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$29.99 list($59.99)
181. Logitech Clicksmart 310 Dual Cam
182. JVC FS-L30 Executive Microsystem
$6.50 list($19.99)
183. Logitech 3-Button Optical Mouse
$34.99 $32.00 list($39.99)
184. Sony M-560V Microcassette Voice
185. Audiovox DVD Player (MVDVD4)
$11.79 list($54.95)
186. Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse
Too low to display $69.69 list($149.99)
187. Lexmark X5150 Inkjet Multifunction
$47.99 list($119.99)
188. VTech VT2461 2.4 GHz DSS Cordless
$37.99 $19.00 list($72.00)
189. Linksys PCM100 EtherFast 10/100
$36.50 list($49.99)
190. Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad
$249.99 list($299.99)
191. Canon MultiPass MP700 Color Multifunction
$48.00 list($139.99)
192. Uniden TRU-4485-2 2.4 GHz DSS
$63.99 list($79.99)
193. Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder
$26.96 list($39.99)
194. AT&T 1818 Telephone with Digital
$349.99 list($499.99)
195. Sharp VLNZ50U MiniDV Compact Digital
196. KENWOOD 1-Channel Amplifier (KAC819)
$58.80 list($99.99)
197. VTech 2431 2.4 GHz DSS Dual Keypad
$849.90 list($899.99)
198. Sony SDM-HS93/G Flat Panel 19"
199. Canon CanoScan LiDE 20 Scanner
$22.99 $12.49 list($28.95)
200. Texas Instruments TI36X Solar

181. Logitech Clicksmart 310 Dual Cam ( 961189-0403 )
list price: $59.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005Y4QP
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 5043
Average Customer Review: 2.88 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Microphone required for sending audio
  • USB 1.1 interface
  • Includes a full suite of camera utility software
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP

Reviews (43)

3-0 out of 5 stars It's Okay just for FUN ^_^
At first I was having a hard time installing the software that Logitech provided. Turns out that the cd is out-of-date (my OS is Windows XP Prof.). So if you're having troubles with the webcam actually showing up on the monitor (mine was pitched black >_<) I recommend downloading their latest software from their site! ^_~

You need good lighting! Taking webcam pictures while the sun is up is highly recommended. Make sure your blinds/drapes are open in your computer room. Pictures taken when it's dark outside and using your ceiling's light may not look great compared to the ones taken in the day (at least from my experience). It looks more 'pixelly' during the night compared to the day.

I find taking pictures on a somewhat cloudy day is the best results! If it's too sunny the face looks too contrasted and makes your face (especially the nose) pale and blurred out. Of course, you can edit the setting but for the usage as a 'digital camera' you won't be able to tell the lighting quality.

The webcam pictures aren't exactly great. They say you can take pictures with a resolution of 640x480 but the quality isn't that great at all (2/5). Lots of pixels and your face is really blurry even if you freeze and hold your pose for those 3 seconds to *click* =P. Personally, I only use the lowest resolution 160x120, because it takes the best quality out of the three resolution options.

If you're thinking of using this as a digital camera *snicker* I wouldn't recommend you buying a Logitech's digital + web camera. =P This model does NOT have the LCD preview in the back so you don't know what you're taking with a *very* steady hand. Even with a steady hand the pictures end up blurry!

If I could return this back I would and pay the difference for the ClickSmart 510 webcam because that one contains a flash so the pictures will at least turn out with some good lighting. For this model, you really have to check your lighting and make sure you freeze as long as possible! lol.

I guess the only pros. about this webcam is that it's small, light, and cool-looking! ^_^;; However, this may be a con for someone with large hands as it may not be as comfortable as an actual decent digital camera! =P I love the stand because it's easier to slip in and out BUT it's also easy to knock-over. I've knocked this webcam out at least 3-4 times onto the floor, and it still works. Though, the "digital camera" memory function does not work that well, but since I do not use as an actual digicam, it's not a big deal. This is a great webcam if you have great lighting and the design is *cool*.

It's great for playing around kids, tweens, and teens. But for adults umm why not get an actual webcam and a decent digital camera? Don't cut corners because even though you are saving quite a lot of money, the quality of the pictures are what you pay for. Best of luck in making the decision for buying a webcam/digicam. ^_^

5-0 out of 5 stars This camera works really great, I am absolutely satisfied.
I bought this one online a few days ago, I like absolutely the way it works in taking still picture and video.
It's so easy to set up and run on my computer,it took me just 2 minutes to take a test drive in my room.
It controled automatically exposure, focusing on a subject in
low light and gave me good quality pictures.
Before ordering the item, I took a careful look at the other
people's reviews, they helped me a lot in choosing an expensive,
excellent stuff like this one, now I feel I have made a good decision this time. Finally, here is some feedbags I would like to give you: If you are looking for an affordable web camera with good function,try this one first, after you tried it, you'll love it, a great motion picture maker.

4-0 out of 5 stars love it
this is a excellent webcam. i bought it used and have had no problem as far as lighting goes. highly recomended

2-0 out of 5 stars grainier than quite a large beach
I bought this camera to replace a four-year-old webcam, which had finally died. To the best of my memory, the old one hadn't been particularly expensive either. When it was all plugged in, however, the quality of the pictures was so grainy that it prompted me to get a screwdriver out and fix the old one.

The old webcam rides again, and logitech will be getting this one back.

4-0 out of 5 stars For what I expected, it's fine.
I expected a decent webcam with quality and I got it. It might be a bit too expensive for what it is, but being that I have gone through millions of webcams with my website [, my webcam shows its quality], I'm rather picky about them and this one is fine. The quality is excellent during the day, and with proper lighting at night it works even better [remember guys, no camera works without proper lighting].

It's not the beeest, but it's what I expected and I'm doing perfectly fine with it. If you don't like it you can always return it. ... Read more

182. JVC FS-L30 Executive Microsystem (Silver)
list price: $229.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000065UUT
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: JVC
Sales Rank: 36196
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • 60 watts per channel (x2), 2-way bass-reflex speakers deliver strong, clear sound
  • Single-disc CD-R/RW-compatible CD player with full-logic auto-reverse cassette deck and digital tuner (30 FM presets, 15 AM)
  • 2-step Active Hyper-Bass PRO, electronic bass and treble controls help you tailor the sound to your room or preference
  • Includes clock/timer and remote control; CD player offers 20-track programming
  • 1 stereo analog RCA input and 1 optical digital-audio output facilitate hookup with external devices

183. Logitech 3-Button Optical Mouse (930582-0403)
list price: $19.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000659A7
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 1410
Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Get optical precision and performance in a convenient, value-priced mouse that fits comfortably in either hand. With no mouse ball to get dirty, this mouse glides smoothly across almost any surface--no mouse pad required and no cleaning necessary.

Supplied MouseWare software includes WebWheel software for smarter Internet browsing, a variety of button assignments to customize your mouse, and easy scrolling on the Web in Windows and Macintosh applications. You'll enjoy the optical mouse's up to 800 dpi optical sensor for twice the speed and twice the accuracy of traditional mice. The mouse features three buttons and a scroll wheel. ... Read more


  • Powerful optical sensor for twice the speed and twice the accuracy of standard optical mice
  • No mouse pad required; mouse glides smoothly across almost any surface--no mouse ball to get dirty or dusty
  • Three customizable buttons and a scroll wheel
  • WebWheel software enhances Internet browsing
  • PC and Macintosh compatible (Mac requires USB connection)

Reviews (47)

5-0 out of 5 stars Finally a Mouse that doesn't get Stuck! It's Great!
~ ~ * ~ ~
~ ~ Between my old beloved Macintosh, and my new PC, I must have gone through 10 Mouses (Mice?).
Each one, no matter what brand, ended up getting "stuck"- the ball inside that guides the mouse's
movement, would stop rolling smoothly. I'm willing to share some of the blame, occasionally I have
nicotine fit while working, and I know the ashes spell death to the Mouse's performance. The same problem
occurs with the sticky fingers the kids sometimes have when using the computer.

~ ~ I do a lot of amateur photo-editing. (Adobe Photoshop and less expensive, Photodeluxe are great!) This
means that having a mouse with really precise and accurate tracking is absolutely vital! I was a little
skeptical about the optical mouse, but I bought this Logitech basic optical mouse on sale.
It is wonderful. I can even notice the difference in the wonderfully precise movements when I play simple
online games like "Collapse" and "Bounce Out".

~ ~ For any work that requires precise cursor movement (Photo-editing, Illustration, fast-paced Games), this
mouse is terrific. I've had it for 2 months now. A normal mouse would have required at least 2 cleanings of
the inner ball mechanism, but the Mouse hasn't let me down yet.

I highly recommend the Logitech Optical Mouse as an inexpensive investment, which will greatly improve
the way you succeed with many of your applications. This purchase was a winner!

Update... 9 months later... It's STILL wonderful, not a single problem!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars This A+ certified user is happy with his Logitech Mouse.
I have always liked Logitech's products. I own a wireless keyboard, the Trackman FX mouse alternative, Wingman Rumblepad, Extreme 3D joystick, cordless Playstation2 controller, and now, this humble little optical mouse. Every single one of those Logitech products exceeded my expectations.

I bought a used computer on ebay to add to my home network. It did not come with a mouse. So, not wanting to spend a whole lot of money, I went for this inexpensive optical mouse and ordered from Amazon, along with a KDS 17-inch monitor. I thought it would be necessary to install the included drivers to get it to work with Windows 2000 Advanced Server. However, using the USB port, the mouse immediately began to work without the need to install the drivers from the CD.

This particular computer system is in a dark part of the house. I can plainly see the red light start to glow brighter from the bottom of the unit during use. This device works on a variety of surface, so you do not need a mouse pad.

I highly recommend this Logitech mouse. It is a very good product even if you do not factor in the low price.

I will write a review of the KDS 17-inch monitor as soon as I have had a chance to evaluate it further.

5-0 out of 5 stars great product with great price
i've been using it for 3 years and it still works perfectly, the only thing i don't like about it is that it seems to be a little too big and the wheel seems to make very loud noise.. guess it's cos i've been using it for so long

5-0 out of 5 stars We use this mouse on all 5 computers and love it
Easy to install and use, works very well

5-0 out of 5 stars Easy to Install & Reliable
I was sick of my mouse-ball getting stuck, especially when I was playing computer games, and using Adobe Photoshop...I can't stand spending a lot of money on computer accessories, so I was happy to find something that worked so well for such a low price...I also like the cord length (longer than my last two mouses). ... Read more

184. Sony M-560V Microcassette Voice Recorder
list price: $39.99
our price: $34.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006592V
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Sony
Sales Rank: 5372
Average Customer Review: 2.4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

1-0 out of 5 stars Bad Choice
Records a loud and persistant background noise. The Voice Activated Recording on my unit did not work. It records continuously even in a very quiet room. The microphone is not strong enough to record a meeting. Realized after I opened it that it does not have an automatic reverse function. I plan to return it to Office Depot.

1-0 out of 5 stars Noise recorder
Records mostly noise of the motor. Poor sensitivity and poor recording quality. My 5 years old (and stolen...) Sony recorder
was perfect. This one is useless.

4-0 out of 5 stars Pretty good for the money
I've had mine for three or four years now. I've used it for taking notes as well as recording meetings, and it's good at both. It's small enough that it doesn't draw attention to itself.

Now, it's not a supersensitive spy recorder; you're not going to record a quiet coversation across the room. But that's not what it was meant for. It's best for recoding voices within 6-10 feet, although in a pinch it will record (somewhat noisily) from twice that distance. Add an external microphone and you can increase that range. Add an inexpensive telephone pickup and you can record your incoming phone calls, too. Use the VOR function and you can record them automatically.

Microcassette recorders are somewhat a dying breed, as digital recorders and flash memory cards plummet in price. But it'll still be a while before you can get a digital voice recorder that can record 90 minutes as cheaply as you can with a microcassette recorder.

2-0 out of 5 stars Noise recorder
This model records noise instead of voice. I just returned it to Circuit City.

4-0 out of 5 stars Not bad for a small recorder
I bought this recorder to record a class I was taking. Lukily for me, my instructor had a loud voice so it recorded well. It has two speed selections. If you use the slower speed to get more tape time,it will get worse. It also has the V O R "high" "Low" selection and that's only to ensure continuous tape play when the voice gets soft. If your instructors voice is soft it may not work to well.

I've seen other Sony models that are better and they take a regular cassette tape not these microcassette tapes. ... Read more

185. Audiovox DVD Player (MVDVD4)

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000069E2G
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: AudioVox Communications
Sales Rank: 3978
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

186. Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer ( M03-00001 )
list price: $54.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005NVBT
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Sales Rank: 1568
Average Customer Review: 3.04 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • No cord to limit your movement or clutter your desk
  • Use up to 6 feet from the receiver
  • 5 customizable buttons
  • Line of sight not required
  • Compatible with Mac and PC platforms

Reviews (102)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product! Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I first purchased the regular IntelliMouse Explorer I was impressed how comfortable it fit in my hand and how accurate the laser was. When I saw Microsoft released one that was wireless I had to purchase it since I liked the one with the wire so much. The mouse is really amazing how accuate it is. It can be used from as far as 6 ft away from the receiver and it doesn't need to be directly in front of it. I even tried using it on my chest and still worked!

---(. . .) I also had this problem with the RF noise right after I started using it. It made this loud squeely noise whenever I moved it. It went away about 2 days later. Then about 2 weeks later it said my batteries were running low so I changed them. It made the noise again but went away in 5 minutes.

When I first experienced the noise problem I considered sending the mouse back. Then I figured its so much easier being able to have my arm in any position without having the wire so I decided to keep it. I'm so glad I made that decision because now the noise is gone!

This is IMHO one of Microsoft's products yet! I just wished the batteries lasted longer.

It seemed like a fairly nice idea. Wireless. No tethers. Optical precision. Sounds cool. And I figured that even though it was wireless, the batteries would last about as long as other wireless peripherals (like a wireless keyboard) that I have.

Of course in retrospect I should have realized that even if stowed in a dark desk drawer, the mouse would be constantly chattering to its base station.

In short, battery usage is MUCH too high for users who have their PCs on 24-hours a day. On brand new high quality alkalines, I get 4-6 days before the batteries are drained. With rechargeables, I get about 10 hours.

Suspecting at first that I might simply have a defective unit, I got a replacement unit. Same problem. Identical statistics.

As for precision... the mouse is decent, if a bit sluggish. It goes into sleep mode occasionally (though apparently not reliably enough to conserve the batteries!) and thus you get occasional jerks in motion when it doesn't respond for a few seconds while waking up.

The ergonomics feel quite comfortable to my hand. Scroll wheel motion is smooth. I like the extra 2 side buttons, especially for browsing.

All in all, I suspect that the wired version of this mouse is quite good. Most of the problems I've encountered can be attributed, directly or indirectly, to the wireless functionality (i.e. jerky motion, sluggishness, inconvenience of frequent battery replacement).

But the problems of wirelessness seriously detract from the usefulness of this mouse. I strongly disrecommend its use for those with always-on PCs. And even for those not in that category, I would recommend you try your best not to be lured in by the "wireless" gadgetry. Remember that you still have a "wire" plugging into the machine for the base station, so this isn't a space saver. Unless you absolutely, positively HAVE TO have the wireless feature (for instance if you're sitting 50 feet away from the computer and using the mouse on your lap), then do yourself a BIG favor and avoid wireless mice. It isn't just the Microsoft wireless mice that suffer from these problems. I've tried 'em all and none are much better.

5-0 out of 5 stars Two for Two with One Possible Caveat
Prior to this mouse I had been using the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for at least 3 years. I digress to include the hardware I have as it may help explain the noise issue that other reviewers have raised, but I have not experienced at all. My computer is 6 months old, Pentium 4, 2.0Ghz, I use a traditional CRT monitor, and the mouse is the only piece of wireless equipment I use at present. I do plan on adding a wireless keyboard, but at present it is a traditional wired design. I tried moving the transmitter nearer and away from various components but I could not create any interference in the form of noise or any other problems. I also watched a DVD feature film, and again there was no issue of interference.

The manual is very brief but is specific about what the receiver should be kept away from, and the distance of 8 inches that should be maintained. It also specifies a PS/2 connection when using Windows. My version is USB only and again no issues. The previous mouse was also a USB connected device.

I never looked at the manual until sitting down to write these comments, for the installation did not require it. I am running Windows XP Home, and once plugged in; the necessary software/drivers had already been detected and installed via plug n play, prior to even reaching for the installation disc. Installation does not get any easier. The installation disc is still unopened in its package.

There is one major issue that needs to be considered if you choose the wireless pointing device route, and that is batteries or a rechargeable cradle like Logitech offers. The need to change batteries will become an issue depending on the frequency they need changing, and I use the device many hours per day. The rechargeable has the obvious advantage of no replacement of batteries required. However unless those manufacturer have solved the problems of rechargeable batteries having a tendency to develop a memory, that could offset the advantage of the rechargeable versions. So there may be an ease of use over the near term, and a trade off in the long term.

My final advice would be to read or ask some people who have tried the rechargeable version for their thoughts. The other reason for the choice may seem hard to justify, but to the extent I have hardware designed and built by/for the same manufacturer, I prefer the option, nothing objective I can offer as evidence, just a feeling that a common denominator is preferable. The device is very sensitive, and very precise, and that would seem to be an issue that is adjustable, I have not had any problems with it developing a mind of its own and strolling around the screen.

5-0 out of 5 stars Much better than expected...all I ask from a wireless mouse
Bought this mouse in March and use it since at the office every day. Great handling, easy setup under XP, and the software installation was no hassle. Also I prefer big mice...if you have a small hand or limited space on your desk however this one may be a little too big. In contrast to everybody else here reporting short battery life, I still have to exchange my batteries for the first time. The icon still says "Battery status: Good", and I have no problems with that...eight to nine weeks after I started to use the mouse on a daily basis. So here I am buying more of these for the rest of my PCs...

1-0 out of 5 stars JUNK
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MOUSE!!! Besides requiring new batteries in less then a month it stopped working in just over a month. Just out of the return Amazon's period!!! ... Read more

187. Lexmark X5150 Inkjet Multifunction
list price: $149.99
our price: Too low to display
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000088XKP
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Lexmark
Sales Rank: 6498
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

With Lexmark's X5150 multifunction print center, you can copy any document at the touch of a button, without even turning on the computer. Copy text, color graphics, books of variable thickness, and color photographs; reduce or enlarge images 25 to 400 percent. In draft mode, the Lexmark X5150 can produce up to 16 copies per minute (cpm) in black, and up to 11 cpm in color. Capture fine detail with 600 x 2,400 dpi optical resolution, true 48-bit color, and 12-bit grayscale. Print up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi in black and color on photo paper, inkjet paper transparencies, and plain paper.

Included in the box are the Lexmark X5150, two print cartridges, drivers and installation software, power supply and cable, and editing and managing software for your scanning and printing needs. Lexmark provides a one-year warranty that covers parts, service, and instant exchange. ... Read more


  • Scanning, copying, and printing, all in one unit
  • 1-touch printing of color photos
  • 2,400 x 1,200 dpi print resolution
  • 600 x 2,400 dpi scan resolution
  • Easy-to-use software; 1-year warranty

Reviews (2)

4-0 out of 5 stars Really good but a little slow
I think the Lexmark X5150 is a great printer in the scan quality, printouts, fax, and photocopies. The printing is really fast but a color photocopy takes a little long. The fax is not that fast either. Overall, it is really good for an all-in-one but it not a) a fast copier or b) fast faxer. It is good for everyday use and I use it everyday to photocopy, scan, and print and it works great. If you are looking for an inexpensive all-in-one for your home, this is the one.

3-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Printing : REALLY poor scanning
I purchased the X5150 about a week ago a local Best Buy. I brought it home and immediately tried to print one particular digital photo that I've had diffuculty getting a good print of. My old Canon BJ3100 just couldn't cut it. The print quality with the Lexmark X5150 exceeded all of my expectations. Kudos to Lexmark for having the highest quality inkjet prints I've ever witnessed. The experience then got much worse...

I had an old UMAX 2100 scanner with which I'd begun scanning all of my old family photos. It's scan quality was abysmal and this is one of the main reasons I sought to replace my poor printer and poor scanner with this unit. I started scanning photos only to realize that skin tones appeared very yellow, almost jaundiced. White walls appeared beige, and just about everything had a yellow/brown tone to it. I thought maybe it was a calibration issue so I consulted the manual only to find out that there is no calibration. I contacted Lexmark's tech support via Email and they advied me to reinstall the driver software, which I did and the problem remained. I then called their phone support today. I was on hold for only a few minutes and the fellow I spoke with was polite and knowledgable. He surmised that there is probably a problem with the 'scan head' and that I should exchange the unit. I took it back to Best Buy and in the space of 10 minutes I had a new unit. I just arrived back home with it and after installation, I see that it has the exact same problem. This appears to be a design issue and not a defective unit.

Best Buy's exchange process was quick and painless and their price was unbeatable, I have no complaints there (with this purchase...)

I have to applaud Lexmark for excellent print quality and for fabulous tech support, but the scan quality is just awful. The images are sharp, with few artifacts, but the color is WAY off. I could touch up each and every photo with software, but I plan to scan thousands of photos and I'd rather not wast my time that way. I'll be returning the unit and exchanging it for a different model. I intend to try another, slightly higher-end Lexmark unit as I was very happy with the print quality. Perhaps a higher-end unit will have better scan quality. ... Read more

188. VTech VT2461 2.4 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Digital Answering System
list price: $119.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000056SKA
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: VTech
Sales Rank: 6882
Average Customer Review: 2.9 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

In the VTech 2461, you'll find deluxe features accompanied by a nondeluxe price. Offering a digital answering machine, built-in speakerphone, and options for up to four handsets, this single-line system is an ideal choice for busy households. A four-line display provides plenty of room for information in the speed-dial registry, while the 2.4 GHz operation supplies a signal strong enough to use the handset inside or out on the lawn. Handset-to-handset operation allows families to find each other throughout the house, and the conference-call capabilities are convenient when out-of-town relatives call. VTech includes a one-year warranty on parts and service. ... Read more


  • Cordless phone with 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum (DSS) transmission
  • Integrated digital answering system records 15 minutes of messages
  • Call waiting/caller ID with 50-number memory
  • 4-line LCD display
  • Multihandset operation (up to 4)

Reviews (63)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent phone
I've had this phone for about 4 months now and have been very happy with it. The sound quality is very good and the phone has a number of nice features, and also has a nice contemporary design. A previous reviewer gave this phone a bad rating because the memory only allows for 32 digit numbers and the base unit will only accomodate 4 handsets. While this is true and may be a limitation for business use, it is not a limitation for most home uses. Besides the 2.4 GHZ, 3 mailboxes, 30 minutes of recorded messages, and the ability to have up to 4 handsets, this unit also stores a spare battery in the base unit which re-charges it. The spare battery is also used as a backup power source for the base unit if the power goes out in your home so you can still use the phone. I have also been pleasantly surprised with how long the battery lasts. It's no problem getting 5 hours of talk time between charges. And the speaker phone in the handheld unit, while not sounding the same as if you were speaking into the phone directly, works and is a nice feature. The phone is small and light weight which is another plus when clipping it onto your belt for use with the headset. All in all a very nice phone with a nice set of features.

5-0 out of 5 stars Arguably the best multi-set 2,4ghz phones on the market
At first i was apprehensive on spending so much on a phone based on the VTECH brand. I have used sanyo, uniden, and panasonic cordless phones in the past. Based on reviews here and on i decided to take a chance on this model by VTECH. Siemens units have had terrible reviews. ATT, panasonic, and sony all had lower overall reviews on the internet. Make sure you do your homework on which brand to buy.

I have one base unit and one additional handset from VTECH.

PROS: ----- 1) easy to set up and easy to use. 2) sleek design 3) love the built in handset speakerphone - my #1 requirement 4) i have had no reception or handset signal problems. 5) looks like you can replace battery pack with two rechargable AA batteries. (some self-ajustments required. but saves $$)

CONS: ----- 1) expensive. especially when you figure in the cost of extra handsets. 2) non-speaker phone volume seems low. can be adjusted during each phone use. as soon as i switch it to speaker phone, it is too loud.

overall this is a good product and you won't regret it. besides, if you are unhappy you can alway return it within 30 days.

3-0 out of 5 stars Close, But No Cigar
To me, the Vtech 2461 is a fine example of good intentions gone awry. The handsets and base units are compact, attractive, and multi-featured. The handset sits fairly securely in the base unit, unlike some other vertically stored phones, but the wall mounting system is a horrible kludge. Do not buy this phone if you need a wall-mounted unit. The sound quality is decent enough for a wireless unit. It will never be confused with a wired phone, but we found it satisfactory. Range was sufficient for our use around the house and yard, with no problems. Programming the phone via its multi-level menu system is easy enough. For us, the problems with this phone are not in the set-up, range or sound quality, but in ease of use. We bought this phone for home use, expecting to be able to use multiple (up to 4) handsets at various locations around the house. I think that most purchasers would have the same type of use in mind; given that it is a single-line phone it would not seem to be aimed at a business market. The ability to keep a directory on the handset was important to us. We were amazed and disappointed that there was no way to transfer directory entires (all or part) from one handset to another. If you want four handsets around the house with identical directories, you must manually program each handset, a very tedious job at best. When a phone number changes, you must make the rounds of the handsets changing each one individually. I can see that in an environment where a particular user has a single assigned handset this might be an advantage. In average home use, it is a major drawback. The Siemans Gigasets, by the way, apparently allow you to maintain your handset directories either way. At the top of the handset keypad there are three "soft keys", keys whose use changes and which are labeled with the current use by a display above them on the screen. These on-screen soft-key labels are so small as to be almost unreadable, especially by older eyes. In many modes the left and right soft keys become scroll-down and scroll-up keys, but the keys are arranged horizontally. A single vertical rocker, a'la Nokia, is far preferable. Really poor ergonomics! To find a number in the directory, you can either scroll through the directory or use a 'find' feature. Scrolling is fine if you have few entries. If you have many entries you will want to 'find' what you're looking for. To do this you must first press a 'mem' soft key. Instead of finding yourself in the directory, you now have to read the diminutive soft-key labels to see with soft-key is now the 'find' key and press that. You can then enter one or more letters of the name you're looking for, but the names matching what you've entered do not show up so that you can see how you're doing; no, you must press the 'find' key again. Now catch this: the 'find' soft-key is now a different soft-key than the 'find' you pressed a second or two ago near the start of the operation! Again, lousy ergonomics. This sort of thing, along with some basic missing features (no speed dial, can't get to answering machine from a handset) have disqualified this system for us. It is being returned. Too bad, because Vtech is so close to having a great little system here!

1-0 out of 5 stars Phone Lasted 11 months! Warranty replacement lasted 7 month
Received our first phone for a birthday present 8/2002. It broke at about 11 months (just the answering machine). Called the company and they were great about a warranty, and replaced the unit (but did not replace the cordless headset that had originally came with the first unit). The warranty replacement was received 10/14/03 (I kept the original UPS tracking slip). Just called the company today (3/27/04), just over 7 months later, as the replacement phone quit working again - same problem. Guess what, it is no longer covered by warranty per customer service! They will give me a great "loyalty customer" discount, but would you trust this brand? I'm thinking I'll try another brand. Wish you luck on your purchase!

3-0 out of 5 stars I loved it until it stopped working.
I bought this system in February 2002--26 months ago. It was excellent while it lasted. The sound quality was good, the memory was useful, the phone was comfortable to hold and to dial, and the anwering system was a great improvement over my old answering machine that used tape. However one day the phone just stopped working. Since it was within the 1-year warranty period I was able to ship it back to the manufacturer and receive a replacement. The replacement phone worked fine--until this week, when it stopped working again for no reason. Now it is out of warranty and the extended warranty I purchased from Sears has also expired and is now useless. Like one of the earlier reviewers, my relationship with this phone has been one of soured love. I am hoping I can find an equivalent phone that will last longer than 1-2 years. I don't think that's too much to ask, but maybe it is. If 2 years is enough for you, than by all means, get this phone, and enjoy it while it lasts. ... Read more

189. Linksys PCM100 EtherFast 10/100 Integrated PC Card
list price: $72.00
our price: $37.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004XRDN
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Linksys
Sales Rank: 7072
Average Customer Review: 3.74 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Connects notebook PCs to 10BaseT or 100BaseTX networks
  • Compatible with virtually all PCMCIA or CardBus-equipped portable PCs
  • 32 KB buffer for fast file and graphics transfers
  • Works with virtually all major network operating systems
  • 5-year limited warranty

Reviews (19)

4-0 out of 5 stars Well Above Average
I originally installed this under Win98. No problems. Then swapped it to another laptop running Win95. Again, no problems.

Don't know whether the problem described in other reviews is with WinME or the installer.

This seems to be one of the more durable Ethernet cards for a laptop, with flexibility to be used in the upper or lower slot. Now, I need to purchase a second PCMCIA Ethernet card. I will look for one with better features, but if I don't find one in a few minutes, I will gladly purchase a second one of these LinkSys cards.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Review
I was walking through Fry's the other day and i came across one of these cards. Since it was an open box it was on sale for practically nothing. I decided to try it with nothing to lose.

My brother and i have two XP PC's connected to a linksys router with a DSL connection. We also have a laptop running win98 which has our old scanner and minolta digital camera running off it. (Why minolta doesnt have an XP update for its camera's beats the hell out of me.) With this card i thought this would be a perfect way to introduce a third PC to our network.

I know how difficult it is to set up home networks. Everyone complains about tech support so i really don't bother with them. Fortunately my brother and i have many (painful) years of experience with trial and error setting up networks so it has become somewhat easy for us now. However when Linksys was introduced to us let me tell you that it really is the best. We dont go with anything else other then linksys. No company has dedicated itself to networking then linksys. Its website is a testament to how dedicated linksys is to making great products and supporting them even when they are discontinued. Its online guide is unrivaled. Not even D-Link or 3com offers that type of support.

Many people on other reviews here experienced a little difficulty but not at the fault of this product. One person using WinMe could not install it. It is quite known that WinMe is inherently flawed particularly with networking. Another person had to install everytime they removed the card. That may be a hardware configuration conflict. If you read all the low reviews of this product they are all software or hardware conflicts. Not a defective card.

As for this card. there really is nothing much more to say. I plugged it in, installed the software, plugged in the network wire and was surfing at 1.5mbps and transfering pictures from my scanner and camera at 100mbps. It was literally that simple. Another great feature of this product is it has a link indicator with lets you know that you are actually connected to the network even if by configuration you are not. The only bad thing I can think of is that its difficult to pull out those RJ45 connectors but I don't plan to unplug it from the network anyway so its really no big deal.

Grab this product if you are looking for a PC card for your laptop. Even though I was lucky enough to find one for 10 bucks quite frankly I would have paid 4 or 5 times more for it.

4-0 out of 5 stars A bit bulky, yet tight design
A pleasant and very welcome alternative to the 'dongle' type LAN adapter for the Laptop PC. It was a breeze in my Windows XP machine, and Windows 98 worked fine. Windows 95 required the setup disk, but a very good performer. Although hard to mess up, Good job still for led placement and usefulness Linksys.

If you have a INSPIRON 5000 series, or similar form factor, you know that the power plug was ignorantly placed next to the PCMCIA slots. Therefore the size of this card's slightly oversized plug-in 'port' was uncomfortable. Hope this was helpful.

1-0 out of 5 stars Serious problems with WinMe
I've done everything I can think of short of paying the long distance charge to call tech support to get this card to work. I've decided to sell the card to a friend and get another one that will work with WinMe.

4-0 out of 5 stars Linksys PCM 100 Plug-play & Go!
Linksys PCM100 Etherfast 10/100 Integrated PC Card was so easy to set-up I thought I did something wrong! Took me less then 5 minutes to set-up and I was surfing the net in next to no time. Easy to follow instructions (no Windows XP however) This is the one you need for your laptop. I tried another major companies card as it was so confusing and after 2 hours of trying to set it up I sent it back. ... Read more

190. Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad 2.4 GHz (USB)
list price: $49.99
our price: $36.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005USQA
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 1438
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Feel the action wherever you play--with no cords and no hassles. Logitech's 2.4 GHz radio frequency technology, similar to that found in today's cordless phones, gives you the freedom to twist, turn, and move around without being tethered to your computer. Plus, it delivers realistic vibration feedback effects and all the control options you could possibly want, adding up to an unbeatable gaming experience.

The WingMan Cordless RumblePad is compatible with PCs running Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP, with an available USB port. ... Read more


  • Have complete freedom of movement during gaming with cordless technology
  • Feel every explosion, collision, and recoil with two independent vibration feedback motors
  • Get all the control you need: dual analog mini-sticks, eight-way D-pad, 11 programmable buttons, and a slide throttle
  • Play in the same room with up to seven friends with no radio interference
  • 50+ hours of game play with 4 AA batteries (included)

Reviews (22)

5-0 out of 5 stars Sw337 ann L337
This controller is really sweet. I bought this for a game I'm really looking forward too, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds. Installation was painless in XP, doesn't require you to install drivers but the rumble feature requires the drivers. The range is great and is perfect if you game on your TV. Coz you could get the best of both PC and Console Worlds: playing PC games while sitting on your couch! I really don't have any complaints about this product... heck for the price I is definitely worth every penny. I probally wouldn't buy it for above $40 though.
Props to Logitech for making another quality product, this is the 4th logitech product I have (wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, Z540 Speakers, and this gampad), guess how much I paid for all that ... $42!!

2-0 out of 5 stars Neat concept. Poor Execution.
The Logitech Cordless Rumblepad is a neat concept, but it sadly, hardly delivers.

The buttons and sticks do have a nice feel to them, and are quite responsive, but the problem lies in the design itself.

First and foremost, would be the shape and weight. Being cordless, it requires quite a number of AA batteries. No one wants to play video games using an ungainly controller that weighs sixty-four pounds.

As another reviewer noted, this pad is notorious for calibration problems. Soon after I recieved it, my left analog stick failed. Normally I wouldn't care, as I don't use them, but now it's always sending X+/- to the PC, causing anything I play to go crazy.

This is also a dual mode controller, with the D-Pad configured to also act as a hat control. Normally this wouldn't pose a problem, unless you're intending to play MAME or other emulator ROMs on this controller. It's not an 8-way Directional pad. You'll find that your common "Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Button" movements in fighting games are quite hard to execute.

All in all, I'd say pass this one up, even if the size and weight issues aren't... uh. issues.. for ya.

1-0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY
This product is useless, as hundreds of people can tell you if you google search for calibration problems. The pad has a hardware problem which causes the left analog stick to break after a few minutes of use. You have to unplug it and plug it back in every few minutes to recalibrate the stick. Logitech refuses to fix it, so DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

2-0 out of 5 stars Great Pad, Terrible Longevity
If Logitech's corded WingMan RumblePad had the same design and ergonomics, I would have gotten that. However, it did not and I fell in love with the feel and action of the Logitech Cordless RumblePad.

What I feel is great about this pad is everything except the cordless facet of it. There are no hard edges or loose feel to any of the parts. There is nice, solid feel and feedback to the D-Pad (I prefer the solid concave disc, less fatigue). The dual joysticks are also concave which is nice on the thumbs. They also move and feel just like the sticks on the DualShock PS1/PS2 gamepad which is good. The buttons on the Cordless RumblePad are solid and have a good action to them. There are no harsh edges to dig into your skin. There are no loose, hard-plastic reactions or noises to these buttons. And the hand extensions are perfect for my hands. Once again there are no harsh edges and everything is contoured to fit comfortably. The rumble effect is just like the DualShock as well. It's neat and sometimes helpful, but really isn't necessary. Fortunately, Logitech allows you to control whether the Rumble effect is on or off (major battery conservation in having it off). I never had any problems installing this gamepad or getting it to work within games, until recently.

Gamepads are a seasonal item. They're only good for certain games. Often they are necessary for ported Console games. Which brings me to my present. I have the urge to replay Final Fantasy VII and VII on the PC. These games cry for a gamepad, so I fetched my WingMan Cordless RumblePad. After a week of web research I have discovered the my receiver is dead. And that this has happened to numerous WingMan Cordless RumblePad owners who have had their gamepad for a year or more.

There are no replacement receivers sold. The best advice offered is to "try" Logitech Tech Support. :(

With a decent set of rechargeable batteries (total of 4 AA, 8 if you want to hot-swap them) and a good rechargeable battery recharger that drains all the power from the batteries before it recharges them, you will have the best wireless rumblepad for a year. And then after that year you may find yourself with a dead receiver. And after it becomes a lost cause through normal avenues, you may find yourself wanting to open that receiver to see if you can find the short or whatever is causing the problem. You'll find the screw in the bottom holding things together isn't alone and that the seam on the receiver is sealed with some kind of ACME Super Glue and give up.

Wish me luck. I'm off to find a replacement gamepad.

Battery Recommendations: Powerex AA NIMH 1800mAh or better.
Charger Recommendations: Maha Energy MH-C204F

3-0 out of 5 stars Average Overall
I am a long time XP user that just recently got into gaming because of my new PC. I got this controller because I was tired of the old mouse and keyboard action. To my dismay, all most all of the games that I got do not allow the use of the game pad. The games even ignore the custom set-up profiler. And I have found NONE of my games support the rumblepad function. Overall feel is great and the cordless ness is the best. Responsiveness is also top-notch. If more games support this controller and it's rumblepad it would be great buy, but right now I would only recommend this controller if it were on sale or if wireless ness was a requirement. ... Read more

191. Canon MultiPass MP700 Color Multifunction
list price: $299.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00009L1XK
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Canon Computer Systems
Sales Rank: 7934
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Uniting the engines of the popular Canon i850 photo printer and the Canon LiDE 30 scanner, the Canon MultiPass MP700 photo printer, copier, and scanner enhances both your performance and creativity. Each function supplies the technology needed to make an impressive visual impact, while the unique Canon Think Tank System lowers printing costs by combining individual ink tanks with intelligent management.

Adaptable for both home and office use, the MP700 delivers high-quality legal and letter-size copies at speeds of up to 22 pages-per-minute in black and 14 ppm in color. The single-pass flatbed scanner processes documents up to 9,600 dpi (interpolated) in brilliant 48-bit color.

As a printer, the MultiPass MP700 performs equally well with straightforward documents and digital images. Combining advanced technology and Canon's exclusive Easy-PhotoPrint software, it allows you to print directly from digital camera memory cards and produce photo quality borderless 4-by-6, 5-by-7, and 8.5-by-11-inch output without a PC connection and at a crisp 4,800 x 1,200 resolution (color). Canon includes a one-year warranty with InstantExchange program. ... Read more


  • Individual ink tanks, intelligent ink management
  • Legal and letter size copies up to 14 copies per minute
  • 1,200 x 2,400 dpi optical resolution, 9,600 dpi interpolated, 48-bit color
  • Up to 22 ppm black, 14 ppm color print speed
  • Accepts letter, legal, A4, 4-by-6, 5-by-7, envelopes, and banner paper

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great home printer
I have purchased this printer 8 months back from Amazon. Great price on the net. I have been using the printer for ever since. THe printe quality is very good. Scanner and Fax works great. I even print photographs and a lot of material for home and my child's school projects.

I would recommend this product.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great!
Only had this for 2 days, so I'm sure something will rattle me eventually, but so far this is a great product. Fast, high quality pictures and print. Good copies. Easy to set up. Good deal so far. ... Read more

192. Uniden TRU-4485-2 2.4 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Call Waiting, Digital Answering System, and Speakerphone
list price: $139.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000063KDT
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Uniden
Sales Rank: 779
Average Customer Review: 3.28 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The sleekly designed Uniden TRU 4485-2 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum cordless phone optimizes your communications at home or in a small office with dual handsets, call transfer, caller ID, a digital answering system, and speaker phone, among many other features.

The second handset stores in a charging cradle and permits the transfer of calls between handsets in different locations and lets you note the handset status with an LED indicator. The caller ID displays menus in Spanish, English, and French (with service subscription for call waiting and caller ID). Also included is convenient dialing with dynamic caller ID memory and last-three-number redial.

Uniden digital technology ensures clarity and security with features to provide all the basic benefits you look for in a phone. The TRU 4485-2 uses microchip technology requiring no message tapes, and the speakerphone gives you hands-free freedom and flexibility. Set your preference with distinctive rings: four melody ringers and six ring tones. You can scroll through caller ID and memory while on a call. An indicating light lets you know when you have voicemail waiting. The phone comes ready for a headset with a built-in jack. The NiMH battery has a long life with 10 days on standby and six hours of talk time. ... Read more


  • 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum technology
  • Complete dual handset system
  • Digital answering system
  • Dual keypad, speakerphone
  • 3 language Caller ID display options

Reviews (18)

5-0 out of 5 stars Good sound, Good range and Good recording
I've been looking for an answering machine/cordless phone to replace my old AT&T 5635. I needed better quality message recording and a speaker phone option. Most reviews complained about recording and/or speaker phone quality problems from VTech, AT&T and Panasonic. The Uniden line did not suffer from this shortcoming in most of the reviews I saw. Initially I was looking at the new 5.8Ghz model, but the price was more then I wanted to pay. I bought this 2.4Ghz model and it is everything I needed and then some. The only limitation I have noted is that you cannot talk on both cordless phones at the same time, but you can use one cordless and the base speaker phone together. You can also transfer a call from one cordless to another or to the base. Record time is limited to 10 minutes and can be set to limit each message to either 1 or 4 minutes. Not really a big deal for me, but if you get a lot of messages get a phone with larger memory. Reception is good, as is speaker/mic quality on the handsets. No static noted in my area.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very pleased!
So far I have been pleased with this purchase.

Great reception and range. Great battery life. I talk on the phone a lot and sometimes forget to charge it for a day or two and have no problems. Clear sound quality. Ability to access messages from the handsets as well as the base. I purchased my set with headsets included and use them every time I'm on the phone, definite bonus for busy moms! Preprogrammed outgoing message for answering machine, but you can also record your own without overriding the original. So if you ever want to switch between the two, you can.

You do have to program each phone individually for storing numbers, changing ring tones, etc. Somewhat of a drawback, but not a major complaint.

If you are looking for a multiple handset system that you can have more than one person on the line at the same time, this won't work. Only one handset can be used at a time, and a call has to be "transferred" to the other handset. (for my purposes, this is not a big deal).

So far I have been happy with this phone. I'm still learning the different features that are available. It's not a complicated phone, but is definitely a lot different than my basic 900 mhz phone with no options.

2-0 out of 5 stars Good features but messes up my WAN
2.4 GHz range is used by my WAN base station. Which makes it impossible for me to use both my phone and the WAN at the same time. This sux.

2-0 out of 5 stars Uniden & Quality - words that don't go together.
Over the past 17 years I have purchased more Uniden phones than I care to remember. I bought them early on because I was young and just starting out and didn't have much money (eg - THEY were cheap). I bought them later on because Uniden phones always offered more features than anything comparably priced (eg - I was cheap).

But thru the 17 years the one constant w/ Uniden phones was that they were all seriously lacking in quality! The early phones just plain sounded bad... the later phones would just break within months.

I purchased the TRU-4485-2 phone system over a year ago (paying a bit more than they are currently being offered for) because of all the great features: two phones, two bases, digital answering machine, headsets etc.. And I hoped that the Uniden quality problems I'd experienced in the past would now be solved simply because these were not LOW cost phones (well, maybe they were considering all that package contains). This phone system was simply the most expensive system I'd ever purchased.

Well... within 3 months both headsets were not working --- both headsets developed shorts in the cord and one phone's headset-jack became loose and would no longer work w/ any headset. I dropped one phone from my lap to the floor and immediately began having problems w/ voices dropping out.

Within 6 months both phones stopped working. Well, that's not exactly true -- they would work when they felt like it. One phone would only work if you twisted it a few times or slammed it against a counter and then it would only work a little while until I 'fixed' it again. The 2nd phone would only work if you plugged in the headset but the headset jack on the phone was screwed up so it was constantly dropping voices (either I couldn't hear the caller or the caller couldn't hear me).

Now, I must admit that I dropped both phones from time to time and while I'm sure that's not a good thing I'm also sure that everyone who has ever owed a phone has also dropped them from time to time. It's unavoidable considering the amount of time most of us spend talking on the phone. Phone manufacturers must also know this and most build quality phones that can take a good amount of punishment.... most of them -- but Uniden ain't one of 'em.

2 stars simple for the feature laden system (hell, I still use the answering machine).

After spending one hundred thirty-eight for this phone system that barely lasted 6 months I once and for-all swore off uniden phones! But wouldn't you know it... my wife went out and purchased ANOTHER uniden system (this one was a cheap $59 two phone, 2.4 ghz) to replace the one mentioned above!?!? When I asked her 'why?' after spending months cursing at the previous phone system, she replied ".. it had more features than the other phones"!

I wanted to take that phone right back but she didn't keep the receipt. This time, the phone sucked right out of the box!! The sound quality was horrible and while it was listed as a 2.4 ghz it wouldn't even work if I was more then a 60 feet and a couple of walls removed from the base.

I got fed up w/ the whole fiasco and went out and bought a couple of industrial cordless phones from Engenius. These phones are metal and weigh a ton and don't have anyway for me to add headsets to them but they sound great and will keep a signal from a city block away...... and they cost an arm and a leg.

Other then the hernia developing from using the new phones for long periods of time --- i'm relatively pleased.

2-0 out of 5 stars Always on the phone....
I'm always on the phone, it's part of what I do best. *wink*
My favorite little subby got Me this phone, although he didnt like it. I HAD TO HAVE IT.

Pros: Adored the various ringer tones!
Very lightweight, clipon for the cami-top, yay!
Headset compatible, siemens didn't have this on the main phone I bought, I had to buy the extension just to use headset!
Easy to read buttons, lights up!
Easy to figure out... hey, very important. Try siemens 4200, then you'll appreciate this point!!! *grin*

Cons: OH MY, I had to yell to be heard, and thought I needed a hearing aid to hear ANYONE!!! The worst reception! And honey, I don't have lots of appliances. I have the bare basics.
Battery life wasn't too wonderful. Bad apple, maybe.. I talk on phone too much? maybe... hehehe What are they for???
Static and background noise in phone. It was there, and it was there anytime I went outside. Even had my line checked!
You have to transfer the call to the other handset. How silly is that?? Maybe they should market for businesses only?

I was very, very disappointed. Understand, I am used to 40 buck phones, and I get this 150 ( at time ) buck one, and it is CRAPOLA!! C'mon. Needless to say, My Mother now has a VERY nice phone, as I didn't return it in time.
Now I am giving dad this Siemens 4200, cause it is the bomb in some ways, but SUCKS in the ways that TRULY count for Me. ... Read more

193. Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder (Champagne Gold)
list price: $79.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005OBDS
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Olympus
Sales Rank: 6304
Average Customer Review: 3.81 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Record up to 90 minutes of digital sound
  • Download lectures, notes, etc. to your computer with the high-speed USB interface
  • Listen to your files from your computer with Olympus's "Digital Wave Player" software
  • LCD display panel helps you keep track of important recording information
  • Voice activation function allows for hands-free recording

Reviews (21)

2-0 out of 5 stars Very Small Capacity
I purchased this thinking that I was getting a recorder that would actually hold 90 minutes of audio. Unfortunately that capacity is only available for "LP" mode which is highly distorted. HQ and SP modes record very well, but only plan on getting 20-30 minutes of use out of it before the memory is full.

The PC connection was not automatic, despite the instruction manual comments that no additional software was required. On the whole, I found no little to no support material available on the Olympus website.

I returned the recorder and am still looking for something <$100 that provides 2-3 hours of high quality recording with a PC connection.

5-0 out of 5 stars Proved with time
I've been using this recorder for about 5 months now, and I love it now just as much as I did when I first purchased it. One thing that I like very much about the design is that the Erase button is extremely hard to accidentally push (and that, twice) - which shows someone was thinking when they designed it. The software installed perfectly, and works perfectly. I am very satisfied with this little recorder; it does not weigh much, but it gets the job done - and very well at that.

5-0 out of 5 stars Compact yet full of features
I just got this little guy (so small it fits in the palm of my hand), and I am thoroughly satisfied with it. It is small, yet it has a lot of features, and it seems to be well manufactured - doesn't seem like it will break real soon or anything. I have recorded four files so far, and have even transfered them to my laptop (running Win 98 SE). The installation of the software was seamless, and all works great. I have not had a chance to try out some features of the recorder (lecture mode for instance), but I am very satisfied with what I got so far.

4-0 out of 5 stars limited functionality, short duration very good LP mode poor
Bought this model to record science lecture notes, but the advertized 90 minute recording capability is only in LP mode. In LP mode, the playback is completely illegible. In HQ mode, the sound is superb, but you only get 22 minutes of recording. I will return this and continue looking.

Should have read the reviews here first, it would have saved me time but I was out on errands and stopped in at a local superstore to buy one.

4-0 out of 5 stars Better as a 30 min, recorder.
Overall, a good recorder. But for practical purposes this product can really only be used as a 30 min. recorder. The long play mode, which allows for 90 min. of recording time, is really not that great. The recorded sound in this mode is so poor that it is difficult to comprehend even if it was simple dictation. All the other modes of recording do so with very good fidelity. ... Read more

194. AT&T 1818 Telephone with Digital Answering System (Wind Chill White)
list price: $39.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005Q3U7
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: AT&T
Sales Rank: 7043
Average Customer Review: 2.15 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

With this digital answering system, you can screen your calls while enjoying the advanced features that many voice mail systems offer. AT&T's 1818 answering system includes a time/day stamp on each call, message-guard memory, remote access so you can retrieve your messages while away from home, and, of course, call screening/intercept. In addition to the answering machine features, the system is also just a solid phone, featuring three one-touch memory dial buttons, nine-number speed-dial memory, and one-touch redial. AT&T offers a 90-day warranty. ... Read more


  • Corded telephone with integrated answering system
  • 19-minute maximum record time
  • Caller ID number announce
  • Remote access with voice prompts
  • Wall-mountable

Reviews (13)

3-0 out of 5 stars Problems with Sound Quality
I purchased this unit and had to return it due to problems with
the sound quality when playing back messages. The machine has some
very nice features, but if the messages are not clear, then the
unit is not reliable. I may miss some important information. I
even left messages, I knew what I said, but during playback, some
words were muffled and difficult to understand. I was surprised
that ATT put on the box, "Excellent Sound Quality". Its not.

4-0 out of 5 stars Its an answering machine..not an MP3 player!
I've had this unit for 5 months and have had no complaints. Its a good little basic machine that gives you your messages when you are away. The battery backup feature is great. This unit was one of the few machines that were working for me in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel.

Yes, the sound quality is not top notch; but who needs concert clarity on an answering machine? I guess if your friends mumble...

I also like being able to set the rings at a reasonable 5 or 6 before the answering machine kicks in--plenty of time to race to the phone if you are anywhere in the vicinity. Color me satisfied.

1-0 out of 5 stars Don't buy this machine
Just adding my voice to the others here. I've had much the same problems:

- As others have already noted, the sound quality of the recording is terrible. I often have to replay a message 4 or 5 times to understand it.

- Just a few months after I bought it, when I picked up the receiver to answer a call, I sometimes had to jiggle the switch hook to get it to answer. Then it started cutting people off right in the middle of a conversation. Now it's so bad that when you pick it up you can jiggle all you want and it doesn't answer at all. I've given up using this piece of junk as a phone - I just use it as an answering machine.

- Now the last straw is that I can't retrieve my messages remotely. I dial my number, it answers on the 2nd ring like it's supposed to, I key in my code, and it just sits there and does nothing, and then hangs up! I've gone through the setup several times, and I'm sure it's set up correctly. But I can't retrieve my messages!

Don't waste your money on this piece of junk! If anyone knows of a better machine... please post it here.

2-0 out of 5 stars Negative Reviewers are Right
I bought this machine to replace my old cassette-based Panasonic that had finally died from incessant telemarketer calls.
The AT&T's set up was easy and all the features work, but the sound quality is unacceptably low. I hardly recognize my own voice on the recorded message, and callers sound as though they are speaking from under a blanket. Pity AT&T didn't consider improving the sound quality for a few dollars added to the price.

1-0 out of 5 stars Unreliable
We've had this phone for six months, it has acted strangely the whole time. Recently it started refusing to connect when the receiver is picked up, so you have to jiggle the button to get it to answer. I'm looking for a new phone now.... ... Read more

195. Sharp VLNZ50U MiniDV Compact Digital Viewcam with 3" Color LCD Screen
list price: $499.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000063EKO
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Sharp
Sales Rank: 1633
Average Customer Review: 2.86 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The Sharp VL-NZ50 is a great entry-level digital camcorder, featuring a large 3-inch LCD monitor, 10x optical and 300x digital zoom, and digital image stabilization.

With an optical zoom magnification of 10x, the VL-NZ50 also has a digital zoom--which works by electronically enhancing the optical image--that can magnify the picture up to 300 times. The digital image stabilization system keeps the picture steady and solid throughout zooms and camera shakes.

Other Features
With its 270-degree variable angle, you can hold the VL-NZ50 in a variety of angles to record over people and objects or film close to the ground. You can even record yourself by rotating the view screen 180 degrees.

The built-in speaker allows on-the-spot playback with sound for checking and viewing video footage anywhere. An on-screen recording guide helps you line up landscape footage and can be used as a guide for easy framing of subject matter. The backlight compensation feature corrects exposure in poor lighting conditions.

The VL-NZ50 also features several digital effects (black and white, sepia, NEG) that can be viewed without affecting the original recording.

Inputs and Outputs
The VL-NZ50 comes with the standard DV IEEE 1394 port (also known as FireWire; Sharp refers to this connection as iLink) for a super-fast, lossless connection to a PC or other DV machines.

MiniDV Format
MiniDV digital technology delivers clear, sharp video with over 500 lines of horizontal resolution--far superior to the 240 lines of resolution offered by 8mm camcorders. You'll also get minimal color noise interference for a more stable picture.

The camera also features excellent sound quality, recorded in either 12-bit or 16-bit audio recording modes.

  • 16-bit audio includes one set of stereo audio tracks to produce CD-quality sound.
  • 12-bit audio utilizes two sets of audio tracks so you can easily add background music or commentary into your videos while maintaining the existing soundtrack.

This is all delivered on a cassette that's 1/12th the size of a standard VHS tape. A MiniDV tape offers digital recording time of two full hours--20 times the capacity of a CD.

This package comes with the VL-NZ50 camcorder, one rechargeable lithium-ion battery, AC adapter, tripod adapter, remote control (and batteries), AV dubbing cables, wrist strap, and lens cap. ... Read more


  • MiniDV camcorder
  • 10x optical, 300x digital, zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 3-inch color LCD monitor
  • Viewcam design means point-and-shoot operation
  • Features various digital effects and shooting modes

Reviews (14)

4-0 out of 5 stars Spec typo
I haven't used the NZ50U, but be aware that the ... spec given above is wrong. The camera has a 10X optical zoom, not 26X. Also, a black version, the NZ55U, is due out in June.

I will say that I had excellent luck with the Sharp NZ10U. While I found it awkward to hold with one hand (my index and middle fingers covered the microphone and lens), its sound and image quality were quite good. The NZ50/55 appears to have the same basic construction.

1-0 out of 5 stars Suddenly stopped working
I purchased this camera in August of 2002 and have taken very good care of it. I have only used for aprox. 8 hours of recording. I powered on the camera, finished the tape that was currently in the recorder, and it suddenly powered off. I had noticed the battery was fully charged when I was recording so I knew it wasn't a battery issue. We then found there was no way to manually eject the tape since it is a motorized ejection process. We contact Sharp who suggested to remove the battery and reseat (which we had already tried) and if that did not help then it would have to be sent to a service center for $$$'s. The quality is very disappoining considering the camcorder was used so little and was always taken care of. We eventually took the camcorder apart ourselves destroying it just to salvage the video tape inside since it is more cost effective to purchase a new recorder than to send $$$'s to repair a junk camcorder.

3-0 out of 5 stars Nice camera - when it works.
I have had this camera for a year and it is has served me well. It takes great video and I have been able to copy and edit the video on my PC to produce playable VCD's.
Operationally, holding the camera is a bit awkward, and I found it hard to go from a viewfinder to using the screen for framing the shot.
Unfortunately just after the warranty finished, it would not switch on! The batteries/adaptor checked out OK. A search on the internet has shown this to be a common problem, so I wouldn't recommend anyone purchasing what appears to be a flaky design.

1-0 out of 5 stars Stopped working after barely 1 year of ownership
I bought this camera and used it a few times. I think I filled a total of 6 tapes with video. I also used the still picture option a few times. I was pleased with the camera until one day I pulled the camera out to use it and it wouldn't turn on. Initially I thought that the battery was dead and that maybe the charger cord had a short in it or something and wasn't charging the battery, which has a very short operating time. I've always taken good care of the camera and when not in use I kept it in a padded camera bag. So I put the camera away and made a mental note to test the charger which I did a few days later. The charger tested fine and when I pulled the camera out to investigate further, it turned on and worked fine. About a month later I took the cam out to film my 5 year old play soccer and the camera was dead again. Apparently for good this time. I can't even eject the tape thats inside. Also, while I was inspecting the camera, I noticed that something was rattling around inside the camera. Therefore I opened the cassette door and turned the camera upside down, and two very tiny screws fell out of the camera into my hand. The screws are about the size of those used in eyeglass frames, very small, and I have no idea as to how they became unscrewed, or where they were located. Needless to say I am very disappointed. All of this conveniently occured after the measly 90 day warranty expired. I took the camera to a local electronics repair shop (Sharp only has 2 or 3 service centers in the whole US) who told me that Sharp is not very cooperative in releasing service manuals for their products and that this repair will cost me [$$$] because he will have to buy the manuals. Sharp wants even more money than that to repair it. Right now I could buy a brand new one for [$$$]. I am now an ex-customer of Sharp products and I'm telling everybody I know who's even considering purchasing a Sharp product about my experience.

1-0 out of 5 stars Stopped working
The camera was ok, considering when I would take still pictures the pictures would come out blurry. But then one day out of the blue It stopped working. It's like it had a short circuit. Then I was reading other reviews, I come to find, that I am not the only one that this has happend too with this camera. Of course this happens right after the 3 month warrenty is over. Oh they will fix it for you, but for a heavy labor charge. I would not recommend purchasing this camera at all. To top It all off the costumer service reps were very rude. ... Read more

196. KENWOOD 1-Channel Amplifier (KAC819)

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000067AW7
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Kenwood Communications Corp
Sales Rank: 46766
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

197. VTech 2431 2.4 GHz DSS Dual Keypad Speakerphone
list price: $99.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004R7XT
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: VTech
Sales Rank: 8000
Average Customer Review: 3.15 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The VTech 2431 2.4 GHz dual keypad and speakerphone offers all the convenience of a corded phone in a cordless package. Its 2.4 GHz technology also ensures that conversations sound crisp and clear and continue uninterrupted. VTech incorporates the most desirable features for a busy home or a small growing business, including a log for up to 50 of your caller-ID numbers, a speed-dial capacity of 20 numbers, along with hands-free and conferencing capability.

The VTech 2431's handset (also available separately as the VTech 2420) features a long list of telephone-management aids. Touch the redial button and reconnect with the last number dialed. Caller ID and call waiting combine (this function requires enrollment in the call waiting/caller ID service of your phone company) to let you know who is calling before you pick up and when a second caller is trying to connect. The muting function lets you have a discussion with family or partners privately. The page-functions feature helps locate a misplaced and forgotten handset with a signal that leads you to it.

Who doesn't appreciate the convenience of unrestricted and hands-free movement when placing and answering calls? Dual keypads, one at the base and the other at the handset, extend your freedom, allowing you the liberty to multitask from all ends of the house or office.

The 2431 includes one GX battery, a spare-battery charger with power backup, a belt clip, and a wall-mount bracket for the base. Mobile hands-free calling is essential if you spend a great deal of time on the phone, and Vtech offers an optional handset. The 2431 comes with a rechargeable VSB battery and a one-year warranty. ... Read more


  • 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum technology
  • Dual keypads; base speakerphone; expandable to 4 handsets
  • Caller ID/call waiting on the handset
  • Hold, flash, mute, and redial features
  • Headset compatible

Reviews (117)

4-0 out of 5 stars Nicest home phone I've seen
This is probably the nicest home phone available. I'll break it down to what I like and dislike about it:

+ Great styling, small size, good weight, comfortable to hold, ergonomic.
+ Easy to use menu system. I was able to figure everything out in just minutes before I even opened the manual.
+ Like previous VTechs with CID, it has the ability to dial and end calls like a cellphone.
+ Speakerphone in handset, it gets plenty loud enough.
+ Backlit LCD makes it much easier to read than non-backlit phones.
+ Backlit keypad, a practical feature that is omitted from other "high-tech" phones like Cybergenie, Engenius, Siemens, etc.
+ Full dot-matrix display which helps readability.
+ 3-full lines for CID, much better than my previous 2-line VTech 900MHz.

- Background noise. My phone picks up a low-level static/noise/buzzing even with all computers and electronics turned off. It's not loud or disturbing, I only hear it when no one is speaking. My 900MHz VTechs were crystal clear in comparison.
- Durability of finish. The store displays I've seen all have spots where the silver paint wore off of the handset and base. Mine is still looking new, but I'm very careful when I set it back in its base.
- Slower response than my 900MHz phones. When the phone is idle and I pick up and press a button, there is a slight delay. It's just a few milliseconds, but noticeable.
- Lack of tactile feedback in the keypad. I noticed some display models had a lot more tactile feedback than mine. I guess VTech must have changed something between the first phones and mine.
- Lost the side-mounted volume buttons that my 900MHz VTech had. Putting volume into a soft key was a step backwards, even Nokia added the volume buttons onto the side of their cellphones.

There is a lot I think VTech could do to refine it, like scroll up/down hard buttons, ability to mark memory entries as "Global" and have them sync with other handsets, and mapping some of the memory entries to the numeric "speed-dial" numbers. However, so far as home phones go, this is one of the best I've seen. Not the best in sound quality, but when features and styling are taken into account, definitely a top choice. The <$... price tag makes it worthwhile. The only thing that would be much better is if Nokia made a land-line home version of their popular 6160 cellphone.

5-0 out of 5 stars I couldnt talk without it !
I have had the phone for over four years now and i love everything about it. With most cordless phones you have to get more then one type and with this one you can get just another handset and if your not near the hand set or your to lazy to find it just pick up on the speakerphone. What isn't there to love about it. If you are looking for a long lasting good quality phone this is the one for you.

1-0 out of 5 stars Pooly designed keypad
The keypad on this phone is very small and gave out on me just after a year. I see that VTECH uses a similar keypad on newer models. Beware and don't waster your $.

3-0 out of 5 stars Excellent features, mediocre signal
First off, for its price, this phone has a very nice features. I love having a hansfree speakerphone on both the base and the handset. The phone does everything I need to do. I was very impressed with it when I got it. I'd give it 5 stars on its features/price alone.

Unfortunately I have to give it 3 stars, because of its mediocre signal quality. This phone is simply unusable around any type of 2.4GHz interference, particularly 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks. Long antenna shaped objects nearby also tend to cause interference. I knew these limitations before I bought it, and I figured it would be okay because I need to use this phone in my dorm room, which is not very big, so signal issues wouldn't really be an issue. But having said that, I can't go too far outside my room before the signal drops to unusable.

5-0 out of 5 stars A W E S O M E ! ! ! !
You have got to choose this phone - I have had it for two years, and can easily say I will never switch!!!! It has NEVER given me a problem - The intercom feature is nice, and the speakerphone on the handset is the clearest around!!! A definate pick!!! ... Read more

198. Sony SDM-HS93/G Flat Panel 19" LCD Monitor (Gray)
list price: $899.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000092ZLH
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Sony
Sales Rank: 24944
Average Customer Review: 3.09 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The innovative floating frame design of Sony's SDM-HS93 flat panel LCD adds a curvy touch of sleek modernism to your desktop--but it's more than just another pretty face. With a native resolution of 1,280 x 1,024, 0.264 mm dot pitch, and a 700:1 contrast ratio, the images on this 17-inch screen are crisp and responsive, whether you're working, playing games, or surfing the Internet.

Simple plug-and-play connectivity will have you up and running in no time. Sony provides a three-year warranty covering parts, labor, and backlight.

What's in the Box
Monitor, AC power cord, cord strap, PC/Mac Utility CD ROM + User's Manual, HD15 video cable, limited warranty card, Quick Setup Guide ... Read more


  • 1,280 x 1,024 resolution, fast 25 ms response
  • 0.294 mm pixel pitch; 700:1 contrast ratio
  • 170-degree viewing angles from any direction
  • Innovative floating frame design
  • PC and Mac compatible; 3-year warranty

Reviews (11)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent LCD Monitor
This is the best looking 19inch monitor available. It has great 700:1 contrast ratio (good for blacker blacks and whiter whites) - making movie watching an awesome experience.

Although there is no DVI, picture quality is superb. Text is supersharp (I use window's Cleartype to smooth it out) even with analog only input. Sony understands the importance of picture quality and included a VERY short and thick analog cable. The shorter the cable is, the smaller the chance of signal deterioration. Buyer beware, placement might be an issue due to the short cable.

25ms response time is enough for most games, but when playing fast games, ghosting IS there. For example, in Unreal Tournament 2003, the flyby cam is fast enough to cause ghosting.

Also, I'm not sure how consistent Sony's quality control is, but my particular LCD came with ZERO dead or hot pixels. That's GOOD for a 19inch LCD.

+picture quality is superb
+excellent 700:1 contrast ratio
+25ms reponse time fast enough for movies and most games
+beautiful frame/monitor design (the best looking series of flat panels right now imo)
+1024x768 native resolution is perfect for gamers (1600x1200 is too high, and 1024x768 is too low)

-cost is among the most expensive 19" LCDs
-no DVI support (but includes short analog cable to minimize signal loss)
-no height adjustment

*for reference I am using this monitor with an ATI All-In-Wonder 9700 Pro

3-0 out of 5 stars Sony monitor is so so
I first purchased a sharp 19 inch flat screen monitor, but returned it since it had a dead pixel. I decided to try the sony 19 inch model instead. The sony model also had a dead pixel, I think this is the biggest problems with flat screen monitors. But I also returned it and was able to get one without any dead pixels. I had the monitor for about a month and haven't had any problem like the other reviewers. The monitor is expensive, but so far I happy with it. Also, it does save a lot of space on your desk and is very lite.
One disadvantage is it only has one analog input. The sharp monitor had two analog inputs and one digital inputs. With the sharp monitor I can hook up 3 computers to the same monitor. I have two computers and ended up buying a kvm so both computers can use the same sony monitor. The kvm will cost you about 40 dollars.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Display, Both On and Off
I've almost never written a review, so in other words, I'm excited about this monitor. I admit I was drawn first by the styling, but am still delighted with the gorgeous picture quality, whenever I use the HS93. I'm very fussy, a heavy graphics/multimedia user, and am really glad I found this one.

From what I'd read, dead pixels are pretty common in LCDs, especially as they get bigger, so maybe some of us are lucky there (I almost expected some). Apparently it's not considered a big deal, but of course once you spot it, you'll never not see it again kinda thing. It's also a good idea to adjust brightness down, and your icons and font sizes up, because they get so small at this res. I'm impressed with how easy/intuitive it is to do everything too. Some people might want to try contrast (lowering, probably) and use the different options available *fun, after a CRT!*

And the viewability angle is excellent (as far as I know that's the only reason to care about flatness). I need a new tv soon, maybe it's time to try a Sony...

5-0 out of 5 stars Don't be fooled by the other reviewers...
Check it out, Sony is not the only company that has the 8 dead pixels return policy. Most if not all manufactures have this policy. The other individuals that complained about dead pixels on there monitors got unlucky. This is the risk you take with ANY LCD monitor, not just sony ones.

I can say that I have NO dead pixels, woohoo! If you do any research on LCD's you will see that this is an issue for all LCD's from all manufactures.

Okay so with that said let me tell you how great this monitor is. I upgraded from a 17" CRT (big and bulky) monitor to this 19" LCD. While it wasn't very cheap i'd have to say it was one of the first purchases I have made without feeling guilty afterwards, the common feeling from impulse buying.

The Sony rep knew less about the monitor than I did so he was of no help at the time. For all you gamers (like me) you will be pleased with the low refresh rate (25ms). Okay so it could be lower but it's a 19" and I hardly notice any ghosting effects. If you guys don't know what refresh rate means let me put it like this. The higher the number (ie 25, 30, 35...) the slower your monitor reacts to fast moving images on the screen. So you get what is called a "ghosting effect" where transitions on the screen seem to blur across the screen. I've seen refresh rates as low as 15ms (milli-seconds) and I bet that is the best bet for gamers. But for me playing most First preson shooters and race car games it is hardly noticeable. And i'm picky too!

The monitor is very light and comes with a very sturdy stand. I am confident in an earthquake it will stay put. The back of the monitor has a black piece of plastic that covers the cords coming out of the back giving it a sleek look. Probably the coolest thing about this monitor is the fact it doesn't heat up my bedroom like my old monitor. This puppy stays cool to the touch unlike most of the other monitors on the market. No frying eggs on this bad boy.

Finally, the software that comes with it is pretty cheasy. It lets you fine tune your monitor for optimal display but mine came without any adjustments needed like yours probably will. I have this monitor in front of a glass door with the sun coming from behind the monitor but this monitor is so bright and vivid i can clearly see every detail. This monitor matches my Microsoft Wireless desktop keyboard and mouse so that is another plus. My desk is no longer cluttered by wires and a giant monitor (my old 17").

You all shouldn't be dissapointed with this purchase. Like i said, it's the first purchase i've made and didn't feel guilty afterwards. I love watching DVD's on it because it's almost like having a T.V. Keep in mind it doesn't have built in speakers so if that's what you are looking for you wont find it here. Oh last thing, this monitor comes with a 3 year warranty. When was the last time you bought something with a 3 year warranty? I can't remember either! Installation couldn't be easier! Get this one :)

1-0 out of 5 stars Beware of buying from SONY!
I bought the HS93 model from the internet. I had several BRIGHT always on pixels from the very first day. It was centrally located, and very annoying. I tried to return the monitor to the internet vendor, but they told me to call Sony directly. Apparently this is Sony enforced policy. So, I called Sony and they said that unless there was 8 (EIGHT) pixels always ON, they would not replace or refund the monitor!!!

The monitor was made in Malaysia, and, I bet they mass produce the monitors with minimal quality control.

I got so upset, that I bought another LCD monitor (Envision) at the local Fry's Electronics. It was cheaper and the color was more natural. You loose the natural tones due to Sony's high contrast, so, pictures don't look normal.

Buyer beware.... check and confirm return policies. ... Read more

199. Canon CanoScan LiDE 20 Scanner
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006AMSH
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Canon
Sales Rank: 7601
Average Customer Review: 4.29 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Up to 600 x 1,200 dpi resolution
  • 48-bit depth for over 281 trillion possible colors
  • 1 cable handles both USB and power
  • Z-Lid expansion top accommodates bulky objects
  • Scan, copy, or e-mail photos at the touch of a button

Reviews (59)

5-0 out of 5 stars Good little performer: fast, light, no AC adapter needed!!!
After setting this up in about a minute I was scanning. The software/driver package is average. Warm up takes only a couple of seconds becuase it is not a CCD/lamp scanner, it is a CMOS scanner which requires less power and less components. Hopefully it will bring more reliability. USB powered. Easy for people to "borrow" or bring to a friends house. Just remember to lock/unlock it when traveling and scanning. Images are average but the speed is awesome. Beats my UMAX 1220U (1998) scanner by far. I'll probably try out epson scanners next, the quality and speed on that is supposed to be really good. If you are looking for fast, simplistic, reliable scanner, the LiDE 20 fits the bill without paying a big bill.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Scanner For the Money
Like the previous reviewer (June 18), I debated on whether or not to get this scanner. But I figured the price was low and overall the reviews were very favorable. I'm glad I did. It is very easy to set up - just take it out of the box, install the software, plug in the usb cable and it is ready to use. Note: I only installed the drivers, not the image editing software because I use other programs instead, like Macromedia's Fireworks. It installed on Windows XP with no problems, and also interfaces with my image editing programs perfectly.

This scanner looks very good, and I like the slim design. I use lower resolutions because most of the scans are for the web or for viewing on a monitor - even at lower resolutions they look great. The biggest delay is when you make the first scan - it takes about a minute to calibrate. After that, the speed of the scans is relatively quick. It's nice not needing a power cord. Be advised that you will probably have to use a powered usb hub, not the one on the motherboard. I already had one so this was no problem.

Negative: when I scan multiple pictures, the software doesn't always recognize each picture - it sometimes combines more than one. Or, it chops off parts of the pictures. However, I might not be following the instructions so I'll give the scanner and software the benefit of the doubt here.

Overall for the price, this is an excellent value - good quality and good looks. I am happy with this purchase.

4-0 out of 5 stars Nice Thin Space Saving Scanner That Gets The Job Done.
Upon opening the box I was suprised to see how thin this scanner really is. It is about a little over an inch thick. It is great for saving space on the desk because of it's non-bulky design. It has three buttons on the side one for scanning photos, one for making a copy, and an other one for misc. I really liked the copy feature because when I need to make a quick copy for a document I just put it in the scanner and press the "copy" button and walk away let it do its thing. It scans it and then automatically send its to the printer where I can pick it up in a minute. I didnt even have to touch the computer! I only have experience with using the Mac Software it is average software nothing spectacular in interface design but whatever. Images come out in good enought quality for me.

-Small space saving sleek designed case.
-ONE usb cable for everything [power AND data]
-Canon reputation for good quality imaging.

-Sometimes the software can be buggy and keeps my computer from waking up, but that happens only occasionally. [Mac software, dont know about PC]

This is a great scanner with an incredible value for all it does. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good looking scanner with excellent quality scans from photos to text documents.

4-0 out of 5 stars Needs trick to install OmniPage SE on Mac OS X
The scanner works great, but under Mac OS X some programs run in the Classic emulation box, instead of natively. In addition, the included OmniPage LE didn't want to install under OS X until I did the following:

1. Copy the folder "OmniPage" from the installation CD to the desktop of your hard disk.

2. Click once on the copy of "OmniPage" and select Get Info from the File menu. In the window that appears, expand out Ownership & Permissions, expand out Details, change all three Access settings to Read & Write, click Apply to enclosed items. Note: you may have to click on the padlock icon and enter an administrator password to open the padlock.

3. Close the Get Info window

4. Open the copy of "OmniPage" and then double-click on "OmniPage SE C Setup".

5. Delete the "OmniPage" folder from the desktop.

The above allowed the entire OmniPage application to install without any errors. Even better, the resulting installed copy of OmniPage runs fine, though it does run in Classic instead of as a native application.

5-0 out of 5 stars Quick, easy and works great!
This scanner is a real bargain! I got it up and running in a flash. So far I've scanned and e-mailed photos and made copies for schoolwork. It works great and is about 1/3 the size and weight of my old scanner. Granted my old scanner is several years old, but it cost twice as much. I have windows XP and it works with nary a glitch. ... Read more

200. Texas Instruments TI36X Solar Scientific Calculator
list price: $28.95
our price: $22.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00000JBNM
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Sales Rank: 8449
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Ideal for students at every level, from junior high school algebra to college calculus, the Texas Instruments TI36 packs a lot of punch in a small, inexpensive unit. This solar-powered calculator combines features for statistical analysis, Boolean logic operations, and unit conversions in one sleek package.

Math students will appreciate TI36X's ability to perform fractional equations and calculate angle units (radians, grads, degrees) when performing trigonometric functions. Everyone will find the calculator's English/metric conversions helpful.

The TI36Xs single-line LCD is a little difficult to read when the unit is lying on a desk, and users in need of graphing functions will have to look elsewhere. Overall, however, for a calculator in this price range, the TI36X provides enough power for most high-level math and science needs. ... Read more


  • Numerator/denominator fraction format
  • Performs trigonometric functions
  • Polar/rectangular conversion
  • One-variable statistics
  • Slide case included

Reviews (16)

2-0 out of 5 stars Nice Layout But Has Flaws
In terms of price and features, this is a nice scientific calculator. The layout of the functions is quite apt. I like the case design and the cover. It has only a one-line display but I can live with that. The purple text used to label the functions activated by the "3rd" key is admittedly a little hard to read.

However, consider this calculation and its result:

(262144 * 4096) - (2^18 * 2^12) = -0.01

The correct answer, obviously, is 0. That may be a silly calculation to perform, but I actually did this once as a check.

TI's support - via email - suggests that this is a normal rounding error. I am not sure that this is acceptable in a calculator of this class. The size of the operands doesn't seem unreasonably large.

If it were not for that, I would give the calculator 4 stars. It's really too bad because I like the layout of this calculator MUCH better than that of the Casio. But I worry about getting other errors that won't be immediately obvious to me.

I can't prove one or the other how likely this rounding error is to happen in "typical" calculations.

5-0 out of 5 stars A great buy!
I'm a research scientist. I started using a slide rule in high school about 1947, a computer in 1958, and scientific calculators some time in the early 1970s. Despite the power of computers I still like to have ready access to a good calculator, and my favorite brand (for versatility and ease of use) is Texas Instruments. The TI36X especially impresses me. It is a very powerful, very user-friendly scientific calculator for less than [price]. It performs virtually all scientific functions plus basic statistics and linear regressions and is light-powered in virtually any light. In my view, this is an incredible bargain. In fact, although I already have Texas Instruments calculators in my bedroom, den, living room, and at work, I couldn't resist the TI36X and bought one. It's a terrific calculator! If you don't need graphing capability, I highly recommend this powerful bargain calculator.

5-0 out of 5 stars A GREAT buy in an engineering calculator!!!
This is a very easy calculator to use. At around $20, it performs some very useful functions, such as linear regression, S.D., English/SI conversions, fraction/decimal conversions, etc. Everything an engineer needs. I bought one of these on a last-minute deal and was quite surprised at how easy it was to learn how to QUICKLY make complex calculations with minimal effort.

Some talk has been made in other reviews of the 3rd function's purple text. Yes, it IS a little difficult to read, but TI has recently released a newer version of this calculator that has addressed this (I had a chance to play with a new one today while I was picking up some photos at a discount store). The current version (not pictured here) is very easy to read.

About the only things I would like to see changed would be the addition of a 2-line display and dual power (sorry, the solar power is a little slow sometimes in dim light). Are you listening TI?

All in all, at $20, I consider this a best buy and will probably purchase more for work, home, school, and any other calculator need I have.

5-0 out of 5 stars The only calculator MOST people will ever need.
I got this bad boy back in 1990 as recommended by my 7th class math teacher. This is a great little workhorse, still going strong today I might add. Yet, I DO have an older 36x that is blue in color. So I cannot comment on the reviewer who is dissatisfied with it b/c the 3rd function keys are hard to read being purple on the black background. On mine the 2nd functions are yellow and 3rd functions are white, and very easy to read.
Also, my calculator is not slow at all. It is the fastest solar powered calc I've ever used in my life, even operating in dim light. The person who claimed "10-20 seconds to make a calculation" is either grossly exaggerating, or flat out lying. Or the newer builds of this calc are more cheaply made to cut costs for TI (i'd say definately possible)

If you are a parent, and want a good calculator to start your kid off in school with, THIS TI-36X would be it.

However, if you want financial functions, or graphing capabilities, this would not be the place to go of course. You're gonna have to spend a little more $ than this hehe
Yet many college professors don't allow graphing or financial calculators to be used on tests, and always keeping my 36x in my backpack as backup has saved me on more than a few occasions!

2-0 out of 5 stars the worst design
there is one major flaw in this calculator that I will give it a 2 stars no matter how good or power it is on the other aspects. and that is: all of the 3rd function text on the calculator is purple, which is extremely hard to read on the black case. I am a programmer that use primarily the HEX calculation on it, and every time I use it I have to gaze so hard to find the A-E. Can Texas Instruments not be so dumb? Purple text? what a laugh! ... Read more

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