and then it stops spinning and says no disc. What the heck is with that! So then I thought maybe the disc was a little bit dirty (not even a scratch) wiped it off just to make sure, then I put it back in the system. It did the same thing (and these were regular store bought cd's!) Then I thought maybe it is just my disc or something. So I tried another one and the same thing happened. I tried reloading it about 10 times and then it started playing (thank god!) Then I walked over to it and pressed the next track button and their it goes spinning full blast, not playing right and then displaying "no disc" After about a month of putting up with this [junk], I sold it to my friends grandmother who mostly listens to the radio. She is happy with it because she likes how she can control it with the remote. Other than that the radio works pretty good and the tape decks work pretty good, but I still would not reccomend this product to anyone... If you want to get a better boombox, get a Panasonic, JVC, or something better. I'd hate to see someone put up with [what] I did with this [Boombox].

    If you want to get a good boombox, take a look at one of the Panasonic ones. They are much more reliable and they sound even better.

    5-0 out of 5 stars very good
    this cd boombox is very nice and has a good sound system!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Lots of features and excellent sound.
    I like to play music -- mostly classical -- at my desk at work. This past week the volume control on my old Sony boombox broke (after nearly ten years of daily use) so I went out looking for a replacement. I was pleasantly surprised at the low prices of most of the units I saw, but they sounded rather tinny compared to the good sound I was used to from my old Sony. At the end of the shelf I found this model. When I inserted the CD which I had brought with me for auditioning, I immediately heard a clear improvement in sound over the less expensive models. In fact, the sound was even better than that of my old Sony with which I had been thoroughly pleased. I bought this model on the spot and the next day installed it next to my desk at work. It's very convenient too use, looks nice (compared to most current boomboxes) and sounds great. Sure it cost a few dollars more than the inferior-sounding units but(...) I'd say it's a great buy.

    Incidentally, although I listen almost exclusively to CDs, this unit has two tape drives, which allow for tape dubbing (which a lot of cheaper models don't) as well as a digitally tuned AM/FM radio. Also the CD player has 1-bit conversion -- like the best CD players, but unlike most boomboxes -- which contributes to the better sound. As I said, it's a great buy.

    3-0 out of 5 stars What ever happened to sony
    remember in the old days, when sony made high quality products for a good price. Well they don't anymore. This is good quality, rather bulky, but the price is to high, when similar products cost $10 to $20 less! i reccomend a different brand ... Read more

    7. Sony MDR-EX70LP Earbud Headphones

    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000067FCS
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 1671
    Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    Created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sony's Fontopia earbuds, the MDR-EX70LP super-light, in-ear headphones are Sony's first closed-type Fontopia design. Their closed-type construction reinforces bass frequencies for powerful sound and reduces outside noise while keeping the sound from your earbuds from annoying others. The earbuds fit snugly, yet comfortably inside your ears during even active uses like dancing or running, and there's no hair-crushing headband to worry about, either.

    Long-throw PET diaphragms deliver deep, extended bass down to an incredible 6 Hz rating, and their low mass enables extended high frequency response all the way out to 23,000 Hz (source material providing!).

    The supplied soft, silicon earpads further reduce outside noise and provide long-lasting comfort. Two sizes accommodate a range of ears, and the earpads are washable, removable, and replaceable. The earbuds' oxygen-free-copper (OFC) cord ensures high signal transmission and low noise, and their gold-plated minijack (.125-inch) plug offers exceptional corrosion resistance and superb conductivity. Further, the L-shaped connecting jack reduces strain and cable wear when connected to a portable audio device.

    The included compact carrying case offers vivid purple styling and neatly stores the earbuds and headphone cord when they're not in use. The case minimizes cord tangles, permitting partial windings to shorten the effective cord length during use. The high-impact case is ideal for pocket or backpack transport.

    What's in the Box
    Earbud headphones, a compact case, and two sets of earpads (large, small). ... Read more


    • Super light, in-ear design
    • 9 mm ultra-compact drivers produce powerful sound
    • Long-throw PET diaphragm for deep bass (6 to 23,000 Hz frequency response)
    • 4-foot oxygen-free-copper cord
    • Compact carrying case and a second set of earpads supplied

    Reviews (37)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Sounds good
    I've gone through probably 20 ear buds throughout the years, various brands and different models and currently use these and am quite pleased. I like to listen to a variety of music that requires a good frequency response and these do a good job without spending too much. The sound is more than adequate with a range suitable for most music with a bass that isn't over the top. You get just enough bump and thump. The fit is the best of any I've used. A snug fit that closes the external sounds pretty much and cancels out unwanted interference to your music with the exception of wind when you are moving fast. When you are still they are perfect.I get plenty of use on the road with at times jarring movement and find that they do not fall out like many other models. Although the manufacturer does not recommended them for cycling they are perfect for tunes on the road. A good choice for comfort and above average sound reproduction. If you're looking for something to put in your ears to listen to your tunes than these indiscreetly stylish ear buds are for you.

    3-0 out of 5 stars A bit bassy, bright treble, but otherwise an okay earphone
    If you're reading this review, chances are you're looking for a portable headphone. The Sony EX70LP was launched as part of Sony's 20th celebration of the Walkman. It is unique in Sony's portable headphone range in that this is one of those "in your ear canal" type of earphone. Comes with rubber tips and a special storage case for the earphones only (and not the cords).

    First impressions: this is one of the most comfortable ear-canal cans I've ever had. Once inserted properly, the rubber tips (come in 3 sizes) accomodate the remaining slacks (if any), providing very good isolation from external noises. Though not as good as the Etymotic ER4 series ... in this regard, it provides excellent value isolation-wise. It's also useful because others around you would not be disturbed from unduly sound leakages. I often use it when I sleep also because the earphone is "unnoticeable" after a short period of use.

    Sound: I'm not very good in describing the sounds in the most minute detail, but I will try to provide an overall picture. I tested it without an amp, since a majority of portable listeners do not carry portable amps with them. Before breaking in, I noticed the almost unbearable boomy lower bass and unnecessary brightness in the high-range mid-frequencies. The bass seemed to dominate the overall sound which is an undesirable quality for some listeners e.g. classical. After about 40 hours of breaking-in, the bass mellowed slightly, while the mid-range frequencies are slightly enhanced. Bass is still boomy though, so equaliser will play a part in improving its sound qualities, especially if listening via the PC. The weird thing about the EX70 is that I actually enjoy playing computer games with it.

    Maintenance/durability: Good for value. The rubber tips can be removed to be cleaned. The cords can "fold" quite easily if bent, so when storing, twirl the cords around 3 fingers and that should do it. :)

    Other comments: I must say first of all that this is probably the most moddable earphone in the market ... There are many ways to make it sound even better, which is of course a good thing. Nevertheless, I do urge that potential buyers try out the Aiwa HP-VX100 (another ear-canal can), Sennheiser MX400 and MX500 (normal earphone). They're way cheaper, and quite alot of people in head-fi think that they're way better than the Sony EX70 for value (in the sound department), especially the Aiwa. The Sony EX70 is not for everybody that's for sure (especially people who hates boomy bass), so I recommend trying first (it's widely available). ...

    5-0 out of 5 stars I love these earbuds
    I use these to listen to Flamenco music and television. I found them to have terrific sound quality. I had no overwhelming bass problem as one other customer described. I have never been one to turn the volume up extremely loud, so my hearing is good. I compared the sound on these to three others, including a pair of expensive Sennheisers, and found these not to be lacking.

    5-0 out of 5 stars excellent cans
    This review is for the Sony MDR-EX71SL's. These headphones are great. Outstanding bass response;better than many over-the-ear type cans i've used. The cord is short but you must use the supplied extension cable. Also, the headphones must be put in from the back so when you take them out of your ears they hang down from your neck; cool idea Sony! The earpads (small,med,and large) do impact the sound greatly. So you have to make sure you have the right size in your ear. If you own an iPOD like myself, get the white Sony MDR-EX71SL's. Sony got it right with these cans!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Value
    I'm sure there are higher end earbuds that sound better than these for twice the cost but I am very pleased with the Sony's. Most of the time I listen to classical and jazz on my bus ride to work and these earbuds have enabled me to hear things in the music I never noticed before. They do a great job of blocking external noises. Bass, midrange and highs are well balanced. I keep my walkman in my brief case and the cord (with the extension) is fine. I just ordered an iRiver SlimX imp 450 and am hoping that will further improve my listening experience. One thing I noticed was that I felt light headed the first day or so when I started using these. Perhaps just a coincidence. ... Read more

    8. Sony MDR-G57G S2 Sports Street Style Headphones with Reflective Ear Piece
    list price: $29.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000066CCU
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 2098
    Average Customer Review: 4.09 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    These Street Style headphones employ the comfortable and stable behind-the-neck design. They have a non-slip design, making them ideal for exercise or for a walk to the corner market. To encourage safe night-time activities, the MDR-G57Gs come with a reflective ear piece. They are also water-resistant, completing the necessary checklist for full-function sports headphones. The behind-the-neck style is also appropriate for urban and casual wear; remember that with this style you can wear a hat while wearing the headphones. The headphones have a folding mechanism which allows them to be stored in a backpack or purse. The MDR-G57Gs were designed for extended wear, and, weighing in at under two ounces, you may indeed forget you are wearing headphones.

    Sony has installed several technical features to the headphones to ensure a quality listening experience. The thirty millimeter drive units are large for portable headphones, and deliver deep bass, low distortion and a wide frequency response range (16 - 20,000 Hz). Sony's Acoustic Turbo circuit achieves high sonic output by utilizying sound chamber and duct technology. Ferrite magnets give the headphones solid energy at a minimal size and weight, while the oxygen-free copper cord provides high conductivity and minimum noise. The gold-plated stereo mini-plug makes sure that sound is transported fully and accurately. The gold-plated treatment also helps resist corrosion and supports the headphones' high conductivity and low noise. The five foot long, single-sided cord is plenty long for active pursuits. Replacement earpads are included.

    What's in the Box
    Sony MDR-G57G headphones and replacement earpads ... Read more


    • Behind-the-neck sports headphones are non-slip
    • Reflective ear piece; water resistant
    • 30 mm diameter driver for delivery of deep bass
    • Acoustic Turbo circuitry for quality sound delivery
    • Features Sony's acoustic twin turbo circuit for improved efficiency

    Reviews (22)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Suprisingly comfortable design and good sound
    I have found that I do not like earbuds, the little "clip on" individual ear headphones, and pretty much anything other than traditional "over the head" stereophones, so I was pleasantly suprised when the Sony MDR-G series actually fit me well. I have the MDR-G57 and MDR-G52 and enjoy both. The G52s were very tough and lasted over three years before the bass started to rattle and the earpeice started to come undone.

    Overall, these are very good heaphones but seem a bit overpriced. Many people with long hair or earings may find them uncomfortable or hard to put on and take off because the headband goes *behind* your head not over your head. However, big heads and big ears are not a problem as I have both.

    Some major pros to the design is that it is very comfortable for me (even for long term use for homework and stuff), very durable (mine have lived in my backpack for the years they survived), and generally nice looking (especially the G52 -- I could do without the yellow on the G57s).

    However, no matter how you slice it you are definitely paying a premium for the Sony name. They are durable and sound very good, but for the money you could buy better sounding headphones from Koss or Aiwa and enjoy your music more. Definitely look at other brands, and if you like these Sony's the most go for it. You won't be disappointed.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Headphones
    a couple of days ago I bought these headphones and they are fantastic. For the price of 24.99 I was completely satisfied. These headphones give great sound and even look great as well. I have an ipod, and the earbuds that came with the ipod were terrible. They fell out of my ears, and gave terrible sound. I use my ipod for working out, and those earbuds just wouldn't cut it, plus, they hurt. The apple headphones were the worst I have ever listened to. These sony ones however are marvelously fantastic. I highly reccomend these to anyone. Now when I jog in the morning, they stay one my head, and I dont have to replace them every 15 seconds. Apple should stick to ipods, and computers. And accessories or either. Sony however should stick to their music. From these headphones I heard some of the best sound from a portable audio player that I have ever heard. I congratulate Sony corporation on a marvelous set of headphones, that looks great and functions great. Congratulations! These headphones have made me look at other Sony products, and I think that they work fantastically.

    5-0 out of 5 stars OMG here they are!!!
    I love this style of Sony headphones! I have been looking all over for them b/c they are too expensive at They are so comfortable, I can even sleep with them on. I hightly reccomend these!

    4-0 out of 5 stars pretty good job
    I would say that this is a really good pair of headphones, good sound and look quality. but there is one disadvantage over these headphones, only for a few people. it really gets aggravating when you have these headphones and glasses on at the same time, it just feels weird.

    5-0 out of 5 stars THE BEST!
    People, if you're thinking of purchasing those made the right desicion! I bought the headphones 2 months ago, and I'm TOTALLY satisfied with them. They are way too comfortable and the best for working out or dancing! they never drop. These headphones provide you with a great deep sound and a great kind of bass, of course you must take in consideration the type of the player u're using, so don't judge it by using a cranky old cheap player and say "Oooh! these are bad ones"
    Every one thinking of buying any Headphones, think Sony Street Style Stereo Headphones.
    ... Read more

    9. Sony TCM-929 Pressman Desktop Cassette Recorder with Full Automatic Shut-Off
    list price: $26.99
    our price: $22.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00001ZT4H
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 1070
    Average Customer Review: 4.33 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    This Sony TCM-929 Desktop Cassette Recorder is a modern, detailed and feature-rich cassette recorder for the home or office. With a built-in microphone and speaker, the recorder is ready to record your thoughts, exam reviews, important reminders and novel ideas. The retractable handle is a plus for those carting the recorder around school, or from meeting to meeting. The three-digit tape counter, one touch recording and pause control all ensure that you have all the features necessary to make editing and recording an easy and fruitful process. The TCM-929 comes with a microphone jack should you need to attach a more dynamic microphone. There is also a headphone jack for those studying in the library or coffee shop. The recorder runs on the included AC adaptor or with four, AA batteries. When using Sony's Alkaline batteries, you can expect up to eight and a half hours of operation. To help you save battery life, Sony has installed a full automatic shut-off in this recorder. This feature operates all the major buttons, including play, fast forward, record and rewind. Should these buttons remain pressed for a certain amount of time, the recorder will automatically shut-off them off, saving not only valuable battery life, but also critical mechanical wear. The TCM-929 is an efficient and feature-filled cassette recorder.

    What's in the Box
    Sony TCM-929 Desktop Cassette Recorder, AC adaptor, user's manual and a ninety day warranty. ... Read more


    • Modern desktop cassette recorder with built-in microphone
    • 3-digit tape counter for easier searching
    • Earphone jack; microphone jack
    • Full automatic shut-off releases the buttons in play, record, FF and rewind modes to save wear and batteries
    • Runs on 4 AA batteries or with included AC adaptor

    Reviews (3)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Very good for voice, many features. Weak on my music.
    Upon reading other customer reviews I bought this tape recorder. It is ok for voice recording and playback, but when I recorded my piano practice the playback sounded awful. Since I had bought it for that purpose I returned it. For voice it has a good tone and the machine noise is less than others I have heard. So, especially considering all the features including cue/review it is a good choice for voice recording.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Solid Machine
    I've had one of these since 1993. It's perfect. It's a tape player and recorder, and that's it.

    It never jams on a good tape. It's perfect at what it does.

    Being an audiobook lover I use it to listen to my books around the house and it has had a lot of use!

    Unlike units that have CD players, the tape is the focus, not an afterthought.

    Also, it's far superior to tape units that switch sides for you, because they often switch sides at the least resistance, not necessarily the end of the tape.

    In summation, this is the tape audiobook listener's friend for reliable, no trouble, listening for hours and hours and years to come..

    5-0 out of 5 stars Nice features, Nice Price, Nice Cassette Recorder
    This is a very nice cassette recorder, that is loaded with features that most cassette recorders don't have anymore. It has microphone jack, ear jack, tape counter, sliding volume control(on side of unit), built-in very sensative mic, that picks up full-fidelity sound. Uses full-size cassette tapes, has full-auto stop; which means that it will stop in Rewind, Fast Forward, and playing or recording. Speaker produces good sound, with clear recordings. I recently recorded old 78 records, using this recorder, and placing it near the record player. It produced, very clear, full-fidelity recordings; even from scratchy sounding 78 records. It also has cue and review, that let you rewind or fast-forward to selections without pressing stop key. Comes with AC adapter, and uses 4 "AA" batteries. Recorder is simple to operate, but produces good voice or music recordings. It has ALC for perfect recordings every time, without making adjustments. Highly recommend this recorder. ... Read more

    10. Sony MZ-N707 Net MD Walkman Player/Recorder (Blue)
    list price: $249.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000065CE2
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 6940
    Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • MP3, WMA, and WAV audio-format compatibility; selectable data compression (ATRAC/ATRAC3)
    • USB port allows 32x music data transfer from PC; G-Protection guards against skips during active use
    • Digital-audio input, stereo analog line input (.125-inch minijack), microphone input
    • Aluminum upper lid, 1-line dot-matrix LCD, stick-type LCD remote control with editing functions
    • OpenMG Jukebox Version 2.2 offers Windows XP capability, title editing

    Reviews (46)

    5-0 out of 5 stars very good
    I've had my eye on this particular product for over a year, and I finally got it. Glad to say, it hasn't been disappointing, considering all of the other new mp3 players coming out now. Okay, so the headphones are very very short (try wearing them and put the md player in your pocket - it won't reach!), but the sound is still great. In the given mini disk, I was able to put in about 40 files. The package comes with pretty much everything, and more. The software isn't horrible, you just have to read the short manual to get the hang of it. And 32x isn't true, but it's MUCH faster than waiting for my slow 4x burner to finish. Using MD is better than buying those big CD-R's because you can delete, move, add, and rename tracks over and over. All in all, get this product if you want efficient quality, storage, and maitenence.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Great Product, but Software BLOWS!
    I'll start with the good points:
    1. Lightweight and totally portable
    2. I personally think the LP4 mode sounds fine. I constantly use it while on the subway going places. 5 hours per disc kicks any portable mp3 player in the pants.
    3. Battery life is great! Even the rechargable is impressive.
    4. BEST PART. I use the mic in with the sony MS-907 microphone and the results are superb. I have simple recordings of myself playing guitar and the recordings sound like I am in the room. I haven't tried dumping any recordings back onto the computer yet, but supposedly I have to do that through the analog jack.

    Bad points
    1. The headphones that come with it [are bad], but this is no news to anyone.
    2. The remote takes some getting used to and it could be a little better designed.
    3. 32X is a crock. I'd say realistically I transfer tunes about 10x speed and I have a 800mh PIII. Still not bad. You can go from there.
    4. The Software. Let me repeat. The software is hands down the worst part of this package. As you have probably read, tracks must be 'checked in' or 'out' using the Open MG Jukebox software. You can only check out 3 at a time. Honestly, this is NO BIG DEAL because you can always re-import the file to the playlist and you get 3 fresh 'credits'. So don't let that bother you. I do have errors frequently not letting me check in a file that I checked out. I just delete it off the player and re-import the file if I need more credits. That's the way around Sony's attempt to police what I do with MY music.

    The problem for me is that when you import a file the ID2 & ID3 tags must be in place. It doesn't just list each mp3 as whatever it is named. Let me explain. Open any song on your Winamp. Right click on the song and check out File Info. If these aren't filled in (which most of the time they aren't) then the artist is recognized as UNKNOWN on the MD Jukebox. I have about 5,000 mp3s on my computer, so I literally spent hours upon hours editing these tags JUST so I could find mp3s in the Jukebox that I was looking for. Once I did that, everything was smooth and was alphabetical. If you only have a couple of hundreds mp3s, then it probably won't bother you until you have thousands.

    All in all, the player is excellent quality, so far. Recording with a mic is most impressive and I look forward to using it at my gigs, rehearsals, etc. The only hinderance is the software, but there are ways around some of the 'rules'.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Good Product Bad Software
    The Net MD is a really great for listening to music once you get it onto the player. The problem is Sony decided to make getting songs really difficult with their software OpenMG. The program is barely functional on my brand new pc. To make thigs even worse the program has anti-piracy parts in it. Who actually buys a MD player to transfer songs they bought? Anyways if you have any problems with the software don't depend on any support since OpenMG website is closed. OpenMG is the only software you can use to transfer songs. I think you can use realplayer to transfer the songs now too but you can only put mp3s on it. Because of Sony guarding its ATRAC technology so closely they have taken away their user's rights to pick which program they would like to use. Unless you want to spend an hour changing the songs I suggest you don't but this product.

    1-0 out of 5 stars doen't work
    I bought this product (Walkman net md mz-n707 type R) in a shop in Mexico City and it has never worked. At the beginning of every disk the sound is distorted and horrible. After approximately three minutes it sounds O.K.
    I have tried to find a place to have the walkman fixed but I have not been successful. Could you help me, please?

    4-0 out of 5 stars If Sony didn't suck, it would be PERFECT for live recording!
    I bought my MZ-N707 for one purpose: to record live music. My friend is in a band and he wanted me to record his gigs, so I looked into ways to record live music. What I found was that if you don't have thousands of dollars, endless hours of time, and a fully-equipped sound studio, you're hosed. So I called my local GuitarCenter store and was told the Sony MZ-N707 was just the thing I needed. It just so happened they had a bundled package there that included the works: microphone, car adapter kit, rechargable batteries, etc. And the price was right: about $350. So I bought it, took it to my friend's show, recorded the show with no problems, listened to the show on the way home (FABULOUS, CD-QUALITY SOUND!), and then, when I got home, tried to load the tracks onto my computer in order to burn them onto CD's. NOT!!! After literally weeks of trying different things, re-reading the manual, reading the dozens of web forums that are devoted solely to this subject, and, finally, emailing Sony, I found out that YOU CANNOT TRANSFER ANYTHING FROM THE MINIDISC TO YOUR COMPUTER that you didn't take off of your computer. I don't know what rocket scientist thought of packaging the minidisc recorder with a microphone if you can't use anything you record with that microphone, but I hope that person is one of the millions of Americans on the unemployment line right now (God Bless the rest of you!). Sony said it was because they were concerned about copyright infringement, but what if you, like, OWN THE COPYRIGHT? Sorry, no provisions are made for such a common occurrence.

    Ultimately, I found a couple ways of transferring the music recorded onto the minidisc to your computer, but unless you have a separate digital CD burner, as far as I know, you're limited to creating analog files. The easiest way (I think) is through RealPlayer's "record from outside line" option. If you use this option, be sure to create separate tracks on the minidisc recording first; if you don't, you'll be stuck recording the entire disc onto your CD, and if the session is too long, it won't record at all (I can attest to how frustrating this is -- the last time I recorded my friend's gig, I downloaded it and then gave him the minidisc so he could use his studio equipment to download it digitally. Unfortunately, the session I downloaded is about 2 minutes longer than what will fit on a CD, so I can't transfer any of it until he gives me back my minidisc!).

    I want to be clear that the QUALITY of the minidisc's recording is phenomenal--10 stars--but that the product's potential is severely hampered by the lawyers at Sony. However, there really isn't anything else on the market for recording live music that is as inexpensive, portable (the minidisc is tiny), and reliable as the MZ-N707. For anyone who is as inexperienced at recording live music as I am, I highly recommend this device. I promise you two things: (1) you will get CD-quality sound recordings, and (2) if I can figure out how to get the music onto my computer and then onto a CD, you can! Also, as another reviewer mentioned, the battery life is unbelievable. It uses two AA batteries (don't bother with the rechargable ones), and they probably last for at least 320 minutes of recording time, plus the related download time. I've run out of batteries a few times while recording, though (my own fault), so don't believe the little meter in the window--just replace them every time you need to record and you'll be set until the next gig. ... Read more

    11. Audiovox VBP-4000 "Video-In-A-Bag" 5.6" LCD TV/DVD Player
    list price: $549.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000068ERY
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: AudioVox
    Sales Rank: 5578
    Average Customer Review: 2.68 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Mobile DVD player with 5.6-inch LCD screen;12.2 x 13.8 x 7.3 inches (W x H x D)
    • 1 Set of A/V Output Jacks and 2 Sets of A/V Input Jacks
    • DVD/AV1/AV2 Switchable Source Select
    • Dual Speakers
    • 1 S-Video Output

    Reviews (34)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great product for thos long car trips
    I bought the DVD Video-in-a-bag along with the extra LCD screen (the VBPEX5, the VBPEX56 was not available at that time). This unit is great for taking those long road trips, plus it gives you a DVD player you can use once you arrive at your destination. The only drawback I have found is the size. This is a pretty large unit considering it does not have batteries. You must provide external power from a wall outlet or a car adapter.

    You can connect up to 3 LCDs to the unit. One connects through the normal connection, the other two through a special cable. Each screen also has stereo speakers and local volume control. You can also use the remote control by pointing it at any of the LCD screens, the remote detector is built into the screen housing.

    The power for the screens comes through the cable, so you don't need extra power for each screen. The screens are switchable between the DVD player and a set of external A/V connectors for game machines, or anything else that provides a video signal.

    We put one screen on the back of the seat for the child in the back seat, and the other in the front seat so my wife can monitor and control the DVD with the remote.

    I will buy the VBPEX56 (a 5.6 in screen, identical to the one that comes eith the unit) next so we have two in the back seat , one for each child.

    1-0 out of 5 stars cheap junk
    have to wiggle and bend power cord to get it to work if your luckyit will work for 5 minutes.have owned for about a year.more frustation than its worth.having to pull over and fix all the time.mine got thrown out the window on one definatly wont be audiovox..

    1-0 out of 5 stars Buyer Beware
    A few days ago I would've given this product a 5. We used it all summer on a road trip and it worked beautifully. A few days ago the power connection became loose. Now you have to position the power cord just so or the unit will shut off. We bought the unit in May and paid full price for it. We relied on the product name and reputation. What a let down! We are past our 90 warranty period and Target doesn't offer an extended warranty option. What a complete disappointment! Too much money to break down this fast!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Our first quiet ride to the beach!
    My husband and I bought this dvd system over the past weekend and it's worth the money (on sale elsewhere for $199.99 though). My son is 2 and watched his movies on the ride to the beach. The screen mounts to headrest and we are looking forward to buying another screen for our younger son (a little too young still). We love the idea that we can play cd's in it and can play dvd's inside our beach home. We recommend it, for sure. The only draw back is the smaller screen, but hey, you don't want it too big since your child is practically right on top of it anyway while in the car:-)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful for the kids
    I purchased this just before our vacation. It was wonderful. With the option of purchasing the additional monitor, I was able to fulfill all my childern's dreams. My younger children watched movies, while my older child disconnected the additional screen and attached it to his PS2. The versitility was wonderful and provided enough entertainment for our 8 hour drive. ... Read more

    12. Olympus Microcassette(TM) Recorder (S711BLUE)
    list price: $29.99
    our price: $25.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005T3VT
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Olympus
    Sales Rank: 684
    Average Customer Review: 4.67 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Built-in front speaker, built-in condenser mic
    • Voice Operated Recording
    • One-touch recording
    • Dual Tape Speeds, Pocket Size

    Reviews (3)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great, beautiful controls... Easy to use buttons, features
    The Olympus Microcassette Recorder S711 is the perfect utensil for corporate meetings, fun stuff, and stuff you know you will remember. It slashes a digital recorder, because the simple tapes that you buy may include almost 90 mins. of space. That's 270 mins. with all 3 tapes (if 90 mins. are included) That is even more then some of the digital voice recorders that top $50. This proves a digital voice recorder isn't and wasn't worth my while. At first, when searching I'd looked towards Sony and Olympus for their digital recorders. But that is nothing compared to their microcassette recorders. Sony has been doing well for quite a while, but it is tiny, puny, and not worth it once compared to the Olympus.

    -Large, easy to use buttons. Nothing fancy
    -Allows 2 type of speeds
    -From a name brand that you trust
    -Cheap, but accurate
    -3 tapes with 90 mins. can hold more than some digital recorders which top $50

    -Looks aging
    -Some buttons are too big and bulky
    -Blue, I think not, Maybe Grey or something else

    Overall, I rate the Olympus 5 stars. It isn't too big or small, and it is accurate. It allows you to record with microcassette tapes, and has been proven much better than a digital voice recorder. I'm glad that I own it, and I would like you to have it too.

    5-0 out of 5 stars olympus is a good recorder
    I got my olympus for my anatomy class and it works great. the only problem i am having is trying to find the in the ear headphones for it. it records great. if your teacher mumbles you can turn up the volume so you can hear him better. Turning up the volume is like turning up the microphone. there is not wind sounding static noise. you can take a 30 min tape and make it an hour by using the 1/2 speed record. but if you want to listen to it on another machine with out this feature it sounds like alvin and the chiip munks. it is small and the blue is like navy blue not that pale blue in the picture. I have seen more expensive micro recorders for more. it is great for college or high school students with out alot of money. you could not ask for a better record quality.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Bargain Price for Above-Average Performance
    No problems here. Beats higher-priced similar models from competitors like Sony and Panasonic. The aesthetics/design quotient is a nice extra, too. ... Read more

    13. Sony D-FS601 S2 Sports CD Walkman Portable Disc Player
    list price: $139.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006HGY8
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 973
    Average Customer Review: 4.24 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    Sony's DFS601 CD Walkman screams "excitement," from its snazzy S2 Sports design to its ergonomic joystick operation and great sound. Ultimate Skip-Free G-Protection technology and a three-way control key on the grip together permit use while jogging or participating in other activities, while a supplied hand strap makes it easier to carry. Though it's not designed for immersion, the Walkman does offer a water-resistant design with rubber gaskets, bushings, and water-resistant seals that help keep out water, moisture, and dirt.

    Keep it moving in style with the DFS601
    The DFS601 puts the best of the broadcast world at your fingertips, too, with its FM/AM/TV/weather-band digital tuner. Using its 51-station preset memory (seven for TV, four for weather, 30 FM, and 10 AM), favorite stations are never more than a button away. You can even call up stations directly by their frequencies. Sony's Ultimate Skip-Free G-Protection technology boosts the laser pickup's shock protection to minimize read errors that would otherwise interrupt music, providing quick recovery from both horizontal and vertical shocks--up to 10 times faster than conventional systems.

    The player delivers 40 hours of playback on two AA batteries (not included) bolstered by Sony's two-position automatic volume limiter system (AVLS), which conserves batteries and guards hearing by capping listening level. This player supports optional Sony Nickel Cadmium NC-WMAA rechargeable batteries or optional Nickel Metal Hydride NH-WM2AA rechargeable batteries, offering great savings and convenience over replaceable batteries. Other features include nine playback modes (among them shuffle play, repeat play, and 64-track program play) and audio CD-R/CD-RW playback. ... Read more


    • Rugged, water-resistant design with Ultimate Skip Free G-Protection technology for active use
    • Built-in FM/AM/TV/weather-band digital tuner with 51-station preset memory
    • Includes headphones and AC adapter
    • 40 hours playback with 2 AA batteries, works with rechargeable batteries (no batteries included)
    • 2-position automatic volume limiter system (AVLS) conserves batteries

    Reviews (21)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Sony S2 D-FS601
    I just got this CD player, primarily to play audio books, lectures, etc. on walks --and some music. I have a customized legacy stereo system that really is in the "high end" category. I'm used to outstanding sound, and figured this machine, made of mostly plastic, would do a mediocre job reproducing music. I was wrong. Because the headphones supplied with the player are basically junk, I plugged a [money amount]( very good but not really great) set of Aiwa headphones into this player and turned on the TV sound and FM radio. It sounded nice, but nothing special. Then I played some well recorded CDs. Wow! I was blown away by the clarity of sound and lovely musical tone of this player. In all honesty, it is a delight to listen to for long periods of time. I think I'll hook it up to some true "high end" headphones and see what it can do. The bass boost feature is a gimmick for those with lousy headphones. I don't know how durable this machine will be. I haven't successfully programmed radio stations yet. But the controls seem to work as they are supposed to. I wish it had a line output. However, the signal path is so clean! In the 1960s, audiophiles would have given their right arm to have such good sound reproduction. And, of course, the portability is icing on the cake.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Overloaded with features and good design...
    I have owned lots of Sony portable CD players in my time, and this has to be one of the best. This CD player has both TV and weather bands, although both have limited channels and limited range. But, the FM and AM reception is one of the best in its league, far excelling Panasonic CD players with the same capabilities. Additionally, the CD player is well-designed for the hand and for the back-pack. The "play" feature using the thumb is quite a good feature, for runners and back-packers. Also, the G-Protection for this CD player is adjustable; there are two levels of G-Protection available. The sound quality is not very great on G-Protection on Level 2, but it's good. The water resistance of this CD player as well as the latch is perfect. Although the latch LOOKS plastic, the latch is actually very sturdy. I had to get a new CD player because it was broken and not functioning properly, and the previous Sony CD player kept popping out my CDs during my exercise outside. The latch is well-done for this CD player. There are only two major faults with this player: 1) the addition of a water-resistant remote; and 2) the CD player could possibly be slimmer and lighter.

    I have used this CD player for my trips and vacations. I have been astounded by its durability and design (although the price is a bit too much). A must-buy? It truly depends on what your lifestyle dictates.

    5-0 out of 5 stars You HAVE to gt this Cd Player!
    This is the best Cd player I've own! You can listen to the Radio, PLay cds,
    Even listen to TV Stations! The "Sony D-FS601 S2 Sports CD Walkman Portable Disc Player" is the best birthday present!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great CD Player!!
    This is a great CD Player. With the G-Protection your CD will never skip when you drop it or you hit it. That's my favorite feature of this product. The Radio part of it is pretty good too. You can listen to the Radio (AM & FM), TV Broadcasts, and the National Weather Service broadcasts. I really reccomend this product if you jog with a CD player since it doesn't skip. Or if you travel around the US and enjoy listening to the different radio stations. I've actually used this when I traveled to Italy and listened to the radios there. The manual says you can listen to the radio while in Asia, Europe, USA, Cananda, and South America. Hope this review is helpful to you.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Avoid
    Stopped working within days. SONY product support is useless. It's now an expensive paper weight. Buy something else. ... Read more

    14. Sony D-SJ301 S2 Sports CD Walkman
    list price: $119.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000665P7
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 2378
    Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    The snazzy DSJ301 CD Walkman boasts Sony's exciting S2 Sports design, ergonomic joystick operation, and great sound. Ultimate Skip-Free G-Protection technology and a three-way control key on the grip together permit use while jogging or participating in other activities, while a supplied hand strap makes it easier to carry. Though it's not designed for immersion, the Walkman does offer a water-resistant design with rubber gaskets, bushings, and water-resistant seals that help keep out water, moisture, and dirt.

    Sony's Ultimate Skip-Free G-Protection technology boosts the laser pickup's shock protection to minimize read errors that would otherwise interrupt your music, providing quick recovery from both horizontal and vertical shocks--up to 10 times faster than conventional systems. The player delivers 50 hours of playback on two AA batteries (not included) bolstered by Sony's two-position automatic volume limiter system (AVLS), which conserves batteries and guards your hearing by capping your listening level. This player supports optional Sony Nickel Cadmium NC-WMAA rechargeable batteries or optional Nickel Metal Hydride NH-WM2AA rechargeable batteries, offering great savings and convenience over replaceable batteries. Other features include nine playback modes (among them shuffle play, repeat play, and 64-track program play) and audio CD-R/CD-RW playback. ... Read more


    • Rugged, water-resistant design with Ultimate Skip Free G-Protection technology for active use
    • 9 playback modes (including shuffle play, repeat play, and 64-track program play)
    • Includes headphones and AC adapter
    • 2-position automatic volume limiter system (AVLS) conserves batteries
    • 50 hours playback with 2 AA batteries, works with rechargeable batteries (no batteries included)

    Reviews (50)

    2-0 out of 5 stars Yes, rugged, but heavy and mediocre sound quality
    The sound quality of portable cd players has been on the same downward spiral that most sound equipment takes when commoditized for the mass market. The reason for this is simple: Joe Duh Average wants FEATURES not SOUND QUALITY. If you read most of the reviews, most people are talking about features. One self-proclaimed "audiofile" (sic) says the "bass sounds good", but mostly mentions features.
    Note that the manufacturers don't even list real specifications anymore (like Total Harmonic Distortion - THD, signal-to-noise ratio - S/N, output level, etc.) because Joe Duh doesn't understand or care what these things mean. Joe can't see the op-amp or compressor inside the machine -- but he can see whether it has a remote control or not. (Why anyone needs a remote control on a portable cd player is beyond me.) So when Joe goes to the store to select a portable cd player, he buys the one that has the most visible features. (Joe wants to get his money's worth, after all.) So, what do you do if you are a manufacturer? Where do you invest your money? This is why most portable cd players have a muddy, unbalanced sound these days and this player is no exception. If you look at its specifications, it lists features. The frequency response range really doesn't tell you much, and that is the most you can get out of them. But just listening to it is a real disappointment. It is fascinating to me that people are willing to pay extra for things like AVLS when this is redundant -- just use the volume control! Check this out -- they try to pass it off as a feature: it "guards your hearing by capping your listening level". Thanks, big brother. (Sony doesn't wanna get sued.) Although they aren't going to tell you the output level, it is only about 5mW per channel. It is sturdy and doesn't skip -- everyone is right about that. It is heavy and bulky if you want to carry it in your hand while jogging, however. If you are a true audiophile, I would recommend looking elsewhere. They aren't making good quality portable cd players anymore, and the one I finally found is the best I could get from what is available and it isn't even on the market anymore. I got lucky and found a distributor that happens to have a stock of them and when they are gone, my guess is that there will be no more to buy anywhere. That player does not have the mp3, which is fine with me. It is the Panasonic sl-ct470 and they are going for about $50 (original price on release was closer to $75, I think). The sl-470j is the same player, but it has a remote control which doesn't interest me. It has a S/N of 96 dB and 9mW per channel output level. It is light, not as sturdy as the Sony, but the sound quality is much clearer and the response curve is better. Of course, no one ever uses the earphones that come with any of these players -- I use either one of Sony's MDR series or Sennheiser's P100's for exercising. The results with this particular configuration are pretty good.

    5-0 out of 5 stars best piece of audio equiptment I have ever used
    this is the best cd player ever. ive gone thru 3 cd players in 2002. the first three couldnt take my kluzness.(i dropped those things alot) well this helps in two ways. 1) it has this AWESOME hand strap, that makes it easy and convenient to get the volume and song selector button (i think thats what its called)and 2) if i was to drop it down the elevator shaft at the sears tower it still wouldnt skip, let alone break. if you need a new cd player, go with this one. its well worth the 50.00 above the other sonys ive seen. and the head phones are awesome. sooo much better than those wraparounds that just dont like my ears.

    5-0 out of 5 stars By far the best CD player ever purchased
    I am notoriously clumsy and am known to break electronics extremely quickly. Before purchasing this CD player I had gone through five CD players within the space of a year (of various brands...i think i had two panasonics, one classic, one other kind of sony, and one aiwa). I decided to splurge a little for this discman and was not disappointed. I have had this for almost two years now, drop it almost daily (often from considerable height onto tile floors or concrete), often store it at the bottom of my heavily loaded backpack and it is still in perfect working order. I think that the sound functions are starting to go, as i now have to purchase new headphones every two weeks, but I think I will buy the exact same discman again to replace it, because it is by far the best CD player I have ever had.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This Cd Player ROCKS
    I swear to god this cd player never skips. I bought a very cheap cd player from someone and all it did was skip, you could throw this cd player against the wall and it would not skip, and better yet the batteries last a super long time with my old cd player I had to change batteries ever two days.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Mine was a lemon
    I wish I could give this player a great rating but, in fact, I have very little I can go on for the rating except that mine was defective straight out of the package. Thus, I can't go on about sound quality or other features. It felt sturdy. The controls seemed easy to operate. It just didn't play. The CD would cycle but that was the extent of its performance. I had no trouble getting through to Sony on the phone (always a plus)and after a brief discussion they agreed that it was a malfunctioning unit. I have several Sony items and this is the first time I've gotten a lemon. Based on prior experience, I won't hesitate to buy Sony again but this time I am going to select a different Walkman CD player (the next "grade" up.) ... Read more

    15. PanasonicRQ-L31 Mini Cassette Recorder
    list price: $39.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000659TX
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Panasonic
    Sales Rank: 2730
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Mini Cassette Recorder
    • Slide Microphone
    • 3X recording Time
    • Voice Actvated System
    • Cue and Review Control

    Reviews (5)

    2-0 out of 5 stars average
    This recorder uses regular cassettes, not mini cassettes. I bought it so I could tape solos and learn them on the sax but the built-in microphone doesn't record music too well. It's probably better-suited for taping lectures, meetings, voice, etc.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Not Standard Cassette!!!
    If you look at the picture in close up, it says MINI CASSETTE RECORDER RQ-L31. I dont actually have it, but from the other reviews and its features, id give it a 5

    4-0 out of 5 stars Nice
    Very nice item. I bought others in the same price range and they do not come near the quality of this recorder. Very clear. Perfect price for the options and the quality. The site says there is no headphone jack but this model DOES have the headphone jack on it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Momma student
    I bought this to tape classes. It's a nifty little machine for this task. It uses regular size cassettes that I can listen to in the van to get the most out of my lectures.Easy to use.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Buy!
    I bought this recorder for school and due to its 3X recording, you can use a 90 minute tape for 270 minutes. For me, this means that I can use one tape each week for the classes I like to record. I recommend not using the Voice Activated Recording. It tends to make playback sound strange in the place where the tape stops itself and then restarts. If you use the 1X recording, you can listen to the tapes in your car or in any standard cassette recorder. Also, the tapes are cheaper than mini or micro cassette tapes. ... Read more

    16. Sony MZ-S1 S2 Sports Net MD MiniDisc Player
    list price: $179.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000667AP
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 2224
    Average Customer Review: 3.95 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Combining the power and versatility of a minidisc Walkman with a body shell that is both reflective and robust, Sony has created a minidisc (MD) player/recorder aimed at the active sports market.

    The MZ-S1 Net MiniDisc Walkman is a larger, chunkier, and heavier MD player than most, because it's a rugged sports model. It comes complete with a large latch that clips securely over the rubber-sealed disc slot, rubber covers for all the ports and socket, and a tough, wipe-clean case that won't scratch. The earbud headphones are light and unobtrusive, too, but the strap only prevents you from dropping it rather than letting you carry it easily.

    You can run, jog, and shake or drop the case without interrupting the music, and all the controls are on the side, falling naturally under your thumb when you hold the player one-handed. Play, stop, fast forward, rewind, and volume are all combined in one five-way control; only pause is separate. Although the edges are a little sharp for comfort, the control makes it easy to get the track you want without looking at the player, and it's almost impossible to change the volume by accident; if you do there's an automatic volume control to stop it from getting too loud too suddenly.

    You do need to look at the player to record or edit track names, but as you can only record from an external source like a CD player you're not likely to be on the move at the time. There's an optical cable in the box for digital connections but you'll need a second cable for analog sources. Alternatively, you can plug the USB cable into your PC and transfer tracks you have stored as MP3 or WMA files. You get the same choice of single-, double-, or quadruple-length recording, which puts over five hours of music on one minidisc, and you get about 50 hours play time from a single AA battery. The OpenMG JukeBox software is a little complicated because you have to check tracks in and out of your library to transfer them, but you can create multiple playlists and convert CD tracks directly. You can't transfer tracks from minidisc to MP3, though.

    You're paying a slight premium for the rugged, go-anywhere portability of the Net MiniDisc Walkman, but the controls are simple and the sound quality is excellent. --Mary Branscombe, ... Read more


    • Record MP3s or CDs at up to 32x from multiple sources (PC, CD, radio, and more)
    • Plays back in ATRAC3, supports MP3, WMA, and WAV formats
    • Easy one-hand joystick navigation; bright backlit LCD display
    • Up to 54 hours' playback on one AA battery (in LP4 mode)
    • Water-resistant design with reflective casing; includes music management software, reflective hand strap

    Reviews (65)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Its about time............
    Ive always been a real fan of the minidisc design. The size and ruggedness of the media made it ideal for a person on the go. Up til now the players havent followed suit. The models offered were quite fragile in contrast to the minidisc inside. After endless dings and dents to my Aiwa am-f70 I finally found a player that im not afraid to drop on cement while running. If you have ever owned or even used a sports walkman from sony then you should know what to expect from this model.
    Beyond the design, the ability to record from your computer via a USB port gives Minidisc users a something to cheer about. Although the software is a bit clunky and confusing for those who arent highly computer literate, I expect with some use most anyone can master the art of making a recording from Mp3 files.
    Although I do like this model quite a bit I do have something to gripe about- NO RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. Big mistake in my opinion.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Very Good Player
    This is my second Mini-Disc player. The first was by JVC and came with part of a rack system. The one by JVC lasted for 9 months until it took one too many falls.

    My thoughts on this player, the Sony MZ-S1 Sport Net MD

    The Good:

    Does not skip. I have run, hiked and worked out on machine assisted equipment while using it. When running I have to hold it in my hand. When hiking or working out with machine equipment I hang it around my neck. I added a lanyard to the small, but very strong, strap that came with the player and this works very well. The player uses a single AA battery. I use the player constantly when I travel, 6-7 days a month and one battery normally last for my whole travel time when I play it for 4-5 hours a day while traveling. I have never used more than two batteries in one month. Very durable for being dropped 7 times.

    The Not So Good: A little heavy for being water proof. I have not tested the water proofing claim yet. Sony makes a non-water proof model that does the same things but is $60-$80 dollars cheaper and weighs half a much.

    The Bad: Head phones that came with them were not good. Used my old Sony head phones that goes behind the neck and clip on the ears. The software that comes with the player not very user friendly but gets the job done. Do not expect to just plug the player into your computers USB port and download music. You must load the software first. Windows XP will recognize the player as an external hard drive but will not transfer anything to it. It took me 30 minutes of reading and configuring to get my music to start transferring. It took about 30 minutes more to transfer and record an entire Mini-Disc worth of music in LDP mode (5 hours). The software first converts the MP3/WAV files then transfers them to the player. My computer is a HP Pentium 4, 2.53 GHZ, 512MB Ram, Windows XP Home Edition.

    If I had to make the purchase again I would get the non-water proof model. Does the same thing, cost $60-$80 dollars less and weighs half as much.

    I hope this review helps someone with a future purchas. This was my first long review.

    5-0 out of 5 stars best player I have owned
    I have had recorders that used different mediam incluing Dat DCC flash media and hard drive based .and this one not only is heads above the rest in ease of use but it is built like a tank and very long play times I have used one double a for almost 60 hours .buy one while you can the japanese people are a techno society and the have adopted it as a format for years and now I am convinced

    1-0 out of 5 stars Yeah, OK so it's a S O N Y...
    ...sure it's all sony. And with that in mind I bought it. I have several high-end sony electronic products like a 10 year old 30' tv that still puts the make on high definition (Having recently seen the difference I'll keep my set.). But this particular purchase has invited a vocabulary that I have not used since the navy. After four different install runs with the enclosed software I called Dell since I bought software support and wanted a warm body asap. Several run throughs later and same result "No workie!" OK so then I called Sony's 24hr customer service on the product. After a serious voice menu tour I got a warm body and with that another nine (9) transfers then cut off. There sits the MZ-SI in a beautiful pile of wires, manuals, quick ref. guides and a plastic package. Back to the store it went. I have never been so frustrated and disappointed in a Sony product before. If your looking for 'Out of the box' operation buy something else. This requires a software update (Mailed to you by Sony.) along with a degree in computer science to install and operate. Didn't do it for me this time. Definatly a challange if that is what your up for. Silicon Valley...

    5-0 out of 5 stars Better Than I Hoped For
    I wanted a unit that I could use working out, but I didn't want to buy more expensive memory for my mp3 player. This new Minidisc has wonderful sound and is very well made. The nice thing about is it is fairly small and is perfect for the outdoors. You don't have to worry about it. Thanks for everybodies reviews, I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on this player. It is made me a big fan of Minidisc ... Read more

    17. Sony SRF-HM01V S2 Sports Walkman Street Style Headphone Radio
    list price: $69.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000066HO3
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 1781
    Average Customer Review: 2.23 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    Portability is primary with Sony's snazzy, compact SRFHM01V S2 Street Style Sports Walkman. With the radio and its controls built right into the headphones, there's never a cord to tangle or a button you can't access. The radio's ergonomic S2 Sports design includes innovative features with all function controls placed for easy access.

    Features include drift-free digital tuning across the weather, TV (VHF channels 2 to 13), and AM/FM stereo bands. And when it comes to the SRFHM01V, weather is no obstacle--its water-resistant design blocks out moisture, and dirt (though do keep in mind that it's not made for submersion in water). You'll also enjoy conveniences like 30-station preset memory (five for TV, five for weather, 15 FM, and five AM), Sony's low-end-enhancing Mega Bass Sound System, and single-battery operation (1 AAA battery, not included). ... Read more


    • Ergonomic S2 sports design offers easy-access function controls, durability, and a stylish look
    • TV tuner and weather-band tuning lets you listen to audio from TV channels 2 to 13, and up-to-the-minute weather
    • Water resistant seals help keep out water, moisture, and dirt
    • 30 Station Preset Memory (5 TV, 5 weather, 15 FM, 5 AM) for easy, one-button tuning
    • Mega Bass Sound System produces rich, deep bass; 1 AAA battery provides hours of listening

    Reviews (22)

    3-0 out of 5 stars GOOD QUALITY, BAD FIT...
    I had high hopes for the Sony SRFHM01V Sport Walkman radio. I was willing to pay a little more for quality. The reception was great, it was lightweight, it was a dream come true...until my ears started hurting. After about a half-hour's wear, the soreness started behind my ears where the ear hooks hang. (Ear hooks are nice to prevent the radio from falling off the head while looking down.) This was not mild irritation. I tried bandaids to cushion behind my ear and even weather stripping! These "remedies" didn't work. Then, where the earpads rested on my ears made my entire outer ears hurt. Putting foam protectors on the ear pads did wonders for relieving the irritation to my outer ears. I didn't find a solution for the ear hook pain, so I ended up returning the radio and got a full refund.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good sound but fragile headset
    I gave this S2 to my mom for Mother's Day. After a few weeks, the very fine speaker wire that runs inside of the headband somehow became unsecured and exposed. It was then accidentally pulled as my mother removed it one day and the fine wire tore, rendering the unit unplayable.
    It has been almost impossible contacting Sony for repair. When I finally reached them, the repair costs for this small repair were unwarranted and I ended up purchasing a new unit at a discount outlet. Sony is engineering is good but their service is terrible. This is not a good prospect for a consumer in the long run.

    4-0 out of 5 stars I thought I would need more BUT...
    I was planning buying the Peltor WorkTunes earmuff headphones, but I decided to try these first before I sent away for the Peltors.

    I can hear the radio clearly while using the riding tractor and weed wacking. I have other uses besides landscaping, so these turned out to be the right ones for me.

    Sometimes the reception isn't 100%, but I attribute that to the work environment. I would reccomend these if "ear protection" isn't paramount.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Sony SRF-HM01V S2 Sports Walkman Street Style
    The wearability of this walkman is fine but it is extremely difficult to program. Setting the channels is challenging at best and if you hit the wrong buttons by mistake you can wipe out a bunch of channels. If you do buy this unit make sure you keep all the directions. They're supposed to be on the web somewhere but even that's hard to find. No possible way of figuring it out on your own!!!!

    2-0 out of 5 stars a disappointment - I expected much better from Sony
    The headphones are unpadded and quite uncomfortable. The FM reception was poor - I heard plenty of static on some local stations. I believe Sony made a major design error in not adding an antenna to this radio. The 30 presets include 15 FM, plus 5 each for TV, AM, and weather. I wish there had been more for AM. Since I could get only one weather channel, which was about 60% static, the 5 presets went to waste. It is interesting to be able to listen to TV stations on a radio, but Sony needs to go back to the drawing board to make this device listener-friendly. ... Read more

    18. Sony ICD-B25 Digital Voice Recorder

    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000068UX4
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 11246
    Average Customer Review: 4.56 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 5.5 hours of voice recording time
    • 5 separate message files hold up to 99 messages each
    • Slim, lightweight design; conveniently portable
    • Measures just 4.25 by 1.75 inches
    • 1-button switching from recording to play mode

    Reviews (9)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good Recorder for recording lectures ...
    I wanted a recorder which could record 2 hours lectures. I have looked and looked. A good recorder is very expensive. This one fits my budget, and the sound is much more clear than my old Plansonic digital rcorder. I got it from Office Max. I have tried for several lectures. They served the purposes right. The sound quality is clear enough for me to write down notes even though it is not stereo. It is the only recorder that is under 100 bucks that can do a decent recording. This is not the recorder for recording music, though. If you need a recorder to record lectures, go for this one. I am very happy for the quality, easy to use, and the amount of money that I spent. However, there is a design flaw. If you hit the record key while you actually want to hit the pause key that next to it, your original recording is gone. They call it overwrite feature. But, it is stupid to have the record key next to the pause key.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awsome product for light use!
    My recorder gets light use. I use it for making grocery lists, to-do lists or when Im out and want to remember something interesting when I get home -- just basically anything I want to remember. I say its light use because I dont record long meetings or anything like that but it did go off in my pocketbook one time without me knowing(you can program it so that doesnt happen accidentally but I never bothered)and it actually recorded my whole grocery shopping trip with my little daughter and I could hear everything we talked about and all her singing and such very clearly. A previous review said something about not being able to turn off the display drained the batteries BUT Its been 5 months and Ive had to change the batteries once and the current battery reads more than half full. My only complaint would be that the clock is a 24 hour clock. Otherwise - this is a great little tool for those of you who just want help remembering things.

    4-0 out of 5 stars The best I could find for my needs at $
    I did quite a bit of research before I bought my Sony ICD-B25 recorder and I am quite comfortable with what I got for $. To begin with, the recording time of around 2 hours for the standard mode and 5 hours for long mode is sufficient for what I use it for (recording college lectures), and I have to say that the sound quality is quite good. I don't believe that you are going to find so-called sound perfection with any digital recorder at $1. For me, I find my recordings to be highly interpretable, which is what my goal is when it comes to sound quality from any voice reorder. However, I do suggest sitting the recorder as close to the source as you can to enable optimum sound quality. It's also nice to know that I don't have to fumble around with micro cassette tapes, which aren't exactly cheap. Instead I burn my recordings on to cd from my computer for a fraction of what micro cassettes cost.
    Unfortunately, as with many products, there are some down sides. First of all, I sure as hell wouldn't want to drop it because it would probably have a good chance of breaking. And for a $ investment, it would be nice if the recorder came with a carrying case to help protect it. So, the first thing that I did was run down to Best Buy and bought a mp3 case made out of neoprene for $10 that fits great with this compact recorder. Also, it is a bit odd that there is no on/off switch, which does leave the unit on all the time. However, the only power drain problem that I have had is when I use the pause button because it flashes the pause message until you either push play or stop. I suppose that you could take the batteries out if you become worried about excess power drainage. Finally, I could do without the mic jack that comes with it. I feel this would be a great place to to put a D.C. inlet instead. Oh well, I still highly recommend this recorder to anyone that is looking at recording time, quality sound (not bad in long record mode either), and file bins to store different messages in. If I broke mine today, I would not hesitate once to go out and buy another ICD-B25 just like it.

    3-0 out of 5 stars It's not bad, but it certainly isn't great
    Sony has a lot of work to do to improve the ICD-B25, and quite frankly, I am annoyed that Sony is selling this recorder when it has so many obvious flaws. Don't be misled by the other reviews. The truth is: the sound quality is just okay, not outstanding; the display panel of the recorder cannot be turned off, so it quickly drains the batteries even with minimal usage for playing and recording; the clock is set up to display the time in military format, rather than a standard 12-hour format (what a stupid idea); and the instructions aren't exactly the model of clarity. The only reason I keep my unit is that, for the price, it is better than most digital voice recorders; however, it is not the model of perfection that the other reviewers would lead you to believe.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Didn't try the others but it would be hard to be better this
    I purchased the Sony Digital Voice Recorder (ICD-B25) eleven days ago. The first day I used it with minimal features. The high and low sensitivity settings, and the SP and LP features were adequate for that day's use. My second night, I went through more of the features and was pleasantly surprise at the ease of use and the practicality of the unit. By the fourth night, I was using the advance features like adding to a recording, dividing messages, indexing - to name a few. I have checked all the functions and they all work. The manual is easy to read and the functions are pretty logical to follow, hence, I was able to access a number of features without having to refer to the manual. THE VOR function works beautifully. The only function that was not included in the manual is the ability to upload messages to your computer. Of course, it can be done. THE SAD PART IS THAT I LOST IT ON THE 12TH DAY - ON MY WAY BACK HOME TO BARBADOS. The only negative I have about the unit and, of course, I have no proof but it does not seem as if it is built to last. The button that is used on many of the functions seems a little flimsy but certainly the unit is big on features. Another thing that is great about the unit - I changed batteries once in the 11 days. Five stars to Sony for this product. I MUST HAVE ANOTHER ONE RIGHT AWAY - should be at half-price but I doubt it. I hope it is found and returned to me but if not I will purchase another one. ... Read more

    19. Sony M-560V Microcassette Voice Recorder
    list price: $39.99
    our price: $34.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006592V
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Sales Rank: 5372
    Average Customer Review: 2.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (5)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Bad Choice
    Records a loud and persistant background noise. The Voice Activated Recording on my unit did not work. It records continuously even in a very quiet room. The microphone is not strong enough to record a meeting. Realized after I opened it that it does not have an automatic reverse function. I plan to return it to Office Depot.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Noise recorder
    Records mostly noise of the motor. Poor sensitivity and poor recording quality. My 5 years old (and stolen...) Sony recorder
    was perfect. This one is useless.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Pretty good for the money
    I've had mine for three or four years now. I've used it for taking notes as well as recording meetings, and it's good at both. It's small enough that it doesn't draw attention to itself.

    Now, it's not a supersensitive spy recorder; you're not going to record a quiet coversation across the room. But that's not what it was meant for. It's best for recoding voices within 6-10 feet, although in a pinch it will record (somewhat noisily) from twice that distance. Add an external microphone and you can increase that range. Add an inexpensive telephone pickup and you can record your incoming phone calls, too. Use the VOR function and you can record them automatically.

    Microcassette recorders are somewhat a dying breed, as digital recorders and flash memory cards plummet in price. But it'll still be a while before you can get a digital voice recorder that can record 90 minutes as cheaply as you can with a microcassette recorder.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Noise recorder
    This model records noise instead of voice. I just returned it to Circuit City.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not bad for a small recorder
    I bought this recorder to record a class I was taking. Lukily for me, my instructor had a loud voice so it recorded well. It has two speed selections. If you use the slower speed to get more tape time,it will get worse. It also has the V O R "high" "Low" selection and that's only to ensure continuous tape play when the voice gets soft. If your instructors voice is soft it may not work to well.

    I've seen other Sony models that are better and they take a regular cassette tape not these microcassette tapes. ... Read more

    20. Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder (Champagne Gold)
    list price: $79.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005OBDS
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Olympus
    Sales Rank: 6304
    Average Customer Review: 3.81 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Record up to 90 minutes of digital sound
    • Download lectures, notes, etc. to your computer with the high-speed USB interface
    • Listen to your files from your computer with Olympus's "Digital Wave Player" software
    • LCD display panel helps you keep track of important recording information
    • Voice activation function allows for hands-free recording

    Reviews (21)

    2-0 out of 5 stars Very Small Capacity
    I purchased this thinking that I was getting a recorder that would actually hold 90 minutes of audio. Unfortunately that capacity is only available for "LP" mode which is highly distorted. HQ and SP modes record very well, but only plan on getting 20-30 minutes of use out of it before the memory is full.

    The PC connection was not automatic, despite the instruction manual comments that no additional software was required. On the whole, I found no little to no support material available on the Olympus website.

    I returned the recorder and am still looking for something <$100 that provides 2-3 hours of high quality recording with a PC connection.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Proved with time
    I've been using this recorder for about 5 months now, and I love it now just as much as I did when I first purchased it. One thing that I like very much about the design is that the Erase button is extremely hard to accidentally push (and that, twice) - which shows someone was thinking when they designed it. The software installed perfectly, and works perfectly. I am very satisfied with this little recorder; it does not weigh much, but it gets the job done - and very well at that.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Compact yet full of features
    I just got this little guy (so small it fits in the palm of my hand), and I am thoroughly satisfied with it. It is small, yet it has a lot of features, and it seems to be well manufactured - doesn't seem like it will break real soon or anything. I have recorded four files so far, and have even transfered them to my laptop (running Win 98 SE). The installation of the software was seamless, and all works great. I have not had a chance to try out some features of the recorder (lecture mode for instance), but I am very satisfied with what I got so far.

    4-0 out of 5 stars limited functionality, short duration very good LP mode poor
    Bought this model to record science lecture notes, but the advertized 90 minute recording capability is only in LP mode. In LP mode, the playback is completely illegible. In HQ mode, the sound is superb, but you only get 22 minutes of recording. I will return this and continue looking.

    Should have read the reviews here first, it would have saved me time but I was out on errands and stopped in at a local superstore to buy one.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Better as a 30 min, recorder.
    Overall, a good recorder. But for practical purposes this product can really only be used as a 30 min. recorder. The long play mode, which allows for 90 min. of recording time, is really not that great. The recorded sound in this mode is so poor that it is difficult to comprehend even if it was simple dictation. All the other modes of recording do so with very good fidelity. ... Read more

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