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161. Hewlett Packard Jornada 540 Color
162. HP iPAQ h1945 with iPAQ BluetoothGPS
$120.29 list($149.99)
163. Franklin EBM-901 eBookman (Metallic
$17.09 $9.95 list()
164. Mobility iGo Peripheral Powering
$11.99 $7.31 list($9.99)
165. Cables Unlimited ZIPDATAP09 Cable,
166. Handspring Visor Deluxe (Orange)
$24.99 $22.68 list()
167. Covertec SX80-03 I-MATEPDA2K Brown
$11.99 $7.31 list($9.99)
168. Cables Unlimited ZIPDATAP10 Cable,
169. VTech Helio Handheld PDA (Pearlized
170. Sync and Charge Cable for Palm
171. iPAQ 3970 Pocket PC
172. IBM 860240U Workpad C3 Handheld
173. Sony CLIE PEG-T615C/L Handheld
$274.98 list($249.99)
175. ViewSonic V35 Pocket PC Handheld
176. BELKINiPAQ Power Sync Travel Kit
$11.99 $6.95 list($9.99)
178. Sharp Mobilon HC-4500 Handheld
$99.94 list($129.99)
179. Franklin EBM-900 eBookman (Translucent
$11.39 $8.98 list()

161. Hewlett Packard Jornada 540 Color Pocket PC
list price: $479.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004TCF3
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Sales Rank: 11280
Average Customer Review: 3.73 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Windows PDAs have long fought an uphill battle. Users have flocked to the highlyfunctional Palm Connected Organizers and tended to ignore the more powerful,more expensive, and bigger Windows PDAs. The release of the new HP Jornada 540,among the first of the new Pocket PC devices to hit the market, may finally turnthis around. The Jornada is still a bit bigger, about 5 ounces heavier, and alittle more expensive than the Palm Vx. But it is sleek, robust, highlyfunctional, and the color screen is beautifully sharp. The "wow" factoris definitely there.

The Pocket PC OS is also responsive and well thought out--a big improvement overWinCE. In addition to the suite of powerful pocket applications (Word, Excel,Internet Explorer, PIM, and Scheduler), the Jornada can also serve as a digitalvoice recorder (to capture those spur-of-the-moment thoughts), an MP3 player,audible content player, and even an e-books reader.

The standard 16 MB memory is expandable using standard CompactFlash cards. Theproduct ships with a synchronization cradle (which supports USB or conventionalserial interfaces), a serial sync cable, and an AC power adapter. A microphoneand a small speaker are built in. For MP3 use, we recommend expanding your RAMto 64 MB with a CompactFlash card to provide an hour of near CD-qualitymusic.

Most Windows users should be able to run through the setup wizard and startusing the Jornada and its applications without cracking the manual. Learning touse handwriting recognition, which is integrated into all the applications,requires mastering a few special stylus strokes, but you should be writingsmoothly within half an hour. In comparison with Palm's Graffiti system, thePocket PC system is fully on par.

In our tests, setting up a connection to a desktop PC for synchronization wassimple. Within 20 minutes, we had installed the ActiveSync software, hooked upthe supplied cable to the serial port, plugged in the AC power, and establisheda connection. An optional USB synchronization cradle is also available.Synchronization is automatic and file transfer is simple using the WindowsExplorer-like interface.

The only real caveat is that Pocket PC works best in a Windows-centric world. Atlaunch, it appears that there is no support for synchronizing with non-Microsofte-mail and scheduling applications. (With an optional modem or network-interfacecard, you can send and receive Internet POP mail directly via your ISP.)

The choice between Pocket PC and Palm still comes down to tradeoffs. Palms arestill lighter, smaller, and cheaper, and they do the basics beautifully. TheJornada 540 is slightly bigger, 5 ounces heavier, a little more expensive, butvastly more powerful and flexible. The choice all depends on what you expectyour PDA to do. --Thomas Mace


  • Handsome, compact design
  • Superb color screen
  • Large application suite
  • Easy setup and intuitive interface
  • No support for synchronization of non-Microsoft e-mail and schedulingapplications
  • 5 ounces heavier than Palm V
... Read more


  • Sharp 12-bit color LDC screen, 4,096 colors
  • Includes MP3 player for listening to digital music, audiobooks, and news
  • Check e-mail and surf the Web
  • Manage your schedule with Pocket Outlook and your finances with Pocket Money
  • What's in the box: Jornada 540, Stylus, Hardcover, Serial cable, AC adapter, Quick Start Guide, Jornada CD-ROM, HP documentation pack, Microsoft ActiveSync

Reviews (15)

4-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product
I finally upgraded my Sharp Wizard OZ-9500 organizer,(I know its old!), to a Pocket PC. I shopped and read reviews for months before I bought it... and it's probably the best purchase I've made in a while. Rather than repeat everyone else's comments, I'll ditto them and add the following:

-It's not a Palm, it is truly a Pocket PC. -I waited for the iPaq, but didn't like the add-on CF port which added size and $$ to the unit. Casio was too bulky. -HP works flawlessly, Active Sync was easy to install and works by itself. Perfect sync all the time. -Bought a Sandisk 48MB card which is a great option when considering MP3's and Windows Media.

The only negative is finding accessories in the store... You'll find things on the net, but things like leather cases, you really want to touch it in a store and try it out. Hopefully this will improve in the near future.


4-0 out of 5 stars Too much fun
I got my Jornada and it really blew me away. As an owner of a Palm VII and V, my Jornada really just made them look stupid. It comes with Word, Excel, Money, Outlook...and that's just scratching the surface. It can play MP3s and, with the right software, even movies. Granted its short on memory; I strongly recommend buying more. I bought a 128MB CompactFlash card (maybe an overkill) and it doubles as an awesome MP3 player. I always have it in my pocket, so I just plug in my headphones and I walk around campus with music.

I downloaded Microsoft Transcriber (which is free) and I can't say enough about it. 10 times faster and easier than using graffiti, you just write as normal. When you're done it converts your writing to text. It even reads cursive! I have pretty mediocore penmanship and it can read things that even other humans cannot.

It has a built-in microphone and speaker. It comes with PeaceMaker to exchange contacts and business cards with Palms. It has Internet Explorer so it can view regular web pages; not just preformatted AvantGo pages. I like the flat stylus better than the skinny Palm one...its wider, so you can grip it more like a normal pen than a toothpick.

Here are the downsides: like every color screen, its hard to see in daylight, though there are preset brightness settings to help you out a bit. It needs more memory, so get a compactflash card. The serial cable is a bit slow; a USB cradle or cable will save you a LOT of time, especially if you transfer a lot of MP3s or web pages. It WILL crash every once in awhile. Its really not a big deal. All you do is take your stylus and tap the button on the back. 3 seconds later its up and running again.

1-0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!
I, too, thought I had a great product. Until just after my warranty expired. My PPC decided one day to short circuit itself, and get so hot I could not even pick it up. It warped the leather of my carrying case, and could well have started a fire if I had left it near papers on my desk. Now, it only works when it wants to. HP's response is too bad. Of course, they would be willing to fix it for $200. My advice, DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE! Best case, you get poor customer support and a sub-par product. Worst case, it burns your home or office to the ground!!!

4-0 out of 5 stars Bigger improvement
Pocket PC O/S is a bigger improvement over WinCE version. Drawback is that there is no Microsoft Powerpoint available yet for Pocket PC version so you'll have to convert presentations to HTML format. Furthermore, unless you use a 3rd-party software, you'll lose transition & animation effects from the original Powerpoint presentation you made.

I also own a Palm IIIc and find it easier to use compared to the Pocket PC version. The Palm platform is almost idiot-proof, unlike Pocket PC which has a higher learning curve for ordinary users who are not so computer-literate. I didn't even need to read the manual to use my Palm Pilot.

Also note that there are more software available for download onto the Palm platform.

Upside is that Jornada 540's screen/display is great, you can work on Word & Excel documents, unlike in Palm Pilot, memory is expandable, you can play MP3's, record voice messages, and plug in your earphones if you want to listen to music. Compared to Palm Pilots currently in the market, Jornada has more features and better display resolution.

4-0 out of 5 stars HP = "Happy People", or, Every Customer is Satisfied
The HP 540 Color Pocket PC is great if you need a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), or if you just want to have the latest, coolest, and the most neatest gadjet around. There is one CON: -Not Enough Memory- I recommend buying the HP 545 Color Pocket PC if you are looking for something with more power, but if you are looking for something with a low price and ~OK~ power, get this! It's great to have! If your looking for a PDA, get the HP series, they're the best! I only accept HP and nothing else! Go With HP! ... Read more

162. HP iPAQ h1945 with iPAQ BluetoothGPS Navigation System Kit
list price: $499.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002PZO6S
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Office
Sales Rank: 9076
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Bundle includes: HP iPAQ h1945, iPAQ Bluetooth GPS, Streets & Trips, 128 MB SD memory card, StarCaddy free trial version
  • Includes mobile versions of Microsoft Office: Pocket Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication with other Bluetooth devices
  • Wireless print to local printers via Bluetooth or infrared port
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Operating System

163. Franklin EBM-901 eBookman (Metallic Black)
list price: $149.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004WHFL
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Franklin Electronics
Sales Rank: 9406
Average Customer Review: 2.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

One of the main complaints about the first few generations of electronicbook readers is their cost--who wants to pay several hundred dollars for theequivalent of a few $3 paperbacks? Enter Franklin's new line of eBookMandevices, available in three different models. We got an early peek at themidlevel eBookMan, which features 8 MB of memory, a sharp 200 x 240 16-levelgray scale display, and excellent versatility.

In addition to being an e-book reader, the eBookMan also plays audio files (bothaudiobooks and MP3s), records voice messages, and functions as a respectablePDA. A flip-up cover and hard rubber outer coating afford protection for thedevice. With a USB-connected cradle, transfers between desktop and the eBookManproceed quickly.

While the eBookMan offers a date book, address book, memo application (usingnatural handwriting recognition), and voice memo recorder, its main angle isstill as a book reader. The large screen and powerful backlight makes readingliterature in the Franklin Reader format clear, though the backlight did seem todrain the batteries rather quickly in our demo unit.

Ironically, the eBookMan's versatility also draws attention to its limitations.While the unit will play MP3 files, it can only store two or three songs at oncewith its 8 MB of memory (the top-of-the-line model, the EBM-911, comes with 16MB). However, if you pick up an optional MultiMediaCard with up to 64 MB ofmemory, it is possible to adapt the eBookMan into a more respectable MP3 player.

While you'll need to spend a little extra to money to get your eBookMan to reachits full potential, the unit's low original cost and variety of applicationsmake it an excellent gateway into the world of electronic literature. --J.Curtis


  • Very versatile--PDA, e-books, audiobooks, and MP3s in one device
  • USB connection
  • Large display
  • Not currently compatible with Microsoft Reader
  • Short battery life
  • Gray scale only
... Read more


  • 8 MB handheld multimedia reader and content player with large, backlit display area
  • Download and read thousands of electronic books or documents, or listen to audio books
  • Listen to your favorite music in MP3 format
  • Write notes in your own handwriting, and record messages in your own voice
  • Keep track of your important numbers, dates, and appointments

Reviews (50)

2-0 out of 5 stars The One Book At A Time eBookMan!
The eBookMan has a lot of promise, but potential buyers should be aware of some major problems. The screen is large, but the contrast between the text and the background makes it hard to read in anything but the best light. Controls are simple and battery life has been good, but the manual has to be downloaded along with the operating system and software. The worst problem is that after spending ... for an additional 64MB, I found that only music files can be saved to the MMC card! Since the OS, utilities and dictionary consume a majority of the built in 8Mb RAM, only 1 or 2 ebooks can be loaded at a time. Page 21 of the manual says you can store any files to the MMC, but Franklin had this to say: "At the present time you are only able to load MP3 files onto the MMC card. You will be able to load other files onto the MMC card soon. Please check our Web site for future postings on this subject." So for now, the eBookMan is actually only a very poor eMusicMan.

5-0 out of 5 stars I also love my eBookman.
I bought the eBookMan for reading books, not for PDA functions or an mp3 player. If I wanted that stuff I would have bought a PDA or mp3 player. Having them in the EBM is just a bonus that I don't take advantage of.

That said, this is a great device for reading ebooks! I can see several common complaints so this device probably isn't for someone who isn't very tech-savvy. True, the documentation is sparse and you have to download the OS(what a bonus though, you get the latest OS and applications!) but it's not terribly difficult. Some people have problems losing everything when they change the batteries and I had this problem also. One call to Franklin support and they sent me a new eBookMan to replace my old one. The new one did not have the same problem. The battery life is fairly short but NiMH rechargables while on the go and using an AC adapter while at home keeps you from going through tons of batteries. The backlight is far from useless, it is absolutely perfect for night reading!

Content was an issue as well. Not for me personally, though, as I found tons of stuff to read between Project Gutenberg free etexts and little science fiction publishers. Now with the latest version of MobiPocket Reader you can buy and download secure MobiPocket eBooks. This should result in a lot more "mainstream" national best seller books being released under the Secure MobiPocket format. Don't forget I get daily news from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Onion and zdnet courtesy of MobiPocket. There are tons of news magazines/papers/online news that you can get.

I also recommend anyone who owns the EBM or is interesting in purchasing check out the eBookMan Yahoo group. You'll find lots of info as far as where to get ebooks and also cool applications that people have developed for it!

Don't buy this for a PDA. If you love reading and think you can handle a little futzing with the tech part of it I recommend this product!

4-0 out of 5 stars Great Value and Impressive Features
I bought the Ebookman 901 without knowing anything about it, and I have been very pleasantly surprised at how versatile it is. Just add a 128 MB MMC card (which are now pretty reasonable on E-bay) and you can have 2 hours of music to go! I have another 64 MB MMC card in it on which I have all the books I have downloaded. A 64 MB card will hold almost 100 regular books! The MobiPocket Reader is great for casual reading, and the Franklin Reader has all the navigation features to make it great for references. I can read any book in HTML or TXT format, and there are thousands for free on the web. The Ebookman also has some nice accessories like a car stereo adaptor and an AC adaptor for home use. The PDA functions like Address Book and Memo Book and Date Book are very handy. There are some really fun games. I take this unit when I am traveling, and am never bored. I think if you read the manual and learn how to use it properly, you will love this device. And now you can find them on E-bay and Heartland America for less than 50 bucks. WOW!

5-0 out of 5 stars Great deal for the money!
I've read other reviews for this product that have people complaining about losing their data when the batteries are changed. THIS IS NOT TRUE if you're carefull. First of all, my ebookman came with a bright blue warning flier stating that your ebookman needs to be turned OFF when you change the batteries. Pretty simple, huh? Also, don't wait for your battery to completely die before you change it. The main menu screen has a battery meter in the bottom right hand corner, and I just switch out the batteries when the meter reaches 10%. I primarily use my ebookman to read ebooks and I love it!

1-0 out of 5 stars Data clears with battery change
Each time you replace the battery you have to reload all of your data. Don't waste your money on this one. ... Read more

164. Mobility iGo Peripheral Powering System (PPS) for Nokia, Ericsson and LG Mobile Phones (PS0062-12)

our price: $17.09
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000DFZ2Z
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Mobility
Sales Rank: 7783
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • iGo Peripheral Powering System (PPS) for Nokia, Ericsson and LG Mobile Phones
  • Delivers up to 7.5 Watts of pure, protected power
  • Charges up to 3 times faster than USB charging cables
  • Tips available for most popular mobile phone and handheld brands
  • Short circuit and temperature protection

165. Cables Unlimited ZIPDATAP09 Cable, Axim X5 Retractable, Data
list price: $9.99
our price: $11.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002NXNTU
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Cables Unlimited
Sales Rank: 36824
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Dell Axim X5 Sync-N-Charge Sync and charge your Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC without a cradle! With this Zip-Linq retractable cable from Cables Unlimited you can connect one end of the cable directly to your Dell Axim X5 and the other end to the USB port on your PC or Mac. This retractable USB cable expands from 4" to 30" and supports a data transfer rate to 12MBps. ... Read more


  • Type: 1 type A USB to 1 Axim X5 connector
  • Max data transfer rate: 12MBps
  • Expands from: 4" to 30"
  • Compatible with: Axim X5 pocket PCs

166. Handspring Visor Deluxe (Orange)

Asin: B00004TDN1
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Handspring
Sales Rank: 4102
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

The Handspring Visor Deluxe is the hot new handheld that runs the popular Palm OS, so it's compatible with thousands of existing applications. It's also expandable with Springboard modules that can add extra memory or a modem, or transform your Visor into an MP3 player, video game, GPS receiver, and more. Plus, its fast-synchronizing USB connection is compatible with both the PC and Macintosh.

To set up the Handspring Visor Deluxe, we followed the Getting Started instructions printed on the software CD-ROM case, inserting the batteries, calibrating the touch screen, entering the date and time, connecting the included USB cradle to our PC (an optional serial cradle is available), installing the desktop synchronization software, and synchronizing the Visor with our PC. The entire setup process was straightforward and intuitive, requiring only about five minutes.

Fans of Palm Computing's Palm III line of connected organizers will have no difficulty using the Visor, as it runs on a licensed version of the Palm OS. All the popular Palm personal information management (PIM) applications are included and work exactly the same way as they do on the Palm. The Visor also uses Palm's Graffiti handwriting recognition system for text entry, which takes only a few minutes to learn and a few hours of practice to master. Handspring has added to the Palm OS an advanced date book, calculator, world clock, and support for floating-point math.

The Visor Deluxe comes with 8 MB of RAM, providing plenty of room for thousands of addresses, to-do items, and memos; hundreds of e-mail messages; and several years of appointments. It also includes a USB synchronization cradle, two AAA batteries, a stick-on Graffiti "cheat sheet," a leather slip case, a stylus, a Handspring logo decal, a Quick Reference Guide, inserts describing accessories and cases, and a software CD-ROM. The CD-ROM includes Palm Desktop Software 3.01, a software link to Microsoft Outlook, and the full-length User's Guide. However, the Visor Deluxe does not come with an AC adapter.

Using the Visor was intuitive and fun, just like the Palm III series organizers that it's based on. However, unlike the Palm, the Visor has an easily accessible expansion port that supports Springboard modules. For our tests, we installed a modem module, an 8 MB memory module, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf game, and a Physician's Desk Reference module (note that you can install only one module at a time). Installing these modules is very easy, and they can greatly increase the functionality, power, and usefulness of the Visor. (For more information, see the descriptions of the individual Springboard modules.

Overall, we were very impressed with the Visor. It takes the best of the popular Palm platform, and adds memory and expandability--all at a great price. --Mike Brown


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Runs the Palm OS and supports thousands of existing Palm applications
  • Expandable with Springboard modules
  • Good price


  • No AC adapter included
... Read more


  • 8 MB RAM stores thousands of addresses, appointments, to-do items, memos, and more
  • Includes USB HotSync cradle, snap cover, and leather slip case
  • Fully compatible with thousands of Palm OS applications
  • Supports optional expansion modules for MP3 player, pager, modem, GPS, video games, and more
  • Important note: If you are running Windows 95/NT or using a non-USB Macintosh, you must order the Serial HotSync Cradle separately

Reviews (389)

5-0 out of 5 stars This will change the way you do everything!
I have had my Handspring Visor Deluxe for well over a year now, and it has become a tremendous help to me in many ways. First and foremost is the calendar. No more bulky day planner! Instead, I can pull it out of my front pocket any time I want. I also like the fact that all of the information is on my computer at home and online (using Yahoo! TrueSync software). I also use the to-do list all the time, as well as using my Visor to take notes in class, write emails, play games, and read the news, weather, and even check out local movie listings using AvantGo software. There are thousands of free software applications out there for almost anything you could imagine. The Graffiti text input system is easy to use - I now write just as fast into my Visor as on paper with a pen.

I have excellent backup software (BackUpBuddy) and inexpensive insurance from PDAs Lost Or Stolen so I don't worry about what will happen if my Visor gets stolen, is lost, or broken.

If you can't tell already, I LOVE my Visor Deluxe. It helps me to stay organized and on top of things (no small feat). While the design is a bit bulkier than a Visor Edge or a Palm Vx, it is very sturdy, and for the price, I don't think it can be beat. I haven't purchased any accessories for my visor, but I know people who have purchased keyboards and springboard expansion modules, including modems and memory expansions, and they love them.

5-0 out of 5 stars Palm Users, You Will Love This!
I have owned and used a Palm IIIe for a couple of years. I recently ordered the basic Visor for my mom as the lower end Palm devices are simply not available either locally or on the WWW. After the Visor was delivered, we discovered that the cradle that comes standard with the handheld requires USB connection. My mom does not have USB capability so she asked to trade her Visor for my Palm. I must admit that I was skeptical at first and not sure about Handspring. I tend to be loyal to products that have worked well for me. After using the Visor I absolutely think it is a great handheld! I have actually returned it and purchased the deluxe model with 8 MB of storage. It works exactly like my Palm but with these notable exceptions: tons of storage, the ability to expand via the Springboard, great fun colors and a super price! Already there are an assortment of modules and accessories that are quite impressive! I strongly encourage all skeptics out there to seriously look at the Visor! It is a great value and a great product!

1-0 out of 5 stars Beware...
I have this visor. I quit using it after a year. The problem is that it uses batteries... normal use you will get arround a week.
You have to check the batteries even if it has not been used since it consumes batteries. You need to have information stored and updated in your pc AT ALL TIMES, in this way if the information is lost from visor you will be able to recover it-hotsync. Information is usually lost when batteries are low/die.

I replaced it for the sony clie pega tj25 handheld.

For all of you who have or plan to buy this item... Good luck.

3-0 out of 5 stars Decent for being so cheap
- Extremely inexpensive
- Not as large as the Prism model
- Simple buttons
- EXCELENTLY designed stylus (reset pin, stylus, and screwdriver combination!)

The Palm OS on the Visor Deluxe is slightly outdated (3.1 instead of 4+) which can cause headaches if you are trying to install newer software. Also, the casing is a little too large to be a pocket item and the unattaching cover can be annoying at times. Those are some general negatives. Besides that I personally had other problems. I was very careful with my Visor and kept the plastic cover on it unless it was in use. Still, under regular, every-day abuse, the screen cracked while it was in my pocket. Replacement was a simple process and Handspring gets 5 stars on service (though it would have been nice if it wouldn't have had to be replaced in the first place). After receiving my replacement, however, I noted that the stylus was not held in place as it should have been while in the visor, which caused the loss of many styli. Sadly, again after much care, the screen of my Visor mysteriously cracked again. Thus, I am now looking into buying a new PDA and probably won't choose a Visor Deluxe this time, being that they don't withstand my handling well. If you choose to purchase a Visor Deluxe, be careful with it and I would recommend investing in a new protective cover other than the standard one provided.

5-0 out of 5 stars I own 1
I am 13 years old and I own one! They are fantastic for all ages! It keeps me organized along with all my school assignments, activities, and contacts. It keeps me entertained anywhere I go and I can always play games or enter more information! I would highly recommend this product! ... Read more

167. Covertec SX80-03 I-MATEPDA2K Brown Leather Case

our price: $24.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0007LZG9W
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Covertec
Sales Rank: 62002
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Covertec (SX80-03) I-matePDA2K Brown Leather Case ... Read more

168. Cables Unlimited ZIPDATAP10 Cable, Axim X3/X3I, Retractable
list price: $9.99
our price: $11.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0006MOW8S
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Cables Unlimited
Sales Rank: 20589
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Super Savings! Dell Axim X3/X3i Pocket PC's Retractable Cable Zip-Linq's uniquely designed retractable Dell Axim X3/X3i Pocket PC's cable is a must for mobile PC users that require one of the most advanced space-saving technologies available. This compact spool of high-quality cable extends to more than two feet just by pulling. Simply pull again, and it retracts back into its durable housing. Sync and charge your Dell Axim X3/X3i Pocket PC's without a cradle! Compatible with Axim X3 & X3i pocket PCs. ... Read more


  • Connection: 1 type A USB to 1 Axim X3 Series connector
  • Max data transfer rate: 12MBps
  • Expands: From 4" to 30"

169. VTech Helio Handheld PDA (Pearlized Pink)
list price: $179.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004XSI3
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: VTech
Sales Rank: 34367
Average Customer Review: 3.54 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Don't let the low price tag of VTech's Helio fool you. Even though the lower-end of the handheld price spectrum often seems to overlap with those $40 organizers available in the electronics department of your local superstore, the Helio is a respectable PDA with as much power and more memory (2 MB of flash memory, 8 MB of internal storage) than the low-cost options from Palm and Handspring.

VTech seems to be going for a slightly different audience, judging by the some of its color choices (among others, it's available colors include Pearlized Pink, Metallic Charcoal, and Translucent Lime). But other than that, the Helio looks quite similar your average handheld. It also offers a syncing cradle, desktop software, and the basic scheduling, e-mail, and notation applications of other PDAs.

Inside is where you'll find the differences. The Helio offers voice recording (up to 50 minutes with its current storage), memory upgradability (up to 16 MB--although you'll have to remove the current 8MB), and character recognition superior to Palm's Graffiti (the Helio uses CIC's Jot). Instead of having to memorize slightly-off gestures (the "7" for "t", for example), you write the letters and numbers just as you would on paper, which can lead to an impressive input rate.

In addition to three buttons for voice recording and playback, the Helio features three programmable application buttons on the front, and two scroll buttons that are conveniently placed on the side of the device.

However--there are no Internet connectivity options available for the Helio yet, although VTech says a 19.2K or 28.8K modem is currently in development. And since the Helio uses the VT-OS proprietary operating system, the number of third-party applications is much more limited than with a Palm OS-based handheld.

If you're looking for a gift that's a little outside the normal PDA box or just looking for a powerful handheld for general on-the-road tasks, the Helio shines. --J. Curtis


  • Inexpensive
  • 8 MB of internal memory, 2 MB of flash memory
  • Voice recorder


  • No Internet options
  • Lack of third-party software
... Read more


  • 8 MB RAM, 2 MB flash RAM
  • 3 shortcut keys
  • Features e-mail, scheduler, memo, address book, expense manager, and a voice recorder
  • Stylish color
  • 1-year warranty

Reviews (37)

5-0 out of 5 stars Better value than most PDA's
I have spent a lot of time researching the PDA market. The choice was between the eBookman (not yet available) and the Helio. The Helio won on price and availibility. It does everything the other PDA's do, just a little differently and much less costly. I caused a few (Helio) problems on my own, yet I must say VTech customer service was 1) Live, 2) Knowledgeble, and 3) Courteous. Things worth noting: There are some games and applications out there for the Helio. The voice recorder is handy for those who can utilize it. You can sync with Microsoft Outlook seamlessly. There is an ebook reader. The apps with the Helio are user friendly and intuitive as is the Jot handwriting recogntion program. I have found only one flaw-when using the Helio in low/no light situations, the backlight is great except the "Exit" button is not lit. Having to dig that deep to find a flaw should speak as to this writer's opinion of the VTech Helio. Give it a try, you'll like it.

5-0 out of 5 stars It is worth the price!
I purcased the vTech Helio for myself in Dec.2000, from Amazon.
Then,I was given a Palm llle for Christmas.
Since then I have used them both extensively, and have decided that even though my Palm was FREE,:>, the Helio is a much better value, with 4x the memory, a voice recorder, available for far less, when purchased, than any other PDA in its' class.
The vTech Helio will perform all the standard PDA functions, PLUS the voice recorder, as well as any other PDA I have tried!
It is easy to use the script input, with little practice needed to learn the JOT shorthand.(I had more trouble learning the GRAFITTI used by the Palm PDA).
With everyday use, including playing several games, the batteries last 5-6 weeks, (Longer when I use the GOOD ones)
The only drawback I have found is the lack of a flip cover being available for it.(BUY A CASE!!-it is cheaper than replacing the PDA if you, or the cat, drop it!)
Since I am shopping for another PDA because the Palm died of a cracked screen, (the cat did it!), for which Palm will charge $100. to exchange for a refurbished unit,(Their form of repair), I can replace it with the more versatile vTech, at a lower cost, here at Amazon.
Now, if vTech will offer a COLOR capable model....

4-0 out of 5 stars Good for basic data
The Helio is just fine for most data storage needs like phonebook, notes and a calc with metric converter. I like the LARGE FONT mode and the screen is of a descent size. I just returned a Clie' Sj22 because the fonts and screen are too small.

JOT hand writing recognition works GREAT... better than graphiti.

On the bad side, the batteries are killing me. 2-"AAA" are needed and on average last only a week. I am a light user. The Duracell Ultra (recommended) may last 2 or more weeks. Rechargeable are lower in voltage (1.2 volts / cell as opposed to 1.5 volts with alkaline) and cause the battery indicator to appear low, even after a fresh charge. This was a bad choice of power supply. Yes, there is a backlight, but I never dare to use it.

I keep my fingers crossed each time I sync because the software (Helio Desktop) can act buggy because it is slow. Once you get a grip on syncing a few you should do OK.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great for BUSY high school and college students!
I am person who hates to confrom and in todays world, everyone does. It seems like everyone who owns a cell phone owns a Nokia, and everyone who owns a pda owns a handspring or palm. That is why I own a Ericsson and a VTECH HELIO!. The V-tech stands out compared to other PDA's. It has a built in voice recorder and everything else you need to keep organized. It is very stable, and does not have a cheap feeling like some other PDA's. For the price I bought it for (50 dollars), it was a steal. I know they discontinued making helios, and that is why stores in Europe and America are clearing them out by selling it for 50 dollars. But, the helio was originally 199 dollars (upper quality device),and now its for 50 is a great deal. I use my Helio for everything, and it has never failed on me. Yes, their are a limited number of programs, but with all I see, many third party people are still producing new programs for the helio. There is this new program out for Helio's called Grey Scale, and its a must have. Because Helio has a 16 color grey screen (palm has a 4 color grey screen), you can download any picture online and view them on your Helio! For 50 bucks, it is the best deal for a PDA out thier. You won't be disapointed!

5-0 out of 5 stars This product is great!
I really like this product. i would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a PDA but is not looking to spend $300. These are very powerful and come with a lot of software on it. This is a great product! ... Read more

170. Sync and Charge Cable for Palm
list price: $9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000167V3W
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: ZIP-LINQ
Sales Rank: 32298
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Zipling Retractable Sony Sync-N Charge I Cable Sync and charge your CliÉ Pocket PC without a cradle! Connect one end of the cable directly to your CliÉ and the other end to the USB port on your PC or Mac. ... Read more


  • 1 type A USB to 1 CliÉ Series connector.
  • Durable ABS housing
  • Max data transfer rate: 12MBps.
  • Expands from 4" to 30"
  • Compatible with CliÉ SJ33, NR70, T665, T615, T415, & SL Series pocket PCs.

171. iPAQ 3970 Pocket PC

Asin: B00006HYC1
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Sales Rank: 65509
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

You want to do more with life? The iPAQ Pocket PC H3970 is designed to ride along on the voyage of life - in your pocket or mounted to your mountain bike. It is not much bigger than a calculator and comes standard with applications like Microsoft Pocket Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player. Its dazzling display delivers high contrast and optimal color saturation for crisper images and clearer text. 400MHz Intel XScale processor accelerates multimedia and security applications. Also, it has the integrated universal remote control for entertainment systems. ... Read more


  • Wireless enabled!
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • 48MB ROM/400MHz processor
  • What's in the box: iPaQ 3970, Rechargeable battery, Stylus, Protective cover pack, Universal cradle for both USB and serial connections, AC adapter, DC adapter plug, User Manual

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Things Do Come in Small Packages
The new iPAQ 3970 is simply awesome. (It is the same device which is sold in some markets as the 3975.) I recently upgraded from my trusted old Palm Vx to an iPAQ 3970 -- and -- I am so glad that I did. I did consider the new Palm Tungsten; but overall, the 3970 blows the Tungsten away.

I bought my iPAQ with a Panasonic 256 MB SD card. (Bought the iPAQ + SD card for US$ 750 in Singapore).

First the +ve's. Great screen - nothing like what you get to see on the Tungsten or the other reflective TFT screens (the trans-reflective screen is simply awesome). Second, great memory expandibility. I have over 4 hrs of high quality (112 bitrate) MP3 music on the SD card. User interface is much better than the Palm. Sync with Outlook/PC is effortless. Ability to manage files & folders on the iPAQ using the Windows Explorer on my laptop. Legendary Compaq quality. Good audio.

The -ve's. Form factor: I guess I have been spoiled by the Palm Vx lying unnoticed in my pocket. The Tungsten is even smaller. The iPAQ is noticeably bulkier. Tons of freeware awailable for the Palm; only a few kilograms available for the Pocket PC. ... Read more

172. IBM 860240U Workpad C3 Handheld
list price: $279.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00003NJ98
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: IBM
Sales Rank: 22517
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Fully compatible with the Palm OS platform, the IBM WorkPad c3 stores 6,000 addresses, five years' worth of appointments, 1,500 to-dos and memos, and 200 e-mails. Plus, it sports a superslim black anodized-aluminum case and leather screen protector.

In order to clear up any confusion regarding the IBM WorkPad c3, it's worth mentioning that this organizer is a Palm V, but with IBM packaging and a black finish. The WorkPad's black aluminum casing is an elegant alternative to the Palm V's silver exterior but still retains the attractive and popular Palm V shape. Like most Windows CE PDAs, the WorkPad c3 is smaller and lighter than the Palm III series organizers.

The WorkPad has a sharp screen and with contrast-variable backlighting, which makes it easy to see in both low-light and bright-light conditions. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries charge while the unit sits in its HotSync cradle.

To set up the device, we followed the Getting Started card: we plugged in the AC adapter (which is permanently connected to the HotSync cradle), connected the cradle to the serial port on our PC, inserted the WorkPad into the cradle, and installed the CD-ROM software.

Working with the WorkPad c3's built-in applications was easy and intuitive; we easily synched the WorkPad with our PC-based e-mail, used the Graffiti character-recognition software, and worked with the Address Book, Date Book, Memo Writer, To-Do List, and all the other applications that have made the Palm OS so popular. The WorkPad c3 comes with 2 MB of nonexpandable memory, a tradeoff to its slim design. While testing the WorkPad, the only drawback we noticed is that the removable leather screen protector tends to press against one of the front-mounted buttons.

In order to distinguish the WorkPad from a Palm V, IBM improved the IrDA port. This allows you to synchronize the WorkPad directly with a compatible PC using the infrared transmitter instead of the HotSync cradle. However, mention of this intriguing innovation is buried in a text file on the software CD-ROM and there is no mention of it in the printed manuals. IBM also includes Lotus EasySync 3.0 on CD-ROM.

All in all, the WorkPad c3 is a great and fun-to-use PDA, which is not surprising since it follows the design of the Palm V--the most popular PDA yet.


  • Handsome black design
  • Sharp, backlit screen
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery pack


  • Memory not upgradable
  • Leather screen cover rests against buttons
... Read more


  • 2 MB RAM
  • LCD display with backlit illumination
  • Electronic password security feature
  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Palm Desktop and Lotus EasySync 3.0 software

Reviews (1)

4-0 out of 5 stars A superb organizer in budget range
I find the IBM WorkPad c3 smaller and lighter than the Palm III that one of my friend uses. Its contrast-variable backlighting really helps me to see the figures in variable light conditions such as when I am standing directly under a light in my office or walking in the alley which is not that well lit. An added advantage is lesser strain on my eyes because of its sharp screen. I guess the WorkPad c3 is limited to its 2 MB of non-expandable memory as the manufacturer could not design to fit a bigger memory in its slim design. How am I going to upgrade its memory to a larger capacity I do not know but I guess its one of the trade off that one has to bear in relation to the overall relatively low cost of this product. One particular feature that I find very handy is the synchronization ability of WorkPad directly with a my PC through the infrared transmitter this is a valuable feature that comes specially during my busy days letting me bypass its HotSync cradle connection.

The Graffiti pad is similar and maybe same as the other Palm organizers so you donot get any additional benefits when compared to competitive products. I am next eyeing with interest the portable key board advertised on the Amazon website that lets this PDA sits in a top slot and lets you enter your data as if you would do on any PC. This is specially useful for entering my expense report and data. And another tip: the money that I saved in buying this organizer instead of Palm V helped me buy some accessories for it. I was warned by some friends about possibility of getting a model with a faulty battery or a screen but luckily that did not happen and I am enjoying using my WorkPad C3. ... Read more

173. Sony CLIE PEG-T615C/L Handheld (Blue)

Asin: B00005Y3V7
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Sony
Sales Rank: 14719
Average Customer Review: 3.91 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Having already dipped its toe in the ocean that is the PDA market with the Clié PEG-SN760C and the PEG-S300 models, Sony has now jumped in with a second-generation color model--the PEG-T615C. Featuring the same 33 MHz DragonBall processor, high-resolution 320 x 320 color screen, and jog wheel functionality, it also boasts 16 MB of internal RAM, the latest version of the Palm OS (v. 4.1), and a superslim aluminum body.

Very similar in design to Sony's previous color model, the Clié PEG-T615C features the same Jog Dial button, allowing for easy, one-handed navigation around applications. The scroll buttons have been replaced with a tiny rocker switch, which doesn't function as easily as the original buttons. Also, the included flipover screen protector does have a tendency to detach from the unit a bit too easily.

The Memory Stick slot has been retained, allowing for increased expandability. Battery life runs at about 15 days before a recharge is required, though this does depend entirely on how much you use the PDA.

The PEG-T615C has lots of little pluses that make it stand out from the rest. It sits in the cradle nicely and it doesn't make a horrible crunching sound when it's removed, unlike some PDAs. Clié-specific applications such as the AV Remote Commander, World Alarm (which allows you to use your own sound files), Sound Utility, and Clié Paint are fun to play around with. Those of you wanting to do some serious work will be pleased with Documents To Go and Intellisync Lite. The latest version of the Palm OS includes easier data entry and enhanced security and mobile connectivity.

However, the standout feature on the PEG-T615C has to be the high-resolution screen--the images are sharp and detailed, while the text is supersmooth. It makes other PDA displays look positively archaic.

With its bright color screen, superior sound quality, and supersleek body, the PEG-T615C is probably the best (and sexiest) Palm OS-based PDA on the market at the moment and well worth your consideration. --Martin Snelling


  • Bright, high-resolution color screen
  • 16 MB of memory that's expandable with Memory Sticks
  • Superslim
  • Fun Sony add-on programs
  • New rocker switch replacing scroll buttons not as functional
  • Flip screen protector detaches too easily
... Read more


  • Slim design--only .50 inches thick--with 16 MB of RAM and 4 MB of flash ROM
  • Bright, high-resolution TFT color display
  • Jog Dial navigator allows you to access phone numbers, notes, and more while keeping your other hand free
  • Synchronize with your PC using included HotSync cradle; compatible with Windows PCs
  • Expandable viaoptional Memory Stick cards

Reviews (78)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent for Reading eBooks
I bought this machine primarily to have volumes of technical documentation always available at my fingertips. The screen is extremely sharp and contrasty - the best I've seen on the market (even if the colors, esp. red, are a little off). I first bought the Visor Prism, and exchanged it for the Sony. Although the Prism has a beautiful color screen (the game Galax plays fantastically on it!), the Sony has four times the number of pixels. My eyes started hurting after reading text on it after a couple of days. After all, if I want to play games I'd buy a Game Boy Advance ;-)

If you need a PDA for reading lots of stuff, do check out iSilo. This piece of software sold me on the 615C. It fully supports the Clie's 320x320 screen, jog dial and back button. It basically crunches down HTML pages into it's own document format. The viewable result on the 615C is nothing short of amazing. It reproduces fixed and variable width fonts of all sizes with amazing fidelity, supports color, images and hyperlink, etc.

The "resolution assist" feature of the 615C works very well - it improves the look of Palm applications that have not been written specifically to support the hi-res modes. Make sure it is enabled when you play with it in the store.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent PDA
This is my first PDA. I wanted a PDA with a hi-res, color screen, fast processor, and lots of memory. I have always loved Sony products. The palm-OS is a great OS designed specifically for PDAs. (WinCE is a small version of windows). The T615C is easy to use and very capable. It has a high end, lithium ion polymer battery. The great screen, resolution, and backlighting can compromise time between charges, but I have yet to run it dead. There are many free palmOS applications available that I love. Reference materials relating to dictionaries, astronomy, chemistry, math, etc. are widely available. The games are a lot of fun as well.

The Clie has replaced my "little black book" with tremendous and useful capablities. (don't forget encrypted password storage) I also use the free book readers to read e-books. You can read them anywhere (in the dark as well) without disturibing others.

The PDA can power off automatically after 30 sec, 1, 2, or 3 minutes so it won't drain your battery. Access to the memory stick is a bit slower than accessing the built in RAM. Some problems have required a soft or even hard reset but I think that's more of a problem with the software and palmOS than the Clie.

I recommend this product.

5-0 out of 5 stars Sony delivers!
I've been a Palm user since 1997 (Pilot Personal, Palm III, IIIx, IIIxe and Vx)so I thought It was time for a color upgrade, my choices were between the Palm m505 and CLie T615 (Handspring is going to stop making the Visors on behalf of the Treo- phones and I didn't like the low/cheap quality of the Visors anyway).

Well, choosing the T615 over the m505 is a no-brainer, It took me few days of research, you get double memory (16Mb) which really makes a difference!, the color screen in brighter and hi-res (320x320) compared to the m505 (only 160x160)-once you get used to that neat, sharp screen,its hard to go back!. Very important, the high quality craftmanship of the Sony case (aluminum) is impressive, very slim but feels rock-solid! just like a Lexus :) The buttons are not that easy to use cause thay are very stylish, but once you get used to the jog dial/back button you realize you really dont need them anymore!

The enhanced infrared port is a plus, with >15 feet is now really useful as a remote commander (the included software is excellent too.) Also the new polyphonic speaker is very nice and loud, it plays even MIDI and WAV files that you can download from your PC!
The only complaint I have is about the stylus, which feels a bit too thin for a comfortable grip, but I'm already used to it.
This is a great PDA, very innovative and with Sony's high quality standards!
I really recommend it!!

2-0 out of 5 stars Sorry I bought it.
My first experience with a PDA was with one of the old monochrome Palms. The advantage to that device was that you could use the thing every day and the batteries would last for maybe 6 to 8 weeks.

With the T615 the battery situation is much different. With luck I can get maybe four hours of use out of one charge. I have a cradle at work, but I had to buy an additional cradle for home, which was around $50. I needed that just so I could use the thing on the weekend, otherwise the battery would die. In other words, with the T615 you are almost tethered to the cradle, because the rechargeable battery life is so short.

The other thing is that the battery discharges even when you don't use it. For example, if the battery is about half-charge and you don't use it for a week, the next time you turn it on, the battery will be completely dead. I mean dead to the point that all the information you had on the device is gone. With the older monochrome Palm, I suppose that could happen were you to leave dead batteries in it for months. But I never saw it happen. But with the Clie, I would say that it happens every few months.

But here's where the memory card is useful. I back up everything on the memory card all the time so that when the thing dies I can simply restore from the card.

One the one hand, you don't want to use the thing too much because you run the battery down so fast. But if you don't use it the battery runs down anyway. So you get the worst of both worlds. "Why not just keep it in the charger," you ask? Well, I do, but the care and feeding of my PDA does not form a very large part of my consciousness, and I forget to do that sometimes. Again, with the older Palm, battery life almost didn't matter because the battery life was so good.

I find that the Clie is so unreliable that I mostly use the PC software that comes with it. Any more I just use the Clie as a kind of expensive backup storage device in case something were to happen to the PC -- kind like a jump drive with a screen.

The good thing about the Clie is that it has a very lovely and clear screen -- a beautiful screen that, because of the short battery life, you won't see very often.

So learn from my experience, and understand that if your PDA doesn't have good battery life, the other features don't mean very much.

1-0 out of 5 stars FAILED AFTER ONE YEAR, so did my brothers!
Hi guys,

Me and my brother were both so excited buying this when it came out. It failed for both of us after one year!. Anyhow I will never buy Sony again. However, my brother did and im pretty sure his latest Sony will fail again. Sony has such awesome designs but poor quality in this line of product! ... Read more

174. XACT COMMUNICATIONS X-Linx 2-Way Personal Communicator - Black

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00016AWCY
Catlog: CE
Sales Rank: 11601
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Perfect for hikes or multi-vehicle road trips
  • Accurate digital watch functions
  • FCC self licensing necessary for GMRS Channels 15-22
  • VOX ( Voice Activated )
  • Backlit LCD Display

175. ViewSonic V35 Pocket PC Handheld
list price: $249.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006RSK5
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: ViewSonic
Sales Rank: 14207
Average Customer Review: 3.92 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

ViewSonic's Pocket PC V35 is the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful Pocket PC in its class. The Pocket PC V35 keeps you organized, efficient, and connected. And with the latest, greatest Intel XScale processor and advanced operating system from Microsoft, it provides you with powerful access to important information while you are away from your PC. Transfer your e-mail and important Office documents from your PC easily and quickly. Use the built-in voice recorder for important notes and insights. Play favorite MP3 files. Even read a book with Microsoft Reader for e-books.

Indoors or out, colors are vivid and text is crisp with the 3.5-inch full-color transflective display. High 320 x 240 resolution keeps your image details clear.

Store additional files and information with optional Secure Digital memory cards in the Pocket PC V35's expansion slot.

Operating System
Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Premium Edition operating system works much like your PC. You'll automatically feel familiar with applications.

For your convenience, the Pocket PC V35 supports either continuous or on-demand synchronization.

Preloaded software includes: Microsoft Pocket Outlook (e-mail, calendar, contact, notes, tasks); Microsoft Pocket Word; Microsoft Pocket Excel; Microsoft Reader; Microsoft Windows Media Player 8.0; Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer; Microsoft ActiveSync; AvantGo Sync Provider; Voice Recorder; Calculator, and Solitaire. Companion software for your PC is also included: Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft ActiveSync ClearVue Image, ClearVue Presentation.

What's in the box

  • ViewSonic V35
  • 32 MB ROM and 64 MB SDRAM
  • AC adapter
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Docking Cradle
  • Leatherette case
  • Stylus
  • User manual
... Read more


  • Fits easily in your pocket, briefcase, purse, backpack, or hand--wherever you need it most
  • Indoors or out, colors are bright and text is sharp on the full-color 3.5-inch transflective screen
  • Type a memo, work on your budget or relax with your favorite MP3 music
  • With an Intel X-Scale 300 MHz processor, the Pocket PC V35 can keep up with you and all you do--think, live, play
  • What's in the box: ViewSonic V35, 32 MB ROM and 64 MB SDRAM, AC adapter, Lithium-ion battery, Docking Cradle, Leatherette case, Stylus, User manual

Reviews (38)

5-0 out of 5 stars V35 - The Undiscovered Gem
The Viewsonic V35 is the best PDA I've seen in person. It is lighter than the Palm IIIx and much more powerful. I found that it's about the same size as the Handspring Visor Edge in the Palm market, making it easy to carry around. It has much more functional than it's small size conveys. Plus, the metallic looking face is very nice looking (a bit much like a PADD from the Star Trek series).

I've had no problems in terms of battery life. It is easily able to handle a 5 hour flight with constant use, surviving long meeting sessions with games running, and coping with a whole day of notetaking in classes or meetings. The screen is easy to read with or without the backlight and is one of the most vivid I've seen, easily viewable from many angles; it even plays videos true to actual colors and motion. Memory is limited to 36.54 MB of RAM as well as an extra 5.2 MB of ROM space that can be used by the user. The Pocket PC also has a Secure Digital slot which has a lot of memory upgrade capacity. The speaker is of good quality for it's small size.

In short, I'm very glad I purchased this device. I've found it becoming more useful every day and as more retailers carry this product, it should have a greater selection of accessories making it even more flexible.

5-0 out of 5 stars Light, bright, stable and quite sturdy, good battery life
I switched from a Palm V. What a difference! No eyestrain anymore. The screen is bright, the colors help with reading calendars, contact information and e-mail. With an add-in 256 MB SD card there is plenty of storage for music and documents. It fits nicely into a shirt pocket, even with the semi-hard case, and is light enough not to notice. It has been running very stably and so far seems surprisingly sturdy. I suspect that the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1910 is similar but the specs show a lot shorter battery life. The Toshiba e310/e335 is also similar but a bit larger and the screen did not look as bright. The Dell Axim X5 is heavier and larger but can accomodate a CF type II card in addition to an SD card. Regardless of your choice, I suggest getting one of several utilities that are available to keep track of memory and battery charge on the Today page.

2-0 out of 5 stars Piece of Crap
Granted, I didn't want to spend too much on one of these. I guess I kind of got what I paid for. There is a splotch on the screen that showed up just two months after receiving it. ViewSonic totally ignored me. The battery stinks. The screen freezes so I have to reset the dumb thing. I bought this back in July of 03. I hate it.

4-0 out of 5 stars Very good PDA compared to iPaq
Lots of good information on the Viewsonic, including the software upgrade, at the Yahoo group:

1-0 out of 5 stars Don't buy this
This handheld has never worked properly. The USB connection has never worked well. I used to be able to synchronize to my computer once in a blue moon by holding the handheld down on the cradle and gently moving it until it connected. It has now completely failed to connect -- after less than a year. Also the alarm goes off at random times. For no reason it started beeping at midnight last night and again at 5 AM. I had a Palm for years and have gone back to using it. It was so much more reliable. ... Read more

176. BELKINiPAQ Power Sync Travel Kit

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002BNYDW
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Belkin
Sales Rank: 31504
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Charges your PDA through a USB port, standard AC outlet or automobile cigarette lighter
  • Synchronize your data quickly and easily
  • Includes AC plug adapter for the US, UK, EU and Australia
  • Compatible with iPAQ H1945 and H2215 series
  • Also works for Pocket PC

177. CABLES UNLIMITED Zip-Linq PDA iPAQ Retractable Cable
list price: $9.99
our price: $11.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000094FRH
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Cables Unlimited
Sales Rank: 49712
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

ZipLinq Retractable Data Sync & Charge Cable 2.5' Zip-Linq's uniquely designed retractable Ipaq Pocket PC DataSync and charging cable is a must for mobile PC users that require one of the most advanced space-saving technologies available. This compact spool of high-quality cable extends to more than two feet in seconds, just by pulling from each end. Simply pull again, and it retracts back into its durable housing.Compatible With: - Ipaq™ 38xx Series - Ipaq™ 39xx Series - Ipaq™ 54xx Series o its durable housing. ... Read more


  • Connects your computer to your 38x, 39x and 5400 Series Ipaq pocket PC to sync data -- without that bulky cradle
  • Portable cable extends more than 2 feet
  • Retracts instantly with just a quick tug
  • Data transfer rate of up to 12Mbps
  • Durable ABS housing

178. Sharp Mobilon HC-4500 Handheld PC

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00000J1AE
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Sharp
Sales Rank: 4683
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

From familiar applications to new ones, from accessing the Internet or your corporate intranet -- the Sharp Mobilon HC-4500 is your one-stop information resource. The advanced color screen on the HC-4500 maximizes the capabilities of the Microsoft(r) Windows(r) CE 2.0 operating system. Pocket versions of popular Microsoft applications give you the same look and feel you're comfortable with from your desktop and notebook PC, so you'll get up and running quickly. Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, gives you easy access to the information resources of both the Internet and corporate intranets so you can browse the Web. As an accessory, Sharp's exclusive Color Digital Camera card lets you use your Mobilon to take photos and share the images with others via e-mail, or transfer them to your PC. There's also a constantly expanding range of add-on applications -- everything from personal expense programs to powerful databases to wireless communications.

What's in the box

  • Mobilon HC-4500
  • Serial cable
  • Modular phone cable
  • CD-ROM and manual from Microsoft
  • CD-ROM from SHARP
  • AC adaptor (EA-58A)
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack (HC-BN01)
  • CR2032 lithium backup battery
  • Operation manual
... Read more


  • What's in the box: Mobilon HC-4500, Serial cable, Modular phone cable, CD-ROM, AC adaptor, Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack, CR2032 lithium backup battery, Operation manual

179. Franklin EBM-900 eBookman (Translucent Blue)
list price: $129.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004WHFK
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Franklin Electronics
Sales Rank: 25265
Average Customer Review: 3 out of 5 stars
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The Franklin EBM-900 eBookman is an 8 MB multimedia and content playerin a pocketable format. With the eBookman, you can download and read or listento thousands of your favorite books. For reading comfort, the eBookman has alarge display that shows 87 percent more information than other handhelddevices. If you need to check a definition while reading a book, the eBookmancomes with an easily accessible Merriam-Webster dictionary. You can also listento music by downloading your favorite songs in MP3 format. The built-inmicrophone allows you to record messages that you can play back anytime, orwrite quick notes using either the built-in stylus or the pop-up keyboard. TheeBookman has a calendar, address book, to-do list, and scheduler so you canremain organized by carrying all of your important personal data with youwherever you go. The eBookman features state-of-the-art compression, highlysophisticated search, and easy-to-use hypertext.

The Franklin EBM-900 eBookman comes with a one-year warranty. ... Read more


  • 8 MB handheld multimedia reader and content player with large display area
  • Download and read thousands of electronic books or documents, or listen to audio books
  • Listen to your favorite music in MP3 format
  • Write notes in your own handwriting, and record messages in your own voice
  • Keep track of your important numbers, dates, and appointments

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4-0 out of 5 stars A Terrific Bargain
I've been using the eBookMan for almost 2 weeks now. This is the Swiss army knife of PDAs, and it is much better for some purposes than others.

Pros - Nice looking item at a great price; Downloading and reading books and magazines (many free!) works very smoothly. Understanding how to manage files using the Desktop Manager takes a little study, and it is a little confusing to have two separate eBook programs to deal with, but the instruction booklet is very good; The handwriting recognition is surprisngly good, and there is also an optional on-screen keyboard; The various included software (plus the free downloads upon registration, including dictionaries) are worth the purchase price by themselves.

Cons - The built in speaker is barely audible at full volume, although earphones (optional) will help with this; To record a voice memo you almost have to shout to have it loud enough to hear on playback; I originally rated the MP3 quality as poor, based on the sample included with the device. After loading in an MP3 of my own, I would rate the MP3 quality as acceptable. The volume is low even with headphones and set to the highest level, but it was not nearly as distorted as the awful sample they provided. I would still not recommend this unit if the primary reason for purchase is listening to music or taking voice memos; The only way to input adresses, to-do lists, etc. from your computer is from MS Outlook, unless you are willing to shell out nearly [dollar amount] for a utility program which expands this capability to a few more existing programs (such as Lotus Organizer). I would love to see a free or cheap dedicated PIM program for the PC end to allow input of contact info without having to shell out for Outlook (does not work with Outlook Express).

Other points - Unit did lock up twice, but responded to a soft reset without loss of info; You should consider rechargable batteries to save money in the long run; Screen is fairly reflective, so angle of light source is important; Backlight is weak and is only useful in completely dark room; Keep in mind that unit must be activated online and is not functional without a PC and internet access.

4-0 out of 5 stars After some initial problems, a decent ebook reader
If I had reviewed this product 7 months ago when I first got it, I would have given it a big fat 0 because all those thousands of free titles offered by Franklin Publishing's website did not download complete books using the Franklin Viewer. Also I had a great deal of trouble getting the OS to load. Eventually I solved the problem, something to do with a driver, but I gave up on it as a book reader because I wanted all those out of print titles that Franklin promised me! So it gathered dust for a few months until I decided to give it another try. This time when I downloaded the OS, MobiReader was included and I could get ALL of the book on my device. So I am now satisfied with my purchase.

I don't have any use for those PDA features like address book, memo, to do book, so I just retired them to desktop manager's Library instead of Contents folder so I have more memory for books.

The only negative thing I can say about it is there is a glare problem with the screen and I thought it came with backlight feature but that is my fault for picking the cheapest model. Otherwise I am very happy with it.

1-0 out of 5 stars My EBM-911 overheated.
Why Franklin built this device to run on regular batteries, I'll never know. About six months into ownership, I was reading an ebook when my hand began to feel heat coming from the unit. I shut it off and removed the batteries-- they were so hot, I dropped them. I tried another set of batteries and they overheated. I now read ebooks on my Compaq Aero pocket pc, which I've had for 3 years. The screen is smaller, but the device is dependable, with a rechargeable lithium battery.

1-0 out of 5 stars One star for the bigger screen
I was so excited when I bought this. Smaller and lighter than a real book, it fits in my bag, ebooks are cheaper and dpn't waste natural resources. Now I realise that I made a mistake. Firstly, the batteries can die without notice so I needed to keep a file backup with me at all times, secondly I had to go to the net to register the operating system when the batteries failed (which they did quite often). Thirdly, although the screen is larger the text can be quite difficult to read in certain light. Lastly, the machine uses it's own operating system which will not read pdf files or microsoft reader (lit)files. Most importantly, technical support is really bad. I lost my operating system six days ago and could not contact the server, I contacted technical support that day and they have just gotten back to me today to say that the server is down and they don't know when it will be back. My advice? Don't waste your money.

4-0 out of 5 stars I love this thing
I love the ebookman 911. The screen is wider than my pda, it's also thinner and less bulky. Plus as an added bonus, it has a nice scroller on the side which makes it a lot easier to turn the page. I also like that you can change the batteries instead of having to wait forever to recharge the darn thing like my pda.

My only problem and the reason I didn't give it 5 stars is b/c of the gray screen. It might not bother anyone else but the lack of color bothers me enormously and is the reason I bought my pda in the first place. So while I think the eBookman is great, I wish they would come out with a color version and I would get rid of everything else. ... Read more

180. CABLES UNLIMITED Zip-Linq Palm DataSync Retractable Cables

our price: $11.39
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Asin: B0000918TR
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Cables Unlimited
Sales Rank: 9410
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  • Using this cable you can sync your data to your Palm Pilot without carrying your cradle
  • Connects to USB and Palm M500 Series connector
  • Portable cable extends more than 2 feet
  • Retracts instantly with just a quick tug
  • Data transfer rate of up to 12Mbps

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